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Deathbed Scurvy

3 days ago

The latest study of intravenously infused vitamin C/vitamin b1/cortisone treatment of sepsis (blood poisoning), a deadly malady that is killing over 500,000 hospitalized patients a year, failed to show any significant survival benefit when compared to cortisone (adrenal stress hormone) alone.
Since Paul E. Marik MD of the Eastern Virginia Medical School reported in 2017 a striking reduction in mortality (from 40.4% to 8.5%) in the intensive care unit when vitamin/cortisone therapy was administered (Chest, June 2017), 37 studies were subsequently launched to confirm or dismiss Dr. Marik’s results.
Dr. Marik, responding from the Critical Care Reviews Meeting in Belfast, says the most recently published study, known by the acronym

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The False Prop of ‘Get Your Flu Shot’

7 days ago

Walk in to any chain pharmacy or a Big Box store, and they are promoting flu shots as you enter the front door.  Flu shots are big business now.  The masses must be vaccinated.
Scare tactics
Relias Media, self-proclaimed as a “trusted source for healthcare information,” releases this headline story: “Given the nation’s antivaccine movement and the annual safety myths and efficacy quibbles about the seasonal influenza vaccine, public health officials are keeping it simple this year: CDC: Flu Vaccination Can Keep You Out Of The Hospital, Morgue.”  In my lifetime, I have never known of a single person who died of influenza.  Yet the annual mortal threat posed by the flu seems like an imagined pandemic every flu season.

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The Unthinkable: Live 400-500 Years?

12 days ago

Hitting futurist news wires today is the unprecedented report (journal Cell Reports) that claims modest de-activation of two gene pathways increases the lifespan of microscopic-sized roundworms by an unprecedented 400-500%.  Taking into account roundworms have a genetic makeup similar to humans — 20,470 protein-making genes compared to ~25,000 in humans — genes that are arranged in a similar (homologous) fashion (position, structure, function) as humans, the application to human longevity is obvious.  Now to wait four or five hundred years to find out if this is true.
Given that biologists don’t have four or five centuries to conduct a live study in humans, short-lived animals like roundworms are used in laboratory experiments.

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Death = Money on Wall Street

17 days ago

Apparently the drone/missile strike that outed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani on January 3, 2019 was the result of a war-of-words that had been mounting up since the summer of 2018 between this now martyred military leader and U.S. President Donald Trump.
The Daily Mail reveals a translated sub-texted video wherein General Soleimani taunted and ridiculed US President Donald Trump in front of an audience of worshipers at a Muslim Mosque in the summer of 2018, saying:
The President’s ‘idiotic comments’ had been delivered ‘in the style of a bartender or a casino manager’. He (Soleimani) then raised his voice to a yell and, wagging his finger, declared: ‘Mr. Trump, the gambler! You are well aware of our power and capabilities in the

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The Angry Grandma

19 days ago

Type in ANGRY GRANDMA in your web browser and you come up with a YouTube star simply named ANGRY GRANDMA.  She reportedly has been featured on YouTube by her grandson since 2013 and viewed 39 million times.  She comedically talks a lot of cuss words, so I won’t provide the direct links.  But in real life a lot of grandkids report their grandmothers and grandfathers are more than just cranky, they are a-n-g-r-e-e.  That means more than ornery.  Often the very reason these elderly family members have been institutionalized is because they are so combative.  About 6% of nursing home patients are classified as combative.  But there are a lot more than that.
Anger interspersed with mental depression is commonly observed in nursing

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Horrors in American Healthcare

24 days ago

What a year in healthcare.  It was the year Americans learned the news media delivers “fake news” and its health (disease)-care system delivers “fake medicine.”  It’s also a year when the practice of medicine proceeded as usual while it needlessly killed more people than any biological terrorist could ever imagine.
If the following reports are in any way credible….
Up to 500,000 Americans needlessly die of sepsis in American hospitals each year when modern medicine drags its feet over a study that showed 100% of intravenous-vitamin C-treated septic patients were discharged from intensive care units free of sepsis;
Up to 8 million stents (wire props) are placed in coronary arteries annually to relieve angina chest pain, but these

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The Holiday Heart Syndrome

December 13, 2019

In the merriment of the holidays, the Christmas parties often start by nibbling on some appetizers like olives, grapes, nuts, and maybe sipping a glass of wine.
As the party progresses, there is more excitement, especially as we renew old acquaintances.  Joviality reigns.  Our adrenal glands generate more excitement (stress) hormones that may not be not adequately detoxified by the liver because of the molecules in the appetizers, molecules like resveratrol (wine, grapes), quercetin (wine, citrus), tyrosol (olives), interfere.
Then comes the time for celebration and a champagne toast to the season.  A modest amount of alcohol never hurt anyone.  Numerous studies show modest wine drinkers outlive tee-totalers.
There might be

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Truth Be Told

December 6, 2019

How do Americans discern truth from fiction in this era of fake news?
By now, any American who doesn’t have their head in the sand should have lost any faith they ever had in the news media as the 4th estate of government, the de facto examiner and investigator of government.
One survey reveals 95% of those Americans polled are “troubled by fake news.”  How can Americans find the truth when, according to a Pew Research Center study:
69% say the federal government withholds important information from the public
61% say the news media ignores important stories
58% of adults are not confident people can hold civil conversations with those who have different views
57% are not confident people will cast informed votes in elections

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Modern Medicine’s Aversion to Vitamin C Therapy Results in a Half-Million Needless Deaths From Sepsis in U.S. Hospitals Every Year

December 2, 2019

While modern medicine casts a blind eye towards vitamin therapy and even exhibits open disdain for health practitioners and patients who incorporate vitamins into daily health regimens, it now appears a half-million Americans are losing their lives to a mortal bloodstream infection called sepsis that is induced by a deficiency of vitamin C.
After three decades, and more than one-hundred failed clinical trials of synthetic drugs to quell the most common cause of death in American hospitals, modern medicine is dragging its feet over what has now been demonstrated to be obvious — intravenous vitamin C demonstrably reduces death from sepsis.  Sepsis patients are being brought back from the precipice of death, enough to make ICU

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The Defining Event of the 21st Century: Underpopulation

November 28, 2019

Book Review: EMPTY PLANET, Darrell Bricker, John Ibbitson, Little Brown Book Group, 2019, 288 pages, indexed. (
There are apocalyptic books that alter the course of history.  The Bible, for one.  Paul Ehrlich’s Population Bomb, published in 1968, another.  Since Ehrlich’s book predicted hundreds of millions of people would starve to death because of overpopulation, modern populations have groveled with family planning, birth control, abortion, forced population control (China) and imagined threats of famines and resultant environmental and climate disasters.  Then this book:
EMPTY PLANET, The Shock Of Global Population Decline, by Canadian researchers Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson (Little Brown Book Group, 2019)

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Fake News Strategy

November 25, 2019

What we are learning about American news media is a brazen strategy to intentionally publish contrived reports, knowing readers eyes often don’t go beyond reading the headlines, then let these falsehoods mislead the public as readers and listeners make up their mind on the rights-and-wrongs of the issue at hand, then later retract the story as a back-page apology for a “mistake” that was actually intentional.
For example:
A headline today: “Rep. Devin Nunes met with fired Ukrainian prosecutor to try and get dirt on Joe Biden” (Daily Mail UK).  The source of this information is a Ukrainian named Lev Parnas, who is charged with campaign finance violations.  Rep. Devin Nunes is the minority leader in the House of Representatives.

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Angina Patients Pay the Price For Cardiologists’ Preference For Problematic Artery-Propping Stents Over An Old Standby, Nitroglycerin Tablets

November 22, 2019

With clot-busting aspirin tablets having fallen from grace, heart researchers are now having second thoughts about stents that prop open narrowed or blocked coronary arteries.
For inexplicable reasons, the FDA approves medical devices like stents before they are fully vetted.
With the coronary artery stent business predicted to reach the $8 billion/year mark by 2025, Wall Street maybe ought not to count future profits too fast as a newly published study may have just foiled the marketing plans for these wire props that are placed within coronary arteries where blockages, narrowing or clots occur.
A landmark study conducted by New York University researchers found coronary artery stents may reduce angina chest pain but does not do

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The Anti-Cholesterol Statin Drug Charade Continues

November 14, 2019

The nation’s corps of elite medical news reporters isn’t touching this one.  It’s a commentary entitled “Systematic Review of The Predictors of Statin Drug Adherence For the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, published in PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE (PLoS One), in January of 2019.
Facing off seven manufacturers of statin drugs that sell billions of dollars of these cholesterol-lowering drugs, leading critics of the “statin drug parade” said this:
Statin cholesterol-lowering “miracle” drugs only reduce risk for major adverse health events by less than 1% (0.7%), not the widely advertise 30%.
Up to 75-90% of patients prescribed statin drugs stop taking them independently of their doctors because of observed side effects

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Must Be Those Anti-Vaxxers Causing a Worldwide Outbreak of Measles

November 11, 2019

No time to wait.  This just in…… a worldwide outbreak of measles is infecting hundreds of thousands and needlessly killing an untold number of innocent children so far.  The outbreak is 3 times greater than the prior year and threatens to result in the US losing its “measles-free” status.  I’m pulling my hair out, those damn anti-vaxxers, they’ve spread their venom around the world, haven’t they?
But in this day and age we have to ferret out fake news from truth.  We have to get to the bottom of this.  Somebody or some-thing is to blame for this.
Is it true that anti-vaccination campaigns are responsible for current outbreaks of measles, an infectious disease that was considered to be eradicated in the U.S. in the year 2000?

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Maintaining Eye Health Is a Better Approach Than Waiting for Detection of Irreversible Disease

November 1, 2019

IN LARGE PRINT- It’s a bit gnawing to watch the vision of America’s senior adults fade as they age due to an incurable and insidiously progressive disease called macular degeneration.
It is a malady that robs people of their central vision.  Once this condition occurs it is irreversible.  The afflicted with not ever again watch TV, read a book, recognize faces or regain their driver’s license.  It is a final sentence of visual solitary confinement.
Since macular degeneration is regarded as irreversible, what is needed is a way to maintain eye health rather than treat existing disease, given that it won’t go away once diagnosed.
And it is that objective, to maintain eye health rather than detect, prevent or treat disease that is

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Have the Bankers and Politicians Taken America to the End of Its Financial Rope?

October 30, 2019

What if you woke up this morning to hear news reports that the U.S GDP (gross domestic product) is in decline for the first time in decades?  The GDP is a number world economies use as a bellwether.  Where the U.S. economy goes, so goes the world.  (Given that the Post WW I & II rearrangement saw to it that the U.S. would have high incomes to produce a consumer economy and most of the rest of the world would be a supplier economy with low incomes to provide cheap products to the U.S.)
But a noted economist says the GDP has actually been flat for several years now, a fact that has remained hidden from the public. (GDP being the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year.)
Below is economist

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News Headlines That Extol Anti-Alzheimer’s Drug

October 26, 2019

If you are personally concerned about losing your memory to Alzheimer’s disease as you enter your senior years, don’t believe any of the glowing news reports about a newly trialed drug that Wall Street is gushing over.
Here are the glowing but misleading news reports:
“Biogen pulled a rabbit out of its hat on Tuesday morning, announcing that the Alzheimer’s drug that investors had written off as a failure would get an unexpected second chance at Food and Drug Administration approval…” Biogen shares were up 26.1% on Tuesday after jumping as high as 37% in early trading.- Barron’s
Calling it the “breakthrough we have long been waiting for,” a news reporter at Barron’s started to compare Biogen’s aducanumab with the first statin

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The Number of Children Who Qualify for a Medical Exemption From Vaccination

October 16, 2019

Newly passed legislation in California limits medical exemptions to no more than 5% of school children while the number of children at risk for vaccine-induce autoimmune reactions exceeds that number.
California Senate Bill SB276 limits medical exemptions to fewer than 95% of students vaccinated, given that a 95% vaccination rate is required to produce immunity in a grade school population.
However, a recent report published in the European Association For Predictive Preventive & Personalized Medicine indicates autoimmune disorders have increased significantly over the last 30 years and affect more than 5% of individuals worldwide at the age of vaccination.”
The journal Academic Pediatrics reports that the percentage of American

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Why a Free College Education Will Lead to the Ruination of America

October 12, 2019

Free college education is now being handed out to high school graduates and will lead to the ruination of many unwary young Americans.
Here is what happens when higher education becomes commoditized:
1. More people compete for jobs that require college degrees. Greater supply and no increased demand means those graduates who do obtain jobs in their field will be paid less. With more graduates than job openings, these students who momentarily wore a cap and gown in a proud graduation ceremony may end up doing menial labor, like the women who clean my home or the waiters at a restaurant I frequent.  Labor is still subject to supply and demand.  It may be tough to graduate in engineering, but too many engineers and their earning

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In An Era of Mandated Vaccination, Pediatricians Don’t Always Vaccinate Their Own Children

October 7, 2019

A study published in 2017 among 1038 general practitioners found 14% recommended certain vaccines for their patients but not for their own children.  Among physicians who had all of their children vaccinated, 35.9% did not always recommend the MMR vaccine to their childhood patients; 28.5% did not always recommend the meningococcal meningitis C vaccine; 47.2% did not always recommend the Hepatitis B vaccine; 27.4% did not always recommend the vaccine for the human papilloma virus.
Another study published in 2012 showed that 9% of pediatricians and 21% of specialized pediatricians deviated from CDC vaccination guidelines for their own children, mostly balking over newer vaccines introduced since 2009 such as human papilloma,

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Forced Vaccination

October 4, 2019

There is a (raspy) voice in America that is gaining bigger audiences, that is resonating with more and more Americans, that is calling Americans at all ends of the political spectrum to stand up against what is wrong in America.  It is a voice of integrity, a voice that seeks to protect defenseless children, a voice that calls for freedom of choice and free markets in healthcare, a voice that calls for America to rally against an American democracy that has morphed into fascism (industry control over government).  That raspy voice is that of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  (I say raspy because Mr. Kennedy has spasmodic dysphonia, spasms in the muscles in his voice box that interrupt his speech).
Mr. Kennedy is not

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Important Things Your Doctor Knows About Your Health

September 26, 2019

Just walking into a doctor’s office, there is a lot that is already known about you that can be directed toward keeping you healthy but goes unmentioned.  Just walking in the door of a doctor’s office, without blood tests or other diagnostic studies having been done, there are a lot missed opportunities to prevent inherited or intrinsic disease from ever occurring.
For example, red haired individuals, particularly females, are prone to develop multiple sclerosis.  There is a strong association between red hair and low blood levels of vitamin D.  Makes sense because red haired individuals sunburn easily and avoid the sun which leads to low levels of sunshine vitamin D.  Prophylactic vitamin D pills would be in order.
Just walking

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Recommended Vitamin D Intake Levels (600 Units) Too Low

September 21, 2019

Given that an estimated 100 million American adults are diabetic or pre-diabetic, will this sub-population begin to receive prescriptions for vitamin D from their doctors?  This question is now asked because of a revealing study showing diabetics in particular are at 4.5-times greater risk for an early death when their blood levels of vitamin D are low.  The risk of death from infectious disease also doubles for individuals who are deficient in vitamin D.
While an abject deficiency of vitamin D is defined as a blood concentration of 10 nanomoles per liter of blood, survival data confirms “a strong association of vitamin D deficiency (under 50 nanomoles/liter or 20 nanograms/millilter) with increased mortality.”
There are two ways

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Nobody Told Me and They Didn’t Tell You Either

September 17, 2019

As a health journalist and consumer advocate I try to challenge consumers to take care of their own health, not fall for the trappings of modern medicine, and as much of a godsend as they are, not to fall for the many exaggerations and false promises made by makers of dietary supplements either.
So, today’s health question is: what does a guy do when his prostate gland starts acting up?
Most men only like to talk about four things….. sports, cars, girls, money… But as they age another unwelcome topic enters the discussion – – – prostate problems.  The problem started much earlier in life, but nobody told me, or you, so we could head it off.
I never heard from a doctor that my prostate gland was inevitably going to harden enough

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The False God of Sports

September 2, 2019

Kids in America are dropping out of the false god of sports
And humanists don’t like it.  The opiate of childhood.
Kids are dropping out of sports, not for the best reasons.  What fills their time if they aren’t playing soccer or baseball?  Probably cell phones.  
Keep kids busy with sports that gives them no skills for the future.
Kids everywhere drop out of sports too early. Together, we can keep them in the game.

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Perplexing Health Problems May Be Resolved With Acid Pills

August 27, 2019

Your doctors can’t figure out what is ailing you.  You are plagued by a number of disparate symptoms that don’t appear to be related.  Chronic stomach problems (chronic bloating, burping, flatulence, diarrhea, undigested food in stool), fatigue, brain fog, brittle nails, recurrent intestinal infections, allergies, asthma, the appearance of tiny blood vessels on the cheeks and nose, unexplained acne, and nausea when taking vitamin pills may have a common origin.
You may even chronically suffer with skin conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema.  You may lose weight for no reason.  You may experience regurgitation of stomach acid into your esophagus that results in painful heartburn.  In a misdirection, your doctor may then

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The Dumb American Worker

August 6, 2019

I’m reading Steven Greenhouse’s article in the New York Times today entitled YES, AMERICA IS RIGGED AGAINST WORKERS. What drivel.  It would be published in the socialist New York Slimes.
Right to a lunch break, paid maternity leave, vacations, sick days.  These are trivial benefits next to the claws of the Federal Reserve Bank that erodes American workers real purchasing power via inflation.  Inflation is more crushing than any other factor that makes American workers peons.  Whatever pay raise a worker earns, the Federal Reserve taketh away.  Inflation is not the target 2% the Federal Reserve publishes, but more like 6-8% (Source: You have to ask for a 6-8% pay increase every year to maintain your standard of

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Vitamin C Deficiency Remains Hidden As Major Cause of Heart Attacks

July 26, 2019

Researchers claim they have found why humans, but not other animals, are prone to heart attacks.  News reports of this discovery are confusing because they errantly infer a gene mutation (CMAH gene), which eliminates internal synthesis of a sugar-like molecule called Neu5Gc (aka sialic acid), is what makes humans vulnerable to chronic inflammation that can lead to cancer and heart attacks.
Actually the inactivation of the CMAH gene via a gene mutation, which occurred long ago in human history, eliminated endogenous production of this toxic Neu5Gc molecule in humans.  That would represent a health-positive gene mutation, not a negative health mutation as some confused news reports maintain. The initial scientific discovery is

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No Safe Spaces/ Two Men Dare

July 9, 2019

I’ve watched the film produced by Mark Joseph entitled NO SAFE SPACES and I have to say the wrong people will watch it.  Those who don’t embrace victimhood, those Americans who stand for something rather than against most everything, those believe in individual liberty above group (mob) rule, who espouse the exchange of political ideas, not identity politics, are going to watch it because it agrees with their position.
For we live in an era of preconceived ideas, of voting against who we detest, not for whom we agree with.  There is growing intolerance of anybody else’s beliefs.  Anyone who doesn’t embrace what we believe is not just to be voted out of office, they are to be silenced, their voices muffled, their access to

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Americans Aren’t Falling for Fake News About Dietary Supplements

July 3, 2019

A quick read of recent news headlines suggest most Americans must be dumb and dumber for taking dietary supplements.
Poll finds 86% of Americans take vitamins or supplements yet only 21% have a confirmed nutritional deficiency. – American Osteopathic Association
Americans Spend Billions on Vitamins and Herbs That Don’t Work – Healthline
Vitamins and Supplements Can’t Replace a Balanced Diet, Study Says – Time Magazine
Save Your Money: no evidence brain health supplements work, say experts.  – The Guardian (UK)
Dietary supplements don’t reduce mortality rates – Big Think
Do vitamin  and mineral pills actually work? No, say scientists.  — Newsweek
Do multivitamins even do anything.  – Men’s Health
Balance the above news headlines

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