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Dissecting the Mundane: International Perspectives on Memory-Work

Building on the early leadership of Frigga Haug in her groundbreaking Female Sexualization: A Collective World of Memory (1987), this book provides a collection of contemporary perspectives on memory-work from researchers in Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, and the United States, and from the disciplines of education, marketing, sociology, psychology, masculinity studies and social work practice. With respect to the method itself, the authors considered emerging issues and describe the ways in which they have altered or appropriated the method, researcher voice and authority, and consistency between the aims of memory-work and their research. Part I focuses on Frigga Haug’s evolving method. In Part II, the different ways in which memory-work has been variously applied in specific domains are explored by Betty Johnston (mathematical identities), Glenda Koutroulis (menstruation), Karin Widerberg (research and teaching), Bob Pease (practices of profeminist men to promote change), Naomi Norquay (immigration stories and social awareness), Judith Kaufman (teacher socialization) and Mary FitzPatrick, Lorraine Friend, and Carolyn Costley (marketing research).

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