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COVID-19: The “Experts” Have No Crystal Ball

4 days ago

On the night of Tuesday, November 8, 2016, and in the wee hours of Wednesday, November 9, 2016, Donald Trump became US president-elect. I am not aware of a single media source that predicted that. Many predicted Hillary Clinton would win. Some stayed out of the fortune-telling game. The most striking thing was the lack …

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Should Government Really Have Any Power in a Crisis?

12 days ago

Please forgive what may appear as fatalistic to some. It is quite the opposite. Fatalism would be the belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable. No events are predetermined as far as I can tell. Free will is everywhere.
Humans tend to be imperfect. To date I’ve yet to meet a perfect human. The better I know a person, the more flawed I realize they are. Which is okay.
What is not okay, is putting so much power in the hands of someone so flawed.
To take it a step further, what is not okay is to put so much power into the hands of institutions, like government, that are so predictably net negative utilizers of the power already handed to them.
Marketplaces leave lots of room and lots of methods for

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Suddenly Everyone Is a Corona Expert

17 days ago

In 2008, I ran for federal office in Illinois. I had the opportunity of spending every day speaking to voters.
It was an affluent and well-educated district, the most affluent and well-educated in all of Illinois.
Favorite places to campaign in the mornings were the commuter rail stations. Everyone there had a minute or two to spare as they waited for the train.
I observed a phenomenon that I wouldn’t have believed had I not observed it.
Every day of the week, including Thursday mornings, I would hear what was on the minds of the people I saw. By Thursday night, the weekend news cycle would start. A story would break, an idea would get disseminated. Friday, it would catch on a little more. Saturday and Sunday, it would be all

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How Ron Paul ‘Lost” the Iowa Caucus, But Won Iowa In 2012

25 days ago

Politics has eternally involved the battle of the upstart against the status quo and the reported uniqueness of Bernie Sanders getting “screwed” in 2016 and again in 2020 by the Democratic establishment, evokes memories of Ron Paul 2008, and Ron Paul 2012.
On Tuesday, January 3, 2020, Ron Paul took third place in the “Presidential Preference Poll” portion of the Iowa Caucus. Results from that night were all over the news.
Months later, at the Republican National Convention, on August 28, 2012, Ron Paul won a decisive supermajority of 79% of Iowa’s 28 delegates. This did not make the news.
In 2012 Ron Paul resoundingly won Iowa.
The Iowa 2012 Presidential Preference Poll vote totals cited in the most excellent electoral resource

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Blagojevich Is Finally Free, But Justice Has Not Been Served

February 22, 2020

In the pages of almost ten years ago, I penned a defense of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich (here, here, and here). They were exclusives written for LRC after watching USA v Blagojevich at the federal courthouse in Chicago that summer 2010.
Blagojevich is “a politician with whom I shared little common political or philosophical ground,” as I pointed out in The Hill five years ago, yet growing up in the midst of the ever-present corruption of Chicago, the scapegoating of Blagojevich has never sat well with me.
At the root of this is the principle that “Justice unevenly doled out is injustice.”
Republicans (see here and here) Democrats (see here) have united in criticizing the pay-to-play politics of

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The Vile Weinstein Deserves a Fair Trial

February 20, 2020

The vile Harvey Weinstein deserves a fair trial. All the vile leftists that are being gobbled up by the twin Frankensteins of identity politics and cultural Marxism that they have helped become so dominant in the world deserve a fair trial.
They deserve a fair trial, even if they would be the first to deny me a fair trial. Even if Hollywood, the media, the politicians, and their acolytes would all get together and happily skewer anyone who has values that both differ from their own and that are too publicly professed.
In fact, not only does Weinstein deserve a fair trial, but Weinstein ESPECIALLY deserves a fair trial.
Just as Roger Stone especially deserves a fair trial, though the never-Trump Republicans and the leftists who

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Google Is What We Would Have Called ‘A Mooch’ in Third Grade

February 17, 2020

You’re in third grade. You and your buddies have a friend with some cool toys. He lets you play with them at recess. You guys have a good time. It gets to be lunchtime and you and your buddies pull out your brown paper bags. Everyone starts to dig in, except for the kid with the cool toys. He didn’t bring a lunch. He wants some of yours and some of your buddy’s and some of your other buddy’s food.
Well, he’s been a lot of fun to play with, and he brought these cool toys with, and you don’t want him to go hungry, so you guys all share.
But then the next day the same thing happens. And then the same thing the day after that. And then he starts to get a little entitled about what’s for lunch, like your lunch is suddenly his or

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The Importance of Drinking Songs

February 15, 2020

A good drinking song gets you smiling.
A good drinking song is catchy.
A good drinking song draws you in from another table or a distant corner of the room.
A good drinking song can be sung well by even the tone-deaf.
A good drinking song is fun to sing.
A good drinking song is competitive – the louder you sing, the louder your buddies sing, and vice versa until you guys are together making a spectacle of yourselves.
A good drinking song is easy to remember.
A good drinking song is easy to be inventive with and may flexibly change over time.
A good drinking song gets you moving.
A good drinking song draws you closer to those around you singing: closer geospatially and closer emotionally.
A good drinking song gets you to stand up

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How Hollywood Killed the Hollywood Star

February 14, 2020

Some claim the Internet has killed the Hollywood Star. For me it was a little different. What killed the Hollywood Star had to do more with:
The decades of pedophilia controversies,
And the casting couch,
The clearly sick people who end up in Hollywood,
The drugs,
The abuse,
Their annoying belief that I want to hear from them about how I should vote or what causes they support, and the mistaken belief that smug delivery of that data is advisable and effective in moving me to action,
Their insistence in sneaking in those opinions in the most jarring moments, just as I’m about to find some relaxation in the entertainment I’m watching,
And to deliver that belief with such annoyingly arrogant high-mindedness,
Their influence in this

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When Nazis Call You Nazi

January 31, 2020

I recently watched a group of kool-aid-haired forty and fifty year old white women yelling through bullhorns and chanting slogans such as “No racist! No KKK! No fascist USA!…No Nazi! No KKK! No fascist USA!”
Or “No more patriarchy. Down with the patriarchy.”
The target of their anger was a group walking down the street whose biggest demographic  was several thousand predominantly Latina women. Of those Latinas, most were Mexican.
The sight was a shocker to me.
Could anyone seriously claim these kool-aid-haired angry women had any place calling total strangers racist? What had these Mexicans women done to them to deserve such derision, you may ask?
You see the group that the kool-aid-haired old women were calling racist and Nazi

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Logic Is a Tool of the Patriarchy

January 25, 2020

If you have ever had a conversation with a social justice warrior, you may be well aware that a confusing occurrence tends to take place.
For all your effort to use reason and evidence to truly understand the position that the person holds, it’s incredibly difficult to get even a semblance of either reason or evidence out of the social justice warrior in response.
It’s a fool’s errand. The best that can be expected is often a collection of slogans practically chanted in a daisy chain in increasing volume and intensity as the conversation progresses.
The more you invite the social justice warrior to use reason and evidence, the more you are informed you are “splitting hairs” or “going around in circles.”
If the slogans fail, and

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Courage Is Contagious

July 31, 2019

As nature moved past the longest day of the year at the end of June and began its slow march toward the shortest day of the year — a march toward the darkest part of the year — a courageous voice was silenced. Justin Raimondo leaves behind decades of writing, interviews, and speeches. He leaves …

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Abortion = Eugenics

February 8, 2019

The ultra pro abortion governor of Virginia glibly showed support for infanticide on the radio this past week.
To which he received wide support.
Michele Goldberg of the New York Times even went so far as drawing an artificial distinction claiming there is some giant moral difference between taking the life of a 40-week-old fetus before being born and a new born baby immediately after being born. 
CBS dispensed with journalistic integrity by intentionally misquoting Northam to make him sound better. 
Nationally Northam’s allies lined up to support his stance that infanticide is a woman’s right. 
Northam even came out in favor of himself. Though his comments sounded poorly delivered – he boldly doubled down saying he stood by his

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1877: When America Was In No Hurry to Pay the Military

February 8, 2019

In the midst of the 2018-2019 Shutdown, active members of the US Coast Guard did not receive paychecks on time. Embarrassingly, Admiral Karl Schultz, Commandant of the US Coast Guard — in the carefully worded way of a government careerist —  tweeted to those under his command: “Today you will not be receiving your regularly …

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How The Shutdown Can Be Used

January 12, 2019

We would never entrust a government functionary to secure the transport of valuable personal treasures like a Picasso or the Hope Diamond or a Faberge egg. There is a distinguished marketplace of professionals that handle that field far more adeptly. Then why do we trust a government functionary with securing our most vital form of long distance travel?
As all too many of us intimately recall, not only are planes able to be hijacked to the detriment of all on board, they can be used as guided missiles to the detriment of those on the ground, as was the case in the 9/11 attacks.
For some reason, rather than recognizing the failure of the quasi-governmental system and pushing government further out of the airline security process

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Horror Movies

November 1, 2018

Growing up in Chicago’s Democratic machine, I was taught “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.” The newspaper shills told lies. The campaign mouthpieces told lies. The cronies and hacks told lies. Usually the politicians tried to avoid having the lies come directly from their own mouths.
If all you know about a person are the words that they speak, you don’t know much about that person.
The only way to judge a person is based on their actions. You know exactly what a politician is made of by watching his time in office. Crooked politicians adore the fact that so many people value words and so few people pay attention to actions. Senator Obama supported war, helped trash the Constitution, and did little

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How Unoriginal

October 12, 2018

Use of the word “racist” has become a method of subjugating others, a way to prove power over someone else. In most situations today, it means little more than “your arguments are so effective that I will resort to baseless name-calling.” Under that use case – “I can’t, beat you in a debate, so I’ll call you names” – the word “racist” is essentially a compliment, which is the exact opposite of what it should be. The word “racist” so naturally and so thoughtlessly slips off the tongue of some on the political left that many of the greatest thinkers of our era have been falsely accused of racism.
There are racists in the world. To lightly throw the word around devalues the claim of racism. Words have meaning. To treat words as if

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Snoop Dogg Is the Uncle Tom

October 4, 2018

After taping Saturday Night Live, Kanye West delivered a partly sung, partly spoken monologue to the studio audience this past Saturday, September 29, that was predictably ridiculed by the liberal media. In that monologue he describes what has been referred to as the liberal plantation:
“Actually, blacks weren’t always Democrats. It’s like a plan they did to take the fathers out the homes and promote welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s the Democratic plan.” West went on to describe his MAGA hat as a “Superman cape,” and describing those unwilling to do what they believe in as being in “a sunken place.”
The concept of the liberal plantation argues that Democrats need a percentage of society to see themselves as takers of

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Some Things You Bring Home With You

September 26, 2018

Can there be any surprise when you hear that the abortion clinic counselor is bringing her work home with her, that she is having a hard time leaving the emotions of the office back at the office, that she can’t sleep at night like she used to before she started that job, that she’s feeling engulfed by what happens at work and has it on her mind all the time, whether at work or away from work, that she needs a few extra drinks at the end of the day to really relax, and that alcohol doesn’t always do it for her the way it used to. Can any of this really be a surprise?
A parent said all that to me the other day. I couldn’t believe my ears, first of all that their daughter had ended up working in an abortion clinic, secondly that

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It’s The Customer, Stupid: A Marx vs. Menger Battle on Netflix

September 18, 2018

Somehow, an all-star Hollywood cast created The Company Men (2010) and it got past the usual censors. The movie is an effective rebuttal to Arthur Miller’s 1949 Death of a Salesman. The recently-laid-off characters spend the movie living their lives after rounds of layoffs. In doing so, they effectively act out a debate between a …

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The Deceit of ‘The Steady State’

September 13, 2018

September 5, 2018, the New York Times ran an anonymous op-ed from “a senior White House official,” in which he criticizes Trump as being “anti-democratic.” The senior official goes on to hypocritically explain how he secretly works each day to undermine the duly elected President of the United States.
One such example, according to the anonymous author, is how the deep state saboteurs in the White House successfully provoke aggression with Moscow in order to “frustrate” Trump’s attempt to de-escalate with both Russia and North Korea, long derided targets of neo-con enmity.
Why hasn’t Trump been able to de-escalate tension with Russia as much as he’s wanted to? Because, according to this anonymous deep state bureaucrat, “his

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Cryptocurrency’s Real Problem

August 17, 2018

Vitalik Buterin, a powerhouse in crypto, the mastermind behind the Ethereum network, effectively denounced those obsessed with the price of crypto and its possibility for breeding derivative financial instruments, tweeting recently “I think there’s too much emphasis on BTC/ETH/whatever ETFs, and not enough emphasis on making it easier for people to buy $5 to $100 in cryptocurrency via cards at corner stores. The former is better for pumping price, but the latter is much better for actual adoption.”
But this too misses the point.
Crypto provides no value to the average Westerner. Making crypto more accessible is not enough.
There’s no reason for the average Westerner – my aunt and uncle for example – to care, because crypto brings

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Dejad de decirme que compre cosas locales

December 4, 2017

Read this in Español
Si la culpabilidad es lo mejor que tienes que ofrecer a un cliente, probablemente no tengas mucho que ofrecer a un cliente.Cuando entro en un Walmart sé qué podré conseguir una amplia selección de productos, podré conseguirlos baratos y podré conseguirlos como muy poca atención o molestia para consumidor. Cuando quiero eso, todo va bien. Rápido, sencillo y barato.No hay ninguna campaña de culpabilidad de Walmart. No me dice lo mala persona que soy si no compro en Walmart. No hay manifestantes fuera de mi casa o fuera de otras tiendas convenciéndome de que es malo comprar en cualquier sitio salvo en Walmart. Cuando pongo los pies en un Walmart, voy allí porque eso es exactamente lo que quiero. Voy allí porque son mejores que cualquier otro en

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Stop Telling Me to “Shop Locally”

December 4, 2017

If guilt is the best you have to offer a customer, you probably don’t have that much to offer a customer.When I walk into Walmart I know I will be able to get a wide selection of products, I will be able to get them cheap, and I will be able to get them with very little customer support or hassle. When I want that, it feels great. Fast, simple, cheap. There is no guilt campaign from Walmart. There is no appeal to me about how bad of a person I am if I don’t shop at Walmart. There are no protestors outside my houses or outside other stores convincing me it is bad to shop anywhere but Walmart. When I step foot in a Walmart, I go there because that is exactly what I want. I go there because they are better than anyone else at providing for me as a consumer in the ways that

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If You’re an American

December 1, 2017

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard something along the lines of the following from traditional bankers, slightly innovative money managers, and even some of the staff of cutting edge bitcoin exchanges alike: “We can take clients from everywhere in the world except for Iran, North Korea, and of course the United States. Those are the three we refuse to make any exception for.”
The three rogue nations. The nations that don’t get along with other nations – two of which were put on the list of rogue nations involuntarily, their inhabitants involuntarily cut off from the international banking community – Iran and North Korea. It was a punishment levied by the third. It was part of the “or else” option in the ultimatum “Comply with the US

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Me han subido el precio y sigo sonriendo

August 15, 2017

Lea esto en Español
Era un día templado de verano cuando entré en el metro de Nueva York. Al salir en Union Square caía un chaparrón. Había tal densidad de gente tratando de guarecerse escapando del chubasco que apenas se podía llegar a las escaleras.El MTA dijo que se había averiado una señal del metro de 80 años de antigüedad. El viaje llevó el doble de tiempo de lo habitual: Ahora tenía que llegar a mi destino y no tenía tiempo para esperar a que amainara el chubasco ni quería mojarme andando las siguientes tres cuadras. Quién sabía cuándo podría irme a casa con aquel atasco para cambiarme de ropa. Era un verdadero problema y la fuerte lluvia aumentaba y estaba empezando a llegar hasta donde yo estaba deliberando momentáneamente sobre la situación.Tenía que haber

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I Just Got Price-Gouged and I’m Still Smiling

August 15, 2017

It was a temperate summer day when I went down into the New York City subway. As I came up at Union Square there was a downpour. It was so thick with people who were standing under cover trying to avoid the deluge that one could barely get up the stairs. The MTA claimed an 80-year-old subway signal had broken. The trip took twice as long as it usually does. I now had to be somewhere and didn’t have the time to wait on the summer downpour to ease up nor did I want to get soaked traveling the next three blocks. Who knows when I would be able to hurry home during such a jam packed day to change out of the wet clothes. This was a real mess and the increasingly heavy rain was now starting to come into where I was now standing to momentarily deliberate the situation. If only

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Escaping Uncle Shaft

June 10, 2017

A number of years back; I had the pleasure of spending a week with the intense Michael Gogulski.
Gogulski, who then lived in Bratislava, and may still, was the first person I knew to use the internet virtually borderlessly. He was on the cutting edge of tech despite being in a place that geographically was not. Few people even today use it as borderlessly as he was using it a decade ago.
It was no surprise to hear him referenced as a local Bitcoin guru the other day in Slovakia. Anyone in the know would surely turn to someone as well placed as Gogulski. Those who are in the know in this corner of the world know that Mike Gogulski does not live in the corner of anything, but is himself an intersection.
He’s not a household name, so people who mention his name

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The Electoral College Can Be Stolen

November 16, 2016

If there’s ever a year that the centuries old Electoral College might crumble, it’s this one. America had two candidates running for President with incredibly high unfavorable ratings, the official campaigns, and their surrogates were emotionally manipulative and negative in their campaigning, and we exist in a society that has forgotten how to win or lose – for participation ribbons go to everyone. This is a fine recipe for taking down a cherished institution that is so based on trust that it has long been considered a rubber-stamp, as certain of outcome and as devoid of human input or error as if it were a machine.
That would be it if Hillary Clinton had won, but Donald Trump won – the outsider who made it his daily hobby to poke at virtually every

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