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Reminder: CDC Says Facemasks Don’t Stop Covid

27 days ago

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has an estimated 15,000 in its workforce; some 88 of them work on Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID), a highly regarded, peer-reviewed journal of epidemiology, published by the CDC.
April 3, 2020 — CDC Face Mask Order On April 3, 2020, the CDC announced that everyone should wear face masks, wash their hands, and clean surfaces in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
CDC 4/3/20: Wear Masks To Fight Covid On April 3, 2020, the CDC advised “Everyone should wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public, for example to the grocery store or to pick up other necessities.” Private and governmental policies across the US and internationally were crafted according to

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Shift the Face Mask Focus Off of You and Onto the Downtrodden Employees

September 21, 2020

Dear Stevo,
I would be the exception to what most people do. I read the order and I’ve printed it out many times, along with supporting documents, for others to read and understand.
I do not own a mask. I’ve only been challenged a few times. Never once has this resulted in banishment or a loss in services.
As you can see the local “rule,” has exemptions.  Wearing a mask makes it difficult to breathe, so I demonstrate my opposition openly, and cite the exemption, if challenged by an employee who feels compelled to suffocate slowly.
In the bigger picture, the rules themselves are absurd.  I’ve advised my state rep, health department, and governor that they are way out of bounds.  I send videos and articles to the corporations who

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Even Whitmer’s Mask Edicts Have Loopholes

September 19, 2020

Stop Calling Whitmer A Tyrant If You‘re Being A Mask Coward
You can drive a bus through Michigan’s face mask exemptions.
If you and I took the teleporter to Michigan right now, we might see a lot of obediently masked people, even though Michigan has some of the loosest face mask exemptions I’ve ever seen.
While I love to booh the villain in The Perils of Pauline (1914) as much as the next guy does, looking at Gretchen Whitmer‘s face mask order, she is not a villain, and no fully functioning adult reading these pages is entitled to claim status as a damsel in distress, helpless and in need of saving.
Here are highlights of the Michigan order.
No Masks Until 5 Years Old A lot of states and localities call for masking starting at 2

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The Feds Want to Snoop on Your Encrypted Data. It’s “for the Children.”

September 10, 2020

Although governments continue to insist “it’s for the children,” we should never go back to the dark ages of privacy before easy-to-use encryption. Nor should we allow a “back door” for governments to access our data. This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by Christopher Condon. Narrated by Millian Quinteros. Original Article: “The Feds Want …

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How To Fly the Friendly Skies With Your Friendly, Maskless Face

September 7, 2020

The airlines have quickly become a choke point for the face mask orders.
On the ground you have a choice. If Walgreens turns you away, you can go to CVS. If CVS turns you away, you can go to the locally owned place. If Menards turns you away, you can go to Lowe’s. If Lowe’s turns you away, you can order online. If Sprouts turns you away, you can go to a farmers market. If the farmers market turns you away, you can go meet the farmer around back and buy what you need out of the back of his truck. Most of those places don’t turn people away, anyway, at least not if you invoke an exemption.
As predicted, the lockdown doesn’t end when some blue ribbon panel says it ends. The lockdown comes to an end as every locked down person

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The Word ‘Until’ — A Key Reason To Never Explain Your Face Mask Exemption

September 3, 2020

A wise man once said “You’re either selling or being sold.” I disagree with his dichotomous and adversarial view of life, but, indeed, there are some people who constantly look for someone to push around and for whom this approach toward life becomes self-fulfilling.
They are the bullies, the psychopaths, the sociopaths, and the cowards.
This group moves around life looking for key indicators in those around them that communicate to the predator “I have an in,” “I have a hook,” “I can get this guy.”
These people are a key reason it’s disadvantageous to talk about your health, disability, religion or any other matter when trying to invoke a face mask exemption.
Don’t say any more than “I am unable to wear a face mask safely.”

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The Feds Want to Snoop on Your Encrypted Data. It’s “for the Children.”

September 1, 2020

Technology exists that allows anyone to effectively hide from government’s prying eyes as long as they do some basic legwork. The perennially awful US senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is leading the charge on making sure Americans are denied that ability. Governments Hate Encrypted Data The most basic foundation of that is encryption, which uses math …

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If the Vaccine Comes and You are Still Wearing a Face Mask, You’re in for a World of Pain

September 1, 2020

If I were to lay in bed for the next twenty years, and to then rise, I would not have much strength in my muscles to do the activities I once enjoyed.
I might collapse onto the ground, with my poor quivering atrophied muscles shocked by the sudden immense force that they have been called on to exert in this untrained state.
If I trained every day for a week, I might be able to get out of bed again. If I trained every day for a month, I might be able to go for a walk again.
It’s going to take some doing to work through that kind of rust, and to train yourself out of that kind of neglect — but if you know that going in, maybe that little bit of effort won’t be so bad.
You’ve done harder things. There was a time in your life, early

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Send Me Your Local Face Mask Order

August 31, 2020

I don’t really want to see your local face mask order. I want you to find your local face mask order.
Because then we are one step closer to you reading your local face mask order. And that brings us one step closer to you understanding your local face mask order. And that brings us one step closer to someone thinking about your local face mask order.
Because I have an interesting statistic for you: since your local face mask order has been issued, not a single person has read it and thought about it.
I challenge you to prove me wrong.
Some may have interpreted the face mask order according to the accompanying press releases and accompanying press conferences. Some may have enforced it based on the emails the orders were attached

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How To Invoke a Face Mask Exemption at the Barber & Get VIP Treatment

August 29, 2020

Dear Stevo,
Thanks for all of your writing on how to use a medical exemption to end these face mask orders.
I walked by the barber the other day, and he’s got a sign up saying you need to wear a face mask.
I can’t safely wear a face mask, but I don’t know how to say that.
-Gaynelle F., Vallejo, California
Short answer: Just tell him.
Long answer: 
Do you have any idea how many fine pieces of hair a barber inhales each day? This is not to mention the hair product, chemical treatments, skin cells and anything else that’s in your hair, made airborne by him preening you.
It can be a dusty business.
Plenty of barbers have these little nagging tickles in the throat and lightly cough in response to that irritation. The light cough would

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How To Invoke a Face Mask Exemption at the Veterinarian & How To Make Sense of all Face Mask Orders

August 22, 2020

Dear Stevo,
Just wanted to thank you again for your advice and encouragement regarding resistance to mandatory mask mandates.
I have an appointment with my vet this week. The vet clinic has a “mandatory” mask requirement, with which I do not intend to comply.
So I emailed the clinic an inquiry this weekend, and not having gotten a reply yet, I called and stated my concerns about not being able to wear a mask safely, as you suggested in several of your LRC articles: here, here, here, here, and here . The person to whom I spoke was most friendly and solicitous.
Turns out the “mandatory” mask policy refers to the parking lot, since the clinic is not allowing pet owners inside, mask or not.
Or in other words, the mask policy is

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Biden’s Face Mask Dog Whistle

August 18, 2020

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appeared together at a press conference at which they called for three months of mandatory face masks orders.
Biden said the following:
“Every single American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at a minimum. Every governor should mandate, every governor should mandate mandatory mask wearing. The estimates by the experts are it will save over 40,000 lives in the next three months — 40,000 lives — if people act responsibly. And it’s not about your rights. It’s about your responsibilities as an American. So let’s institute a mask mandate, nationwide, starting immediately and we will save lives. The estimates are we’ll save over 40,000

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How To Invoke a Face Mask Exemption at the Doctor or Dentist

August 14, 2020

Dear Stevo,
Thank you for the excellent article about not wearing the mask at the grocery store. Bravo! Neither have I, and each time we do so, we create just a little more precedent to exercise our God given Liberty. 
I am scheduled to have a dental treatment shortly. Any advice you can offer how not to comply with the mask mandate? It would be most appreciated. I don’t intend to wear a mask under any circumstances, but neither do I wish to endanger my dentist’s license to practice. 
Blessings, and may Liberty increase forever!
-John S. 
No one wants to cause their dentist to lose their license, and those with a legitimate face mask exemption don’t want to put themselves at risk by wearing that mask. Your dentist’s office has a

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How To Be Exempt From a Face Mask at the Grocery Store Every Time

August 13, 2020

There are many valid exemptions to wearing a face mask. For more about that read my August 12, 2020, piece on the topic.
I have never worn a face mask in a grocery store. For more detail on that, please see my May 2, 2020, piece on this topic.
Many write me about this topic. The most common face mask request I receive is how a person can exercise an exemption at their grocery store.
This has worked for me every time.
Step 1.) Look up the store’s phone number online.
Step 2.) Take out a pad of paper, write the date, time, and phone number.
Step 3.) Call and ask for the manager, writing down the name of anyone who says their name. If asked, your reason for calling is that you have a question about the face mask policy. If the

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You’re Still Exempt. Just Say ‘I Am Unable To Wear a Face Mask Safely.’ Nothing More.

August 12, 2020

Many millions cannot safely wear a face mask. With the one-size-fits-all face mask approaches, this presents a problem.
Those who can’t safely wear a face mask are pressured into wearing one, to their own detriment, or they are alternately, discouraged from using vital services due to the heavy-handed enforcement measures that place personal safety secondary at best.
The reasons for not being able to safely wear a face mask are many: from obvious issues such as chronic lung ailments and terminal heart conditions, to less obvious issues like panic attacks, dyspnea (shortness of breath), angina (chest pains), cephalalgia (headaches), migraines, internal physical deformations from injuries, or genetic abnormalities.
Since my

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Will Trump Have Cities Named for Him & Monuments Built for Him?

August 7, 2020

While I don’t seek to bring about the deification of Donald Trump, or any other government official, I do seek to encourage calm minds and historical context when talking about the world.
In the triggered, emotion-heavy moment we live in, manipulation of mass opinion against Trump is a popular hobby among journalists, intellectuals, and a double-digit percentage of the population.
The Lincoln Memorial, desecrated repeatedly the past months, was not dedicated until 1922, 57 years after the 1865 death of President Abraham Lincoln, who in his lifetime, was one of the most hated American presidents.
You can hardly get any worse than Lincoln. When Trump was elected, a handful of celebrities threatened to leave the country. Few

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The Government Wants Your Crypto Data. And Lots of It.

August 3, 2020

Cryptocoins aren’t entirely anonymous, and the state is hard at work gathering as much information as it can on all crypto users. This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by Christopher Condon. Narrated by Millian Quinteros. Original Article: “The Government Wants Your Crypto Data. And Lots of It.​”

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The Story They Want You to Believe: Why Didn’t More Americans Resist?

August 1, 2020

A brilliant reader points out about American cowardice circa 1913:
“That idiot Wilson gave us:
an unnecessary war, which killed over 100,000 young Americans;the income theft tax;the bank robbers known as the Fed;the League of Nations which morphed into global crooks known as the UN…The sad part is that there was no push back. People accepted the theft then and now.We have been tax slaves for 107 years. Now we are becoming propaganda-virus slaves.”
So well put.
Another writes about the confiscation of gold by the US government from the 1930s until the 1970s:
“I wonder if it was ‘prosperity’ that made them obedient. But that prosperity was gone during the Great Depression and still people didn’t really react to Executive Order

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Our Work

July 30, 2020

There is something sick about the first person who said “Humans just don’t follow orders very well. I wish I had a creature that would follow my orders perfectly. How do I train such a creature?”
In time, another person realized no such creature exists.
Many share this want. Some seek to help empower the individual. All too often, in this want, is the dismissal of a human’s individuality.
Great effort has gone into denying the human his individuality. Correspondingly, great effort has gone into making him, as much as possible, into a well-behaved and predictable input and output mechanism:
Behavioral psychology, management, marketing, education are but a few of the fields that put so much effort into this. “How to make man behave

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The Government Wants Your Crypto Data. And Lots of It.

July 29, 2020

The Venezuelan government recently announced that its Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Foreigners (SAIME) is now accepting bitcoin as a payment method for passports. The problem with that is that bitcoin is not anonymous but pseudonymous. To interact with any government using bitcoin is to reveal to them the wallet you are paying from. The blockchain …

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Authorities Are Still Looking for Any Clear Motives for the Attack

July 18, 2020

What do you call a system in which a person is forced to work for someone else without pay?
Each year adults all over the “developed” world spend the first half of the year working without pay, in a form of slavery creatively called the income tax.
It’s slavery.
Doesn’t matter what foolish name they give it.
Each year, tens of thousands of people around the globe learn who really owns their home when they neglect to pay taxes on it and are forced out.
Property tax they call it. No matter whose name is on the deed, skip your property tax payments and be reminded that you’re just a tenant with no actual property rights.
It’s tenancy.
Doesn’t matter what foolish name they give it.
I make something. You like it. You offer to

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I Love the Chinese

July 16, 2020

I know I’m supposed to hate the Chinese for their killing of two million Americans, or whatever the totally fake China Virus estimate from Neil Ferguson’s crystal ball was, but truth be told I don’t.
I know I’m supposed to believe the narrative about this or that bio lab and be ready to cheer on drastic action.
Also, I’m supposed to hate Beijing for what they are doing in Hong Kong and insist upon war. That attack on that special city, I’m opinionated about. Hong Kong has enjoyed freedoms that the rest of us could only dream of. In the 1950s, while technocrats in the West were just starting to make a whole slew of fake science out of monitoring people, John Cowperthwaite was hard at work preventing the collection of statistics in

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Racism Has Become A Buzzword. Here’s Why That’s Important

July 9, 2020

A buzzword is a word or phrase that is added to a statement in order to say “Look at me!”  It’s a flourish, a bit of panache, a stylistic note meant to evoke emotion and get people to perk up their ears.
Popular vapid buzzwords have included: robust, synergy, proactive, sunset, bandwidth, lockstep, and learnings.
Let’s take a look at a few notable buzzwords in greater depth: global warming, blockchain, and racism.
Buzzword #1: Global Warming 
Astute researchers who have been active in their fields since the late 1990s and early 2000s, before global warming became a popularized concept that attracted passionate mass protest and wider funding, have special insight on this topic.
Researchers have always had to answer the question of

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Judas Iscariot

July 6, 2020

There’s a certain way in which you or I or anyone can do the detestable while saying “It’s no big deal…It’s worth the money….Someone will make a few bucks doing it anyway…Why not let it be me?”
That’s the way of Judas Iscariot, remembered for his betrayal of Jesus in exchange for a large payday: two handfuls of silver.
2,000 years of people look back on him as the way not to be. He acted because he wanted a payday, not out of conviction. In fact, judging by his level of remorse, he took it even further and acted against his conviction.
In the age of corona we are told that “visit us online” is the same as two or three gathered in His name. Worship in a sanctuary is the same as on a laptop in my living room.
We know it isn’t.

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On July 4th, I’ll Be Celebrating Walter Block

July 4, 2020

One night in New York City, I watched Walter Block debate another libertarian personality at the invitation of Gene Epstein from Barron’s as part of his SoHo Forum.
There was such determination from Block to get at the truth, and there was such glibness from his debate partner. It was painful for me to watch his debate partner be so glib. Beyond a few articles and a few conversations, I barely knew the debate partner’s work, but to see him have the treasure of libertarian thought in front of him and such a coveted place in the community, and to treat the search for truth like that verged on the nihilistic.
In his attitude toward Block, he rebuked so much of what I love, and he did it wearing a leather jacket, as if that made him

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July 1, 2020

In a hymnal, every song represents someone who took hours to craft it — maybe weeks, maybe months — who then spent even more time sharing it with others. Many others went through this process, failing along the way.
Text was added and changed, tunes were tweaked. A great deal of human effort and sacrifice later, it appeared in a hymnal to be sung by you.
Someone forsook other activity for the activity it took to make that hymn a reality. Imagine the amount of passion represented by one of those hymns in that heavy book you hoist each Sunday.
This process, by-and-large, is not a well structured process. There is no right way to get it done.
Many pieces of writing you read — articles, essays, poems — go through a similar process.

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The Niggling Little Miseries of American Marxism

June 26, 2020

We credit Thomas Edison in 1879 with creating the incandescent lightbulb. That bulb was made of glass enclosed platina wire contacts delivering electricity to a carbon filament within a vacuum tube.
By the time I was a child, many decades later, the thing had been perfected. And the joy of cozying up to a loved one before bed, in my pajamas in a cushy chair in the corner of the frontroom under the warm glow of the reading lamp’s incandescent lightbulb remains with me. One click of the four-position rotary switch and it came on. A second click and it got brighter. A third click and it got brighter yet. And a fourth click turned it off.
I suppose I’m not the only person with warm memories like that of incandescent bulbs.

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Social Justice Has a Religion, and This Is Its Dictionary

June 22, 2020

Some identify religion as a human necessity. Seemingly as a testament to that, even those who have proudly done away with what they see as the banal and barbaric myths of the past, make a god of the state and a religion of the political process. Others may see Tony Robbins as a high priest overseeing an invigorating religious ceremony. Still others, may see Oprah as a prophet, or a periodic, lavish dinner as an epicurean communion of ritualistic value.
It is apparent that man longs for a story about the order of the universe that religion offers.
Christianity did not become the de rigueur spiritual, philosophical, and political system of vast portions of the world without having something to offer its adherents. Writers like Carl

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Welcome to the Epic the Other Generations Could Only Have Dreamt of

June 18, 2020

“From my youngest days I always had the feeling that we were all involved in some great crusade, that the world was a battleground for good and evil, and that our lives would be consumed in that conflict.”
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
With those lines, Kennedy begins his book “American Values.” In them, he cites a fundamental conflict. This conflict is at the heart of the greatest stories of literature going back to Gilgamesh: a battle between good and evil.
Welcome to 2020.
In Gilgamesh: The tyrant king, Gilgamesh, does harm to the people of Uruk. The gods make a mighty counterweight to him, Enkidu. At first coming into conflict with one another, the two go on a journey together in search of everlasting life, Enkidu dies along the

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The Resistance Thrives: 8 Successes Against Corona Communism

June 16, 2020

The resistance to corona communism is thriving. Though there have been additional hurdles, individual Americans are increasingly returning things to normal, one person at a time. Some backlash is also coming as people increasingly look to the normally insulated public health community and demand they explain the damage they caused and continue to cause.
Victory in Palm Beach County!
What happened in Palm Beach is not as wonderful as how it happened. On Monday, May 11, 2020 Palm Beach County became the first county in South Florida to re-open according to the Sun Sentinel, snubbing federal guidelines.
“The county commission voted 5-1 on May 5 to ask Gov. Ron DeSantis to lift restrictions designed to stop the spread of the new

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