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Statin Drugs (4 One Hour Interviews)

“Statin Drugs”
The drug companies are trying to convince us we must lower our cholesterol level below 200, preferably below 170. Is that wise? If you lower your cholesterol level, will you live longer? What do the scientific studies reveal? When will the mistaken idea that cholesterol is the primary cause of heart attacks and strokes finally be discarded into the trash bin of unproven medical therapies? The quick answer: when statin drug patents expire. This tape set discusses the danger of statin drugs, and reveals what you can do to protect your heart and your life.
4 hours,

Author: Dr. Stan Monteith, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Bill Sardi, Dr. Ray Strand, Shane Ellison,

Binding: Audio Cassette

Manufacturer: Radio Liberty

Product group: Book

Studio: Radio Liberty

Publication Date: 2005

Publisher: Radio Liberty

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