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Eric Peters is a freelance car/bike/political columnist. He escaped the corporate-owned media Big Boys years ago. Without the censorship of the corporate tools

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When Questioning ‘The Science’ Becomes a ‘Sickness’

December 21, 2021

It is bad enough that contrary facts are labeled “misinformation” by “fact checkers” who recently admitted they’re in the business of offering opinions and thus, cannot be held liable for smearing fact-providers as peddlers of “misinformation.”
It will get worse when to utter contrary opinion is taken as evidence of mental illness – by the same “fact checkers.”
They already have a name for it – Post Pandemic Stress Disorder. It “afflicts” those who wonder aloud – or online – why they were healthy before they got Jabbed and no longer are, having been Jabbed.
[embedded content]
The cases of heart inflammation, Bell’s Palsy and death formally admitted to by the concoctors of the Jabs are all in your head, you see. You are imagining things. And it is a dangerous thing to say

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Shut Down Joe

November 11, 2021

It appears that the Biden Thing is determined to do more than Jab the entire country. He also appears determined to freeze it.
And bankrupt it.
Word is out that – contrary to initial denials – the Biden Thing will issue another ukase (that is, a decree) shutting down the Line 5 pipeline that currently sends more than a half-million barrels’ worth of oil per day to the United States from Canada.
Of course, it’s phrased otherwise. The regime is merely “studying” it. You know, like it “studied” issuing a ukase that every American worker be threatened with loss of job and livelihood as the “incentive” to make them roll up their sleeves.
Shutting down Line 5 will have catastrophic practical and economic effects on the supply of oil – in the United States – because there is

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The New “Priority”

November 5, 2021

When did “the health and safety” – italics for the latter – become the  “top priority” of a major American car company?
Why, just yesterday – when Ford Motor Company became a kind of hospital ward that incidentally builds cars. Management has decreed that all of its 30,000 salaried employees must now take their meds else be fired, the honest way of saying what Ford said.
Which was “suspended without pay.”
Which is etymologically like being a “customer” of the DMV’s.
This business of businesses believing it is their business to involve themselves in the health of people who do business with them is a very odd thing. It is like having your blood pressure checked at the shoe store.
But it is not a new thing.
Many businesses have long maintained it is within their purview to

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“Charge It” Takes on a Whole New Meaning

October 19, 2021

When your customers cannot afford what you’re selling, you finance it. Literally. Sell them the item – and the interest.
Plus a bill of goods.
This is Cadillac’s new business model for selling its soon-to-here array of electric vehicles, beginning next year with the 2023 – and $59,990 to start – Lyric. It’s a ride that not many can afford to buy – which is true of electric cars, generally. And conventional lenders – banks, credit unions and so on – are inevitably going to be less willing to write loans for these electric cars – because of the unique problem with electric cars.
In addition to the depreciation of the car, which becomes a problem – for the lender – when the car reaches the financial event horizon of being worth less than the remaining loan balance due – there is

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Electric Social Distancing

September 18, 2021

GM has just advised owners of the Chevy Bolt electric car to park the thing at least 50 feet away from other cars, so as to avoid burning them to cinders – along with the auto-igniting Bolt.
What’s fascinating about this isn’t the advisory. It is the complete lack of “action” – to use the word so favored by government and those who reverence government – by the government.
What does it say about a government that lays claim to being The Great Protector – the issuer of fatwas and ukases with regard to safety – that it has issued no fatwas or ukases with regard to cars that are so dangerous the company that makes them has issued an advisory that they should be isolated by 50 feet from anything they might cremate?
The dissonance is halting.
Until one

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First, Do No Harm . . .

September 4, 2021

Remember that one?
It was – once – the prime directive of medicine, enshrined in the Hippocratic Oath. Doctors were enjoined to treat their patients conservatively, in a manner that presented the least risk to them. People who weren’t sick weren’t enjoined to take medicines they didn’t need, especially when there were safer alternatives in the event they did become sick.
This fostered trust in doctoring, which was once upon a better time an honorable profession.
It has become a mercenary and political profession – driven by the lash of HMOs and fear of the American Medical Association, beholden to corporate McHospital chains and conglomerates  that are, in turn, financially beholden to the same corporate cartels that push the products of the

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It’s Not the Jab – It’s the Precedent

August 23, 2021

If you knew someone who chose not to exercise, who ate too much not-good food, would you exult in the news of his having been diagnosed with diabetes or cancer? Most people would not and if any did exult, it would be considered evidence of a mental defect (sadism) by the rest.
Yet people – some people – practically celebrate when a person who questions the rightness of forcing people to submit to “vaccinations” gets sick – and practically dance on their graves if they die.
There are many good – sound – reasons for objecting to forcing anyone to get “vaccinated” that have nothing to do with sickness, as such, but rather with this business of forcing people to take medicine or submit to medical treatment of any kind whatsoever. It sets a precedent by

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Electric Press Car Travails

August 12, 2021

I probably won’t be getting many new electric cars to test drive and the reasons for that may be of interest, if you’re thinking of buying an electric car – or think it’s a fine idea that the car industry just promised Joe Biden to abandon the not-electric car, so as to make sure you’ll have to buy an electric car.
The last electric car I was sent to test drive arrived on a flatbed truck. It returned the same way. This being a function of the fact that I live roughly 220 highway miles away from the press pool for my region (southeast) which is located in the DC area. I am located not far from the North Carolina border, about 30 miles away from Roanoke, VA.
This distance is easily traversed by any not-electric car, even a car like the Dodge Charger

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The Left Inverted – Or Merely Coming Clean?

August 6, 2021

The New York Auto Show is no more – once again. The Krankleiter of New York City has so decreed. This is the second year in a row there will be no show. There may never be another show, since there always be a new “variant” to justify not having one.
Of not having anything, anymore.
It is interesting – the inversion. Of Leftism. Which has become the ideology of suppression – of everything it once feigned opposition to, such as restrictions on free speech (there was a whole “Free Speech” movement in the ‘60s, ostensibly of the Left). Of hassling people who were different and choosing to be so, even if others disagreed.
And of course, segregation – which it now fiercely demands.
(It was predominantly the Left that advocated and practiced it, on racial grounds.)

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Unanswered Questions About the Hard Sell

July 24, 2021

Would you describe someone who chose not to purchase a new car equipped with an unconventional engine, that had no track record for reliability or safety and which was sold “as is,” without a warranty of any kind and made by a company that had somehow wrangled legal immunity from being sued if the car turned out to be a dangerous lemon as “hesitant” – or prudent?
We all know the answer, including those pushing hard to get everyone to accept being injected with a drug that has an unknown track record for long-term safety, that comes without a warranty of any kind, made by companies that not only have wrangled legal immunity for themselves but who also have a track record for purveying harmful drugs in the past  – and a billion-dollar profit motive to

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Energy Hogs

July 17, 2021

Non-electric cars haven’t “guzzled” gas – most of them – for decades. There are a few that still do, models like the V8 powered Dodge Charger and Challenger most blatantly – and they are of course on the Automotive Enemies List, compiled by people who use “gas guzzler” in the way that some people (often the same people) use “racist” or “misogynist” to cat-call that which isn’t but which they simply don’t like for reasons of general disagreement.
In any event, why it is the business of the person who didn’t buy the “gas guzzler” and isn’t the one paying for the gas it “guzzles” is a question – per The Chimp – that is rarely asked. It is like Jones bitching about his neighbor’s lawn, which is larger than his own and takes his neighbor more time to mow.

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A Question for the ‘Willing’

July 16, 2021

The “hesitant” – as people who aren’t interested in trusting the pharmaceutical cartels or the government to “keep them safe” from a sickness that doesn’t meaningfully threaten them are being styled – have more than just that reason to eschew the “vaccine” that’s being hard-sold like a time-share condo.
It is a reason that goes beyond everything being discussed – and yet isn’t being discussed much. Hence the importance of discussing it.
That reason is, simply,: If they can do it this time they can do it the next time. And the time after that, ongoing.
Your “vaccine status” – plural – to become public business Maybe you are ok with this shot. How about the next one? And the one after that? Where does it end? It doesn’t end.
That’s what’s on the table.

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The End of Dodge?

July 14, 2021

Something tragic may be about to happen. To Dodge. Which is the last American car company, even if it is owned by a foreign conglomerate (Stellantis).
It sells cars, first of all – which is a thing almost no one else does anymore – in favor of these Universal Transportation Appliance crossover SUVs, which overlap each other so closely it is difficult to divine why there needs to be more than one brand selling various sizes and colors of them.
Dodge sells cars. American cars. Big, ballsy cars – with big V8s that drive the rear wheels that average Americans can afford to buy.
No one else sells cars like that anymore. It is probably why Dodge sells a lot of them, even though all of them are pushing 15 years old, in terms of the last time they received a

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Doomed: the Cadillac Seville (1976-2004)

July 6, 2021

When did Cadillac start becoming BMW – or trying to?
This can be pinpointed with some precision. It was 1976, the year of the Seville. This was Cadillac’s first small car – for Cadillac. It was conceived as a Cadillac for people who were leaning toward the smaller luxury-sport sedans made – and being sold, successfully – by European brands, especially BMW but also Mercedes-Benz. These were carving slices of what had been Cadillac’s (and Lincoln’s) domination of the American luxury car market.
Part of this was changing demographics – and changing times. The people in the market for a new luxury car in the mid-‘70s were the people who had been in the market for sporty cars like the Mustang in the ‘60s. They were no longer the youth market but they

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The Gone Ones: Car Makes

June 30, 2021

Tempus does fugit.
I’ve been test driving new cars long enough that the first new cars I test drove are now Antique cars, literally. I recently found myself behind a ’95 Mustang GT and was astonished to see the black and white “Antique” tag it wore – which reminded me that I am, too.
When I began writing about cars back in the mid-1990s, there were at least six brands that no longer exist, today. I thought it might be fun to reminisce about some of these Gone Ones.
Saturn (1990-2010) –
This was GM’s second attempt to resuscitate its small-car image, after Geo (about which more later). It was marketed as a “different kind of car company” and was in that it served its cars price fixe – i.e., you didn’t haggle; you paid what the sticker said, with the

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Backyard Independence

May 31, 2021

It’s nice that most of us can now buy food again while showing our faces, again. But the past going-on-two-years ought to have taught us what could happen again.
It is Memorial Day weekend and the official beginning of summer. But fall – and winter – are only four months away from now. What will happen then, if a “new variant” of the ‘Rona appears? And those who’ve been Jabbed begin to get sick and even die from it – their Jab having rendered them as vulnerable to the “new variants” as emphysematic 80-year-olds were to the Original ‘Rona?
This could happen.
We know what happened, at any rate. All it took was “the cases! the cases!” – of hugely sketchy positive tests, breathlessly “reported” every 15 minutes – to cause a wave of

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When ‘Assistance’ Stops ‘Assisting’

May 29, 2021

Almost every new car comes standard with various driver “assistance” technology such as Brake Assist, Lane Keep Assist and Park Assist. New forms of “assistance” propagate with each new model year and sometimes sooner.
It raises questions about people’s competence to drive without such “assistance.”
Especially when such “assistance” becomes unavailable.
Which happens for the same basic reason that you lose the “assistance” of your eyesight when a gnat flies into your eyes. The driver “assistance” tech in all new cars relies on  cameras, mounted around the perimeter of the car. What happens when they can no longer see? Because the camera cannot see through fog? Or because the lens is covered by a layer of ice? And the

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Blame it on the Chips?

May 17, 2021

Used cars are supposed to go down in value. Last month, their value increased by more than 10 percent – something that has never happened before.
Supposedly because there is a shortage of new cars – because there is a shortage of semiconductor “chips,” the linchpin of all the electronics in new cars.
But what if it isn’t the “chips” but the electronics  that are causing people to shy away from new cars in favor of less electronic used ones?
They have electronics too, of course – assuming they’re newer than the late 1970s, when cars began to transition from being mechanical things with the only electronic thing (other than the radio and lights, etc.) being the ignition system.
But not as much.
They beep and flash and generally

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Looks Like We Can’t Find Any Gazzuline

May 13, 2021

Mad Max drove around looking for gas. At least he was able to do that.
Many Americans  will wake up today to find they have no gas – or rather, that none’s available. Hard to drive around looking for it when you haven’t got any – and can’t get it, either. Which is also a function of not being able to pay for it – a problem Max never had.
Thanks to the “cyber attack” on the Colonial Pipeline by “Russian hackers”- in air quotes to emphasize the questionability of “cyber” whatever to do what is alleged to have been done (I have discussed this with some knowledgeable people in the business who tell me they smell a rat; that the story has all the ring of truth of a Fauci press conference) there is no gas at many stations along the

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The ‘Cases’ We’re Not Hearing About . . .

May 1, 2021

We have heard endlessly, practically every 15 minutes – about “the cases!” “the cases!” – of positive tests. But almost nothing about the cases of people becoming very sick and some of them very dead after being injected with the “vaccines.”
Plural; there are at least three. Which is a weird thing in itself, when you think about it.
Why three?
Doesn’t that at least triple the odds of their being a problem? And of figuring out what it is, if there seems to be one?
And there is at least one admitted-to problem – that of blood clot formation in some of the victim-recipients of these concoctions. Who (to be fair to the pharmaceutical cartel) failed to exercise the due diligence normally expected of anyone buying a used car; they

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Jab Hands

April 29, 2021

People are weirdly proud of having been Jabbed; they are dying to tell you all about it.
And they may well be, just that.
Many already have. Thousands, actually. Many of them previously healthy.
Which, naturlich, the media won’t tell the public about – at least, not over and over and over again, as per the cases! the cases! Of positive tests.
That you can’t get them to stop telling the public about.
It used to be old people in nursing homes who talked about nothing but their ailments – and procedures. Their hip replacements, diverticulitis surgery and various meds. But sickness-obsession has become a national cult and its members are of all ages and both sexes – bound as one by their held-in-common hypochondria.

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April 23, 2021

The government has been pushing “fuel efficient” cars on the public for decades – and now  intends to punish the public for driving them.
By taxing them by the mile. To make up for their fuel efficiency. Ostensibly, to make up for the loss of “revenue” that isn’t being collected – via the tax on fuel. Which, of course, will still be collected, in full – in addition to the tax on driving.
This tells us the object of the exercise isn’t to reduce fuel consumption.
It is to reduce driving. By making it more and more expensive to drive.
Not just by taxing it by the mile, either.
This tax will inevitably morph into taxing by time – as of day. This is called “congestion pricing” – and it means taxing people for when (and where) they

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Pre-emptive ‘Case’ Dissection

April 10, 2021

The people who weaponized hypochondria are bringing back their most effective weapon toward the perpetuation of mass hypochondria:
The Cases! The Cases!
Now, the new “cases”  . . . of the “UK variant,” which have been “detected” in every state (more here).  These are being touted as aggressively as the prior, generic “cases” – probably because there are fewer of those to tout, especially in the case of Texas and Mississippi, where “case” counts having been going down going on a month since the ending of most variants of Sickness Kabuki, including the “mandated” wearing by the healthy of Face Diapers to “stop the spread” of a sickness they haven’t got  . . . ostensibly to salve the fears of weaponized hypochondriacs who dread that

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How You Can Tell It’s a Fraud as Well as a Con

March 16, 2021

It is easy to prove that the whole electric car thing is a gigantic fraud – as well as a con.
The fraud is the assertion that electric cars are the best – the only – way to reduce the putative danger of carbon dioxide being “emitted” by vehicles.
Actually, the best and only realistic (bear with) way to reduce these “emissions” (leaving aside for the moment the assumption that they are in fact dangerous) would be to halve the gas burned by non-electric cars. This is something that is not only very feasible it is also something very affordable – which electric cars are not.
And because they are not affordable (and leaving aside the question of the enormous volume of “emissions” generated by the mostly natural gas/coal and oil-fired

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The Trouble With Selling Used Cars…

March 15, 2021

If you’re having trouble selling your used car it might be because fewer and fewer people can afford to buy it.
Trading in is no problem – other than the problem of getting wholesale value for your trade-in, which the dealer will then finance to someone else at full retail value. Plus interest.
But you – the private seller – probably do not want to finance the sale of your old car. You want cash, paid-in-full at the time the keys and title change hands. This is the way used cars have been sold between private parties for more than 100 years  – until recent years. What’s changed is that something like one-third of Americans haven’t got the ability to pay cash for anything that costs more than three figures; for about half of the

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The Abolition of Gasoline

March 3, 2021

The best way to force something onto people who don’t want it is to force what they do want off the market.
Examples of this include the forced retirement of the best automotive refrigerant ever developed – Freon – which cools faster and deeper than the replacements that were forced onto the market by forcing Freon off the market – in the name of the “ozone hole” but in actuality because of expiring patents on Freon that meant it would be much cheaper to make it and so cheaper to buy it than the “ozone-friendly” replacements forced onto the market.
Another example is gasoline – which has been largely forced off the market in favor of adulterated gasoline. What most Americans are forced to pump into their tanks is actually 10

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Silent Burning

February 13, 2021

Cars used to burn oil – obviously. They still burn oil today – but sometimes not as obviously. Often, there is no blue cloud trailing the car with the loose engine. It still runs pretty good, too. So the owner assumes it’s in good shape.
And doesn’t check the oil.
Soon enough, it won’t be running so good – as an engine with half the oil it should have in the pan (and in circulation) will get tighter as the heat and friction increase – in tandem with the oil level decreasing – until the moment comes when it locks up or some similar lubrication-lacking catastrophe occurs.
And then it burns no oil at all.
[embedded content]
This almost and could-have happened to a friend of mine who asked me to change the oil in her car, which I

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The New Gas Tax By Another Name

February 10, 2021

One of the ways that gas taxes will be increased is by not calling them that. It goes down easier – like the “shared responsibility payment” you’re forced to pay for not paying the health insurance mafia for an Obamacare policy you don’t want to buy.
Instead, the new gas taxes will be called carbon taxes – which makes it easier to shame-silence objections to them. This is an important tactical consideration for the Left especially because gas taxes are already the most regressive taxes on a necessity extant. Only a handful of things – like cigarettes – are taxed more punitively and disproportionately.
But most people don’t smoke – and no one has to.
Driving is different – even if you don’t. Because someone else has to. Like the

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Cancelling Aging Air Bags

February 8, 2021

Wrongthinkful people are being canceled left and right – mostly by the left – for hurting the feelings of the left. Air bags sometime cancel lives, whether you’re on the left or the right – the risk increasing with age and the deterioration that attends getting older, whether you’re a mechanical thing or an electric thing or a human thing.
Air bags are no different than any other part of your car that wears out eventually. Brake pads don’t last forever, either.
And both can kill you when they wear out, if not attended to.
The difference between brake pads and air bags is that people are led to believe the bags never require maintenance, for the life of the car. This being disingenuous because of the very long lifetime of modern

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The Options

January 20, 2021

About 24 hours from now we will know for sure whether the “kraken” is coming – or never was. In the case of the latter, which seems likely, we had better get ready – intellectually and actually. “We” being anyone who is likely to become a target for Joe’s special attention – which means, in practical terms, anyone who isn’t a parasite, or who wants to be let alone when it comes to personal choices such as whether to join a government-mandated religious movement.
Parasitism relies on the parasite producing. Fleas can’t suck the blood of a dead cat. Put another way, they cannot take what you do not make.
So make less.
Own less.
Reduce what you earn to what you need and shrug the rest. Become po’ – by choice – which is preferable to

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