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You Are Being Tempered for Tougher Battles

8 days ago

I want you to look at every bit of adversity around you and say something to yourself. I want you to say that this is a time intended to make you stronger. This is a time intended to toughen you. This is a time intended to grow and learn and to hone your weapons and skills, to temper your blades, to train yourself as a truly formidable warrior. This is a time happening for you. Life is happening for you. This moment, “the present,” is a gift for you.
Listen to me. I do not care what all these know-it-alls say. This is not the last stand. This is not the last opportunity. But if we do not win at this juncture, things are sure to get so much worse.
We need to beat back these mandates. We need to set these tyrants in order. We need to be on our knees

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Decouple Your Life From Crazed Maskers and Vaxers

10 days ago

It can be wearying to speak to people about the contortions they need to go through within the system to defend their rights. I like it very much, though, because I am helping lions to wake up and grow skill in their own lives, skill that will help them in all manner of battles ahead.
However, while I help people jump through those hoops, there is a reality that everyone who is going to fight a maskhole and a vaxhole needs to face: they don’t want you. You think too freely for them, and that scares them.
You can dominate them, you can obey them, or you can avoid them.
This may, ultimately, mean separate societies. Perhaps we can alternately return to the American ideal of “Live and let live.” That approach is not looking likely, without some rude

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Change Is Coming to California — Recall Election or Not

11 days ago

It is Recall Day, September 14, 2021, and ballots are everywhere, as freely as syringes on the streets of San Francisco.
People all over the state are showing up to vote and being told they have already voted.
Police in California pulled over a guy with a back seat full of blank recall ballots and drugs.
This will be the crookedest election since whatever election was the last one to take place in some third world banana republic.
There is only a year and some months left for whoever wins the recall, and that period in office may be significantly shortened by the inability to determine results any time soon.
One of the system’s plans is to lengthen the counting process considerably and leave Newsom in his seat.
Whoever wins the recall will have a

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If You’re Waiting For A Vaccine Mandate To Stand Up For Yourself, You’re Waiting Too Long

22 days ago

SUBJECT: My Son Can’t Go To Prom Without Taking The Vaccine — What Do I Do?
Dear Allan, 
Our high school will not allow students to attend dances if they have not been vaccinated. Due to the vaccine not being mandatory, this is illegal. They do not have anything in place for religious exemptions. I wanted to speak to an attorney so that they can write a letter on the behalf of the parents of unvaxxed students. Does anyone know of an attorney who could help us?  
There is a lawsuit that will come out tomorrow where a federal judge halts Western Michigan University’s forced vaccine policy after the school denied students an exemption based on their religious beliefs.
Thank you so much in advance for any leads.  
-High School Mom 
Very sick, this

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Pediatric Offices and Elementary Schools — the Temples Where American Children Were Sacrificed to Molech

29 days ago

The Valley of the Son of Hinnom — a deep narrow valley south of Jerusalem that Israel used as a garbage dump. Parents there sacrificed their children as burnt offering to Molech (2 Kings 23:10). Jeremiah prophesied Yahweh’s judgement against those who practiced this abominable practice. According to the “International Standard Bible Encyclopedia” under Molech: “The place where it was practiced from the days of Ahaz and Manasseh was the Valley of Hinnom where Topheth stood, a huge altar-pyre for the burning of the sacrificial victims…The victims offered to the divinity were not burnt alive, but were killed as sacrifices, and then presented as burnt offerings.”
A footnote to Jeremiah 32:35 
One day the story will be told that the American empire, as it

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What To Do About School Mask Policy If You Can’t Get an Exemption

August 23, 2021

Parents are bringing their children back to school and writing me in plentiful numbers. Below are options for those parents who are looking for other recourse.
Things You’ve Done 
1.) You’ve been to the school board. They aren’t responsive.
2.) You’ve spoken to administrators. They have no compassion for your case.
3.) You haven’t found a doctor to talk with about mask exemptions. (If at a total loss, the supremely brave do a great job of this — finding telehealth doctors who know the science behind how harmful masking is and who will then likely be far more able to have an educated conversation with you on the topic of obtaining a face mask exemption).
4.) You thought you had figured out a mask exemption, but were ultimately denied. You

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There Are Serpents Among Us

August 14, 2021

There are some among us who act to bring ruin. There are some among us who act to bring destruction. There are some among us who act to demoralize.
Do not take them at their word. Do not take their actions for genuine. Do not assume them sincere. Do not presume them to hold your shared values.
There are people among us who would destroy everything you treasure in one fell swoop if such power were allowed them:
Your child.Your home.Your marriage.Your land.
Your child they would mask and enslave, pump with chemicals and enfeeble. Your home they would monitor and invade, leaving no moment of solace, no place to call your own to do with as you see fit. Your marriage they would attack from forty different directions. Your land they would deny life-giving

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Who Will Be Your Wally Pipp?

July 20, 2021

There are people around you who want you to believe it is not time to step up.
They want you to live your life as if you are sitting on the bench.
They want you to be an onlooker and not an actor.
They want, with all their might, to convince you how futile it is to be anything else.
They want you to believe how powerful your enemy is, how much you have to fear, and how incredibly weak you are.
There are people in your life who need you to have this perspective about yourself, because if you take on a different perspective, suddenly life becomes so much more difficult for them.
There was a man named Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig held the record for decades for the most consecutive games in baseball every played. Lou Gehrig was a work horse. Lou Gehrig showed

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Courage, Persistence, & Dedication To Her Values Were Her Weapons: How This Reader Wore No Face Mask in a Hospital and Doctor’s Office

July 15, 2021

Dear Allan,
I had a serious horse-riding accident on a trail ride on July 5. I was able to get home but a few hours later decided I needed to see a doctor. In my mind, this was the worst thing that could happen to me. Horses are dangerous and all during this “pandemic” I thought, what would I do if I needed medical care and they try to force a mask on me? Well, I was about to find out. 
I decided to start with urgent care – maybe it wasn’t a serious injury. I could still walk around although my back and hip hurt pretty badly. I checked their website and it indicated accommodation was allowed. I called to confirm this and was told I would wait in my car and they would call me. That was exactly how it was, I went in without a mask and was not bothered

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Always Walk Proudly Unmasked & Always Push Back When Asked for a Doctor’s Note

July 13, 2021

Good morning Allan,
I have been reading your posts on  and have been trying to navigate the mask policy at work with your advice. I believe that I am in a unique situation regarding workplace masking.
I work for a government contractor but receive my paychecks from a much smaller subcontractor. In short, my employer, who is based out of state, sets different guidelines than the company that controls the facility at which I am located. 
My employer has required that all employees receive the COVID-19 “vaccine” and prove that they have done so, but I have requested an exemption. The facility I work at has allowed those who have been vaccinated (with no proof) to unmask themselves. This has left me in a situation where I am one of only a

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The First Gas Station In Reno

July 10, 2021

When you get off I-80 at Exit 13 to go to downtown Reno, your gas tank might need a quick refill after the long drive through California to the border. Right there, perfectly located, is the Chevron at Sierra and 7th, where the Nevada gas is even more expensive than in California.
A plethora of Californians see $5 gas being sold at those pumps and miss orange man and wonder when we will be done with the illegitimate regime.
Orange man wasn’t perfect. He let corona communism take root under his watch and continues to preach the vaccine. Orange man had flaws. But orange man was better.
And the ability to say no to what is easy at that Chevron and to drive a block deeper into Reno, where gas is a buck fifty cheaper, reminds one of what life was like in

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Exploding the Myth That Face Masks Must Be Worn on Bus Lines, Train Lines, or Other Public Transport

July 8, 2021

Kayak  is one of many search tools that help one find a flight, right next to the more hackerish Skiplag, the options-filled ITA Matrix , and many others. There is a host of long distance travel options that aren’t covered by such searches. 
How To Find Awesome “Underground” Bus Lines 
A similar concept without TSA trying to inspect your body and possessions, Wanderu is a great search engine for surface transport between two cities. 
There are bus lines that you would previously only have access to 1.) Through being part of an isolated community, 2.) By word of mouth, 3.) By coming across a schedule passed out on a flyer, or 4.) Posted up on a sticker somewhere like the side of a building or a streetlight pole.  
Wanderu taps into some of the

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How College Students Can Say ‘.No!’ to a ‘Mandatory’ Vaccine

June 24, 2021

A reader writes:
I’ve read a number of your articles on Lew Rockwell.  It did resonate when you talked about the vaccine not being about the vaccine, but rather weakness among men. 
Both of my nephews are enrolled in college, and neither have the desire to get vaccinated. They are currently talking with their pastor to get a religious exemption. I know a lot of other college students must be in the same place, getting significant pressure to acquiesce.
I know demands on your time are great, but have you seen any articles or resources to help them out?  I’ve been searching Lew Rockwell and the Children’s Health Defense site, but haven’t seen much to help college students specifically. 
I reached out to Prof. Block about the compulsory

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Why Freedom Doesn’t Need a Plan

June 21, 2021

Dear Allan,  
On Saturday afternoon I went for a long walk in my neighborhood here in the Big City. 
I have been guilty of the indelicate crime of addressing unfamiliar passersby with questions and comments about their mask wearing. I usually get no response and I walk on. 
This neighborhood is a melting pot. Among the many ethnicities found here is a large islamic population and they appear to be big mask enthusiasts for whatever reason. When I strolled down a street in one of the more islamic sections I came upon a surgically masked and hijabbed 30ish woman standing in front of an apartment building. 
In my admittedly rude tone I offered “Allahu Akbar. Does God ask you to wear a mask?” Of course I got no reply and walked on. 

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To Protect People from the Effects of Folly is To Fill the World With Fools

June 17, 2021

Consequences are real.
Consequences are just.
Reality is just.
Does it always make sense? Certainly not to me. And that may be my limitation speaking on this topic, a limitation that pushes me to always try to make sense of everything.
Sometimes it’s okay to just sit back and to realize there are things out of my power.
I don’t want people to become obedient sheep under a bad shepherd. I don’t want people to live life in fear. I don’t want to be ruled by fear-mongers. I don’t want the air to be choked by their fear-filled diatribes, whether they be politician, pharmaceutical company, or media conglomerate. They all have something to sell, and it’s fear that so helps them sell it. How badly they need our fear. Whether to provide

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How To Never Wear a Face Mask in an Uber, Taxi, or Lyft Again

June 12, 2021

That’s it.
Just ask.
From approximately March 15, 2020, until June 3, 2021, I did not step foot in an Uber.
Why Uber WAS So Much Better
This was a big change for an urban dweller who was an early adopter of that technology. I had such a passionate dislike for the taxi lobby and it’s disenfranchisement of the consumer for the short term benefit of its membership, that as soon as Uber and its competitors were available, I tried every one I could find. It was nothing against taxi drivers as individuals, but everything against the behavior they brought about in society: control of the market, bad service, high prices.
If it rained in midtown Manhattan at 4pm, which was during a central planned shift change for taxi drivers, you

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Does Bitcoin Use “Too Much” Electricity?

May 27, 2021

Elizabeth Warren has decided that bitcoin mining uses “too much” electricity. This raises an important question: Is Senator Warren qualified to decide on the “correct” amount of electricity usage? Original Article: “Does Bitcoin Use “Too Much” Electricity?” Narrated by Jessica Hill.

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How To Run for School Board and Win Every Time

May 26, 2021

If you are goofy enough to like face masks or COVID shots, please don’t read this. This information is too effective and we have enough goofy people in office already.
If you are cowardly enough to ever wear a face mask for any reason, please don’t read this. This information is too effective and we have enough cowardly people in office already.
Everyone else, please read on. This stuff really works.
If you didn’t succeed at moving your school board (or any other government body you are focussed on) after months of diligent work on key issues, following yesterday’s writing on this topic, there is probably a defect in the system and it’s time to change one of the cogs for a more responsive, finely milled, and well oiled version:

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Don’t Just Yell At Government Meetings — Make Your Yelling Effective!

May 25, 2021

Dear Allan,
Thank you so much!  You will be happy to know that I have pulled my son and we are enjoying an early summer break “unschooling” and I WILL NOT stop fighting. 
The more I go the more I learn about the injustice and the freedoms we are letting them take away.  I’m reaching out to as many legislators as will talk to me I have a fairly large parent group organized we have stood outside the school buildings getting signatures, mailing affidavits to board members, superintendents, and legislators.  
Our board meeting is May 17th and I can’t wait to let you know how it goes but we are ready to take them down!  The first step in changing this world is starting with our small town.  
I appreciate you getting back to me it

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This Dentist Is Stopping Mandatory Masking, Is This The Right Notice To Post?

May 22, 2021

A dentist writes:
Dear Allan, 
We are dropping our mask mandate 6/1/21. Can you provide a script we can post letting our patients know we are dropping the mask mandate?  
Can’t wait to be mask-free. 
Of course our clinical staff have always worn level 3 surgical masks and will continue to do so during procedures rendered in operatories.  
Fingers crossed you can help. 
-Doctor Logical 

In spring 2020, I understood face masks to be a danger to me. That was based on personal experience.
Based on extrapolation, I knew masks were a danger to millions of others.
Based on my voracious reading of any published science that is mask related, eventually I understood them to be a danger to virtually everyone. The science is hard to

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Does Bitcoin Use “Too Much” Electricity?

May 20, 2021

US senator Elizabeth Warren claimed last week that bitcoin uses too much electricity. In doing so, she makes a judgment about the “correct” amount of electricity use. But it raises the question of who is entitled to make such a judgment. It’s fine for Warren to judge for herself, but it’s not fine for her to …

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We Won! Trader Joe’s was the First Crack in the Armor

May 17, 2021

For more than a year, Trader Joe’s has been a particularly troubling store for some readers of these pages. 
Trader Joe’s has some excellent quality products at a consumer friendly price with a quirky corporate style. What’s not to like about such a place? 
When corona communism was implemented after the Ides of March 2020, we saw exactly what was not to like about such a place. 
Trader Joe’s became one of many private companies that enforced the terrible one-sized-fits-all health mandates, including the CDC’s April 3, 2020, face mask order, the single most powerful tool of 2020. 
The very concept of private property is further perverted when such behavior takes place as private companies enforce illegitimate government

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Kids Shouldn’t Be in Face Masks Ever — How To Keep Them Unmasked, Even at a Private School

May 14, 2021

Dear Allan,
Thank you so much for your help and info. I have read your book and it has helped me to not have to wear a mask in many situations and given me much needed confidence. 
I have two children that I kept out of school this year and would like to send them back to school in the fall. I’m pretty upset with the school because initially this year they said that the kids only had to wear masks when they were dropped off in the morning and when being picked up. I recently received a school newsletter and noticed in the pictures that they had kids with masks on in the gym. Not even on their mouth but on their chins which in itself is ridiculousness.  
This is a private Christian school. I am waiting to see how things progress

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Don’t Ever Let Your Child Wear A Face Mask For Any Reason

May 8, 2021

I just read your article about facemasks in dentists’ offices.  I’m reaching out hoping you have guidance regarding school districts.  
Our small district is suddenly very swiftly removing many rights not only of students but also parents. The facemask situation is just a small piece of a larger picture.  
However, our county numbers are down drastically. Our Governor has suspended the mask mandates, yet our school has become more forceful about them: sending middle school students home if they are caught only three times with them below their noses.  
My child has missed a week since this keeps going, keeps respectfully refusing. Today he is sitting in a small room alone feeling like he’s in solitary confinement.  
I had mask

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Stop Sending Your Friends Depressing Crap

May 1, 2021

There is a war. The war is with someone who wants to destroy your home, your family, and you. That enemy realizes something: if he wants to control you, your family, and your home — all that enemy needs to do is to control your mind. Controlling your mind is a victory for the enemy. Liberating your mind is a step toward victory for you.
The war is not kinetic, which makes that war considerably harder for some people to recognize, since so many have been inundated with the notion that war is kinetic.
This war is psychological. This war is spiritual. This war is ideological. This war is preparing to be one of the greatest epics ever written. It is hardly kinetic, if at all, and may never be kinetic.
Don’t expect lead to fly, but

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Mask Mandates at Work May Be an Opportunity

April 3, 2021

A reader writes:
I have read your article on never wearing masks. I don’t believe they protect for viruses and that they are actually harmful. I try to support businesses that do not require them. I usually just walk in and no one says anything. I try to share info with others.
My husband does home care and required to wear paper surgical masks while with patients. He has no choice if he wants to be employed.
Please let me know your thoughts on this. I totally understand that people need to stop wearing them. We live in a blue state with many people living in total fear a believing masks & covid injections will protect them.
Thank you for your time.
Someone with a Case of the Blue State Blues 
Thank you

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How To Visit a Doctor’s Office or Nursing Home Without Face Masks

March 27, 2021

Dear Allan:
I am a 71-year-old Michigan pastor. I read all your articles on and am in full agreement. My wife and I have been married over 50 years; we trust in God and are not afraid of the coronavirus. I haven’t believed any of the government/media propaganda from day one. The best way to fight off a virus is to stay healthy. Governments love crises and want to take away our natural God-given liberties.
Our church has continued to worship in person every Lord’s day as we have for the last 31 years. Almost no one wears a face mask, and nobody in our congregation has gotten Covid. We give the glory to God, not to our cleverness.
I do not wear a mask outdoors or at the grocery store. I do not go to stores that have

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Freedom Isn’t Free, Freedom Isn’t Cheap, Freedom Isn’t Easy. It Comes at Great Sacrifice, But So Few Want To Hear That

March 20, 2021

Hi Allan, 
I just read your response at Lew Rockwell. Great stuff! I live in ———. I have not worn a face mask yet. I was thrown out of my daughter’s soccer game, physically threatened by the athletic director and refused entrance to all others in the city and surrounding counties. I went to war with the school system over mandated masks… in empty stadiums, in open air! Their response was to send several police to games where I would be. I had a doctor friend write me a note so they harassed the doctor with multiple phone calls to his employer and then refused the note because it wasn’t printed on company letterhead. I couldn’t fix it because the doctor wouldn’t take my calls anymore. My regular doctor wouldn’t write a note. She

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What Did You Do in the People’s War, Daddy?

March 18, 2021

There will be a time, perhaps one week from now, perhaps one decade or one century from now, when it is widely understood that the people of the United States were at war by the year 2020, with enemies foreign and domestic.
The victors will write the history that will be read centuries hence. I fully intend to be one of the victors writing that history, and I know I can’t accomplish that alone.
I need men of valor. I need woman of virtue. I need youth of passion. I need elders with heart. I need to surround myself with the one percenters, the outliers. They need not be rich. They need not be famous. But they must be wise not trendy, they must be people of faith not fear, they must be solid not flighty.
It’s nice if they have a

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Shameful CPAC Mask Mandate

March 1, 2021

The reports from the ground are that Covid-19 screening and face masks are required at CPAC 2021 being held in Orlando, Florida this weekend. 
Rather than standing by science and standing by values, Republicans, even conservative Republicans, are instead deciding to virtue signal. 
Virtue signaling will not work. The media will depict CPAC as a super-spreader event regardless of what precautions are taken by CPAC organizers. 
Covid screening via questionnaire is flawed virtual signaling, though far less intrusive than the awful CPAC mask mandate. 
Face masks do not work against the spread of respiratory viruses and may even be harmful. This information was reported by Dr Jingyi Xiao and her team in the CDCs peer-reviewed

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