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The “Public Goods” Excuse for Big Government

September 5, 2019

One of the key defenses of the necessity of the state is that the market, left to its own devices, underprovides public goods. Therefore, the thinking goes, state intervention can yield a better outcome than the market by increasing the supplies of public goods to their optimum levels. The public goods argument for the state …

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The Hidden Costs Behind Every Government Program

August 24, 2019

When the state constructs a new bike lane, school, or begins a new space mission, the natural inclination of the majority is to cheer this new endeavor as progressive. We possess one new structure or have accomplished one new task than before; society has moved forward, the thinking goes. The state is responsible for truly …

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Privatizing Public Lands Doesn’t Mean Turning Them Into Shopping Centers

July 18, 2019

Protected public lands in the United States — including national forests, national parks, and similar areas — cover nearly 500,000 square miles, or 14 percent of the land area of the United States. The existence of these government-controlled lands gives the federal government immense power over much of the United States, and in some US states, …

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The Problem with Aggregate “Calculations” of the Value of Immigration

May 15, 2019

Economists on both sides of the immigration debate use statistics showing that immigrants have X net effect on tax contribution/consumption and Y net monetary effect on the private economy. A fatal problem when using these statistics to argue for or against immigration is that, beyond the monetary effects of immigration, the nonmonetary effects1 of immigration …

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