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Eric Peters is a freelance car/bike/political columnist. He escaped the corporate-owned media Big Boys years ago. Without the censorship of the corporate tools

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Diaper Report

14 days ago

If Face Diapers work, why is Joe Biden worried about being in the same room with an Undiapered Don?
Another rational question that will never be answered by the irrational, for whom the Face Diaper has become a kind of psychological security blanket. It makes them feel better. The fact that it doesn’t do anything – medically – is beside the point.
Some of the original impetus to impose general Diapering rested on this point. It was argued by some that it was mean-spirited to leave Diapering to the psychologically debilitated as this made them feel worse. In addition to dealing with their own neurosis, they had to deal with the public display of their neurosis. No one likes to have their issues on display.
There was also the

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A Maverick, Literally

September 19, 2020

And the children shall lead us – since the adults, apparently, won’t.
One such is 17-year-old Maverick Stow of Long Island, NY. He decided to lead by example – and go back to school. In person rather than virtual – because he’s sick of being treated as if he might be sick by people who are sick in the head.
Stow showed up for class – and was promptly suspended, for a year. He has been excluded from his senior prom as well as graduation. He also was arrested by Suffolk County police, who have stopped arresting criminals and now arrest kids for showing up to school – and  failing to pretend they are sick.
The school says it has a “zero tolerance” policy for “unauthorized people trying to enter our buildings to disrupt the

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Untruth in Advertising

September 10, 2020

Would you leave your home – even if you weren’t ordered to stay home – if you actually believed the Black Death (or something comparably serious) was in the air and that you stood a very real chance of being killed by it?
Would you trust your life to a dirty old bandana? A disposable “mask”? Feel comfortable because you were standing six feet apart from a possible plague carrier?
Probably not.
Shopping isn’t worth dying. A paycheck is of less value than your life. Yet people shop and work and send their kids to school – Diapered – because they want to pretend they are worried about sickness.
This is the real sickness afflicting America.
The Diaper is a prop.
Kind of like the blanket Peanuts character Linus carried around with him

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Face Diapering Under Duress?

August 27, 2020

A reader sent in the following, which neatly encapsulates the dilemma so many of us face with regard to Face Diapering. My reply follows.
I coach track and cross country at the High School level. Our teams compete at a high level. We are always in the mix at the State meet. Many of my kids have gone on to compete in college several even in the Olympics.  I love your site because of the free and open discourse. It is elevating. The really horrible thing is that I have to put up with the Diaper in a limited way; if I do not I will be abandoning my athletes. Fortunately we can doff the Diaper most of the time, hard to breath through a diaper when you are running.  Even us coaches run; we need to in order to follow our kids. The

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Behind the Diaper

August 19, 2020

I bought new running shoes the other day – just barely and probably never again. At least, not from the store – Fleet Feet in Roanoke – where I have been buying my running shoes for more than a decade.
Because of the Diaper.
My refusal to put on this latter-day analog of the yellow star – and the store’s insistence I and everyone else do so. Even though some of the store’s employees agree it’s a vile and vicious policy, but – as one of them confessed to me while wearing his Diaper – it’s either go along with it or they get shown the door, too.
I got in the door – barely.
The store had been re-arranged since the last time I was there before the mass hysteria set in. No more personal contact. They used to measure feet, fit

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An Aspect of the Con

August 8, 2020

There are many good reasons to be very skeptical about practically everything we are being told about the WuFlu (don’t dignify this bug by using the term we are being told to use – “COVID-19”- which sounds so much more impressive and scientific. . . so novel . . . but is political and being purveyed to us by the Fear Organ in just the same way that, for those who remember, the attacks upon the World Trade Center suddenly – almost as if a light switch had been flipped – became “911” as the Fear Organ sang that tune in unanimity and endlessly until everyone sang the same tune . . . in order to make it hard to sing a different one).
Well, here is another reason to be very skeptical about the cases! the cases! – which the Fear Organ

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In Your Face

August 4, 2020

Jefferson wrote that it is evil and tyrannical to force a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he despises.
Something far more evil and tyrannical is afoot. Or rather, being forced onto people’s faces.
The Diaper.
The  thing itself is itself is merely sad. Its wearer – by choice – identifies himself as a person easily scared or very neurotic. A person who believes that death – as opposed to the cases! the cases! – is in the air rather than being transmitted over the air.
And that feelings prevent sickness.
If this person were thinking rather than feeling, he would not wear a dirty bandana over his face nor be calmed by the sight of others so attired. He would wear at least an N100 mask/respirator – something that is

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Diaper Report

July 30, 2020

Today,  a sad Diaper Report.
I’ve been excommunicated from the coffee shop – Sweet Donkey in Roanoke – that I’ve been going to (and spending money at) for the past five years or so, to the tune of several thousand dollars.
Which business the Donk just lost, by telling me the only way I’ll be served inside henceforth is to join the Sickness Cult or at least, pretend to by assuming the uniform – the Face Diaper – of a member.
If not, I must assume the status of second-class citizen – like “coloreds” once upon a time and for similarly arbitrary, vicious reasons.
I will only be served remotely, curbside – by a cultist in a Diaper, of course.
I told the baristas that I won’t be back. Nicely; I know them both and know they are only

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Why I Won’t This Time

July 20, 2020

People ask – what can they do?
It seems everywhere you go, Diapering is demanded as the price of being permitted to live. You are told you may not enter a grocery store to buy food – much less a restaurant to eat (though you are permitted to remove the Diaper once seated because this is submission theater, not a public health measure).
In some areas, people are pressured to Diaper everywhere, even outside. The purpose of this is severalfold.
First, obviously, to maintain a state of hysteria in the absence of any reason for it. Life would be largely going back to normal by now if the populace weren’t being terrorized by ululations about the “cases” – without any context, such as the Infection Fatality rate, which is about the same

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No Change on the Way to No Cash

July 17, 2020

When people are terrified, it is hard for them to think – which probably explains why they seem unable to now. Can it possibly be a coincidence that as the number of “cases” endlessly reported is increasing, the amount of change available at stores is all of a sudden decreasing?
Could the two be  . . . connected somehow?
Is it credible that – all of a sudden and right now – there’s no change in the till, just by chance? When such shortages have never happened before?
Do you suppose it is possible this purported “shortage” of coins is contrived – to push people toward not using cash?
It’s a thought you’d think more people would have. One that might raise some questions in their minds.
But then, they don’t seem to think very much

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Paying for Your New EV…Even if You Don’t Own One

July 8, 2020

For now, they’re only requiring that electric cars be manufactured. How long will it be before they require people to buy them?
Actually, you’re already paying for them.
Several ways.
New ways.
The obvious way is in the form of the taxes you pay that subsidize their manufacture. But that’s old hat, old man. And it was just for openers.
Last week, Nevada “adopted” (in the euphemistic political language of government, which loves to use the verbiage of kumbaya voluntaryism to hide the collectivist coercion it imposes) electric vehicle quotas similar to those already in place in California. These force a car company that wants to sell any cars in the state to also sell a certain number of electric cars, too.
Even if they have to be

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Farce or Freedom This Fourth?

July 3, 2020

This weekend will either be the Fourth of July or the Farce. You will know by whether you see Americans celebrating their obedience or their freedom. You will be able to tell which it is by whether you can see their faces.
Free people look the part. They do not wear the same government-decreed uniform. A sea of the Face Diapered Demoralized, standing six feet apart on X marks the spot – perhaps with plexiglass partitions in between – isn’t a picture-portrait of freedom. To describe such a pathetic spectacle of fear-induced obedience as people “celebrating their freedom” is like describing a quadriplegic as “differently abled.” Not even the dignity of editorial honesty – much less the dignity of men, which is being systematically

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The New Party Overalls

July 1, 2020

The current push to impose mandatory Face Diapering will likely decide the future of this country. Of the freedom to dissent in this country.
That may sound a bit much, but consider. If they can impose Universal Face Diapering, they will have succeeded in destroying the possibility of dissent  – other than in your head, exactly like the people in Orwell’s 1984.
Everyone wore the same Party overalls; everyone mouthed the same slogans.
Everyone looked the same, creating a soul-crushing appearance of universal conformity with the orthodoxies of the Party.
Dissent – outside of your own head – was unthinkable. Or rather, inexpressible. This made it seem that no one else dissented. Which amounts to making it seem as though

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If MPGs Were Really the Reason for Automotive Tyranny

June 24, 2020

Gas mileage has been a kind of fetish object for the government lo these past 40-something years. But is it really about gas mileage? Or is gas mileage just the excuse for something else – something even more sinister than a handful of people (this is what “the government” is) contravening what buyers want, as expressed by their willingness to buy?
Let’s consider a couple of things that could have easily and inexpensively increased fuel economy; or rather and perhaps better put, made it feasible to go much farther on a gallon of fuel without adding complexity and cost:
Gasoline, for instance.
Not ten percent gasoline  . . . and 10 percent ethanol. Which reduces miles-per-gallon because 90 percent gas and ten percent ethanol

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The Trouble With Covid ‘Cases’

June 19, 2020

I had a “case” of headache this morning – probably from reading (again) about all the new “cases” of WuFlu. What is it with this “cases” thing? Does the media really not understand the difference between “cases” of something and whether people die from it?
Lot of “cases” of headache in this country.
Also indigestion, menopause and acne. If the media reported the daily tally of these, you’d think there was a  . . . crisis. Of course, the media does not do this. And didn’t do it, previously, with the common cold or the seasonal flu. If it had done so we’d have been “locked down” and  wearing face diapers years ago. There are millions of “cases” of  these things every year – in part because there are hundreds of millions of people

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In-Dash Microwaves Instead of in-Dash Air Bags

June 11, 2020

Most new cars will shut off the engine for you – even when you prefer it stays on. How come not one of them will heat up a cup of coffee for you?
Some cars have what are styled “heated” cup holders. But all they do is impart vague warmth.
Why not an in-car microwave oven? A way to really heat a cup of coffee – or nuke a burrito? We have, as the opening to The Six Million Dollar Man used to say, the technology. Or rather, the power. Many new cars already have three-prong household-style power points and some also have 48 volt electrical systems. Surely, these could be stepped up to handle the wattage load of a small microwave built into the dash?
It’d be interesting to see how many would willingly check that option box, if were

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Our Lives Don’t Matter

June 10, 2020

George Floyd didn’t get a knee because his killer was a racist. He got it because his killer is an armed government worker.
An authoritarian.
The distinction is important.
Daniel Shaver wasn’t black – and the AGW (Philip Brailsford) who got away with killing this unarmed white man who was crawling on the floor begging for his life wasn’t motivated by racism, either.

He was motivated by something far worse than racism – because authoritarianism is policy.
AGWs – the term is used not in a derogatory but in a literal sense – are not in the business of protecting rights. They are in the business of enforcing laws (they use exactly this term to describe themselves). To the nth degree, submission to the law being the fundamental

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Free Convertible Teslas

June 5, 2020

Elon Musk is probably taking a knee right now. Not because Black Lives Matter – but because riots on that pretext have shunted attention away from another Auto-piloted crash.
And death.
Last year, a Tesla decapitated itself by running into – and underneath – a tractor trailer it didn’t “see.” Neither did its driver, who saw nothing ever again – after his decapitation. Now another Tesla has done the four-wheeled Louis XVI – losing its head to a semi it didn’t “see.”
Tesla, of course, blames the driver – whom it encouraged not to.

A cognitively dissonant statement was released after the wreck, as follows:
“Our data shows that when used properly by an attentive driver, who is prepared to take control at all times . . .” the system

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An Accidental Incongruity? Lockdowners Love Riots

June 4, 2020

President Trump is getting grief from the leftie press for threatening to bring out the military to stop the riots spreading across the country like, well, a virus.
But why isn’t the leftie press caterwauling about the indifference of the Lockdown Mafia – i.e., the governors and mayors, et al who’ve been siccing armed government workers on moms walking their kids in public parks in the name of a virus they claim is an open-ended threat to “public safety” – to the very real threat posed by this virus?
It’s not as though the Lockdown Mafia hasn’t got the stomach to use force to “stop the spread.”
It’s a question of who the Lockdown Mafia deems worthy of stopping. Apparently, moms taking their kids to a public park for a

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Paine, Jefferson, and the Fear Mask

May 26, 2020

In the years just before the American movement for separation from Great Britain (it was not a “revolution,” properly speaking, as the American separatists had no desire to transform the government of Great Britain; they merely wished to be free of it) there was something called the committees of correspondence.
They were the 18th century equivalent of non-“authoritative” (i.e., official/corporate-government propaganda) Internet sites, such as the one you’re reading right now. A means by which people could share information – especially heretical information – among themselves, sidestepping the “authoritative” pabulum.
They spread more than information, too.  They also spread hope, almost as important as the information itself.

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Open Letter to a Fear Mask Pusher

May 21, 2020

A reader has been compelled to decline a position of leadership in his church due to a Fear Masks Mandatory policy imposed by the church leadership. He wrote an Open Letter to the leadership and membership of the church explaining why he could not accept the position, given the Fear Mask Mandate. His letter is worth publishing here as well since it touches on an issue that affects all of us, everywhere:
“It is with regret, but with a sense of conviction, that I must remove myself from consideration for the Secretary position at [the church].
At the end of March, my job was cut due to lack of business from — what I consider to be — the mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19, perpetuated by the media and governments, including ours

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The Bill of Safety?

May 16, 2020

Will Americans resist being forcibly vaccinated?
The worry is that most Americans have already accepted being force-vaccinated . . . in principle. They did so more than 30 years ago, long before WuFlu Fever – when they accepted being ordered to wear a seatbelt/helmet and to show “papers” on demand – but without probable cause – at “checkpoints.”
They endorsed it when they amen’d forcing people to buy car (and then health) insurance. When they accepted the government telling them they would no longer be permitted to buy new cars that didn’t meet government’s “bumper impact” standards.
Told they would have to buy air bags – and didn’t rise in outrage.
They gave their implied consent when they didn’t object to their “consent” being

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We Are Not ‘All In This Together’….But Perhaps ‘We’Should Be

May 15, 2020

There are two questions that deserve answers as the “new normal” is imposed on the rest of us by some of us.
The first is: At what point does an asserted risk to some no longer justify the imposition of certain harm on everyone? At least 33 million Americans have been forced out of their jobs and into the poorhouse; every American has had his life diminished, basic freedoms curtailed – his peace of mind assaulted.
Well, not every American. Which brings up the second question:
Why aren’t the some who have imposed open-ended harm on the many required to share in the harm they insist is necessary?
We are told that “people are dying” – and indeed they are. But how did this suddenly become a blank check claim on the lives of everyone

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The Sickness Gulag

May 11, 2020

Americans – many of them – are so dumbed down they can be convinced that it’s reasonable to turn the country into a permanent Sickness Gulag in the name of a permanent war on germs – a war that cannot be won.
Which may be just the point.
Endless war – waged in the name of “health” – is the health of the state. It provides endless, limitless pretext for those who are the state – the officials and enforcers – to decree and punish.
How does one object to this when the victims of this have been convinced that it is the only way to keep them breathing? Notwithstanding the evidence – including that which they see (or rather, don’t) with their own eyes.
Fear supplants facts. Closes their eyes – and minds – to evidence, to reason. Such

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Corona Clunkers

May 7, 2020

It’s going to take a whole lot of ether in the carburetor to restart the car business once the economy “reopens” (neat term, that; it conveys the horrid truth that government has successfully asserted – because people have accepted it – full Decider power to tell us whether and when we may live our economic lives – at its arbitrary whim.)
There is already talk of Cash for Clunkers II – though it probably won’t be cash, as part of the Plandemic’s goals, in addition to Advanced Servility Training, is to eliminate cash in the name of hygiene.
But actually for the sake of eliminating anonymity – and enforcing control.
Every transaction you make – every cup of coffee you buy – will be known immediately to them. Data about your buying

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The Reopening Moo

April 30, 2020

Will you Moooo like a good Corona Cow when the ranchers who are “the government” decree that businesses may reopen provided the workers – and customers – mask up?
The ranchers have already decreed masks mandatory in several states and – weirdly – more people seem to be wearing masks even though not yet mandated in other areas. Which is weird given that by now it is obvious – or ought to be – that WuFlu is a much greater threat to our liberty than our health.
Except for a few concentrated areas of population – and stupidity – such as New York, where Rancher Cuomo ordered oldsters with WuFlu to be housed with other oldsters in nursing homes, assuring lots of oldsters would die from WuFlu – the number of people who’ve died from

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An Open Letter to Small Businesses

April 22, 2020

My gym – like thousands of small businesses around the country – has been out of business for more than a month now. Not because customers aren’t coming – but because customers are not allowed to come. 
What follows is an Open Letter to the owner of this business, urging her to resume doing business – on the theory that in a free country, people have that right and that government has no right to say otherwise. 
Dear Patsy –
I and many others are more than willing to take the chance we might get sick in exchange for being able to live again.
This includes being able to work out at Crunch.
We believe in what used to be a given in America – free association. That you – as a business owner – have the right to open your business and

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The Stop Start Shuffle

April 13, 2020

In the ‘70s cars would sometimes stall out in traffic – but not on purpose. You’d push on the gas – but the car wouldn’t go. Horn honking frustration would ensue as the driver of the conked out car tried to get it going again.
Today – undoing decades of refinement – cars conk out on purpose at every red light and even in traffic. The moment they stop moving, the engine stops running. And it’s not just the engine that cuts off. Engine-driven accessories such as the air conditioning also cut off.
This isn’t a defect. It is touted as a feature.
And it’s becoming de facto standard equipment in new cars – not an option you can skip.
The feature is something called automatic engine stop/start, which can be handily acronymized as ASS.

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Our New Gig: Sickness Theater

April 11, 2020

Nahhnnnlevven and Corona Fever have much in common, including theater.
After the “enemies of freedom” struck, we got Security Theater. The Homeland Security Department, blue-uniformed crotch fondlers, cattle-chuting at airports and “freeze in place” – which some of you may remember.

It was proposed that Americans traveling through airports do exactly that when so ordered by a loudspeaker voice – Because Trrrrr (as The Chimp used to say – for everything).
And here we are. Sickness Theater.
People ordered to “shelter in place” and when not doing that, strongly urged and soon-to-be-forced to wear surgical masks as they scuttle stoop-shouldered and suspicious of floating bacilli from shelter to shelter, always maintaining their “social distance.” Press conferences

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A Novel Suggestion

April 4, 2020

A month ago, most Americans weren’t ready to accept the Green New Deal – and a plethora of green taxes –  because they were told the “climate” was supposedly in “crisis.”
A month later, many Americans seem willing to accept anything – even including house arrest in perpetuity – because of green phlegm.
A nasty bug – vs. a very nasty police state. Which do you prefer to risk? The possibility – or the certainty?
In Stalin’s Soviet Union, disagreeing with Stalin was pathologized – as well as criminalized. You were sick if you questioned the regime. An enemy of the people. Today, people who question the assumption of Stalinist powers by the government in the name of sickness are being pathologized – soon to be criminalized. Hut! Hut!

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