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Stephen Denning: There’s a Revolution in Value — It’s Austrian and It’s Agile

14 days ago

Austrian economics emphasizes the delivery of value for consumers and customers. Only they can define value, because it’s their subjective experience that is valuable to them. Stephen Denning, author of The Age Of Agile, explains how entrepreneurs can exercise the “Agile” mindset, and offers insight into how Austrian principles inform the latest generation of business …

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Professor Arthur Diamond on Sustaining Innovative Dynamism

October 22, 2019

This week, while keeping our eye on our highest value — entrepreneurial success — we raise our focus to the system level and the meta-ideas that sustain entrepreneurial effort and Austrian innovative dynamism. Key Takeaways and Indicated Action Professor Arthur Diamond has written a wonderful book about nurturing the system in which we entrepreneurs operate. The …

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Chris Wilton’s Recipe For Success

October 15, 2019

Is there a recipe for entrepreneurial success? Chris Wilton has established a successful and growing catering business, and the recipe he developed has some ingredients that every entrepreneur can utilize. Key Takeaways And Actionable Insights Economists (e.g. Murray Rothbard in Man Economy and State) often talk about the recipe that entrepreneurs develop for business growth …

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Isabel Aneyba: Listening From the Heart and the Techniques of Empathy

October 1, 2019

Per Bylund teaches us to explore the only two fields that matter for entrepreneurial success: understanding the laws of economics and understanding the mind of the customer. Isabel Aneyba is an expert in the techniques of empathic diagnosis that yield the understanding of the customer’s mind, and she shares these techniques — and her success in …

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James Beardsley: Seeing the Business World More Clearly

September 24, 2019

James Beardsley owns and runs a law practice. He decided from the outset that he would run it like a business — not all lawyers do — and, once he had discovered Austrian Economics, he saw more clearly how to succeed in reaching his goal. Hunter Hastings and James discuss the principles of Austrian Economics that …

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Trini Amador on Brand Building

September 10, 2019

In Austrian Capital Theory, Brands are valuable financial assets. Brands are architected in response to the subjective value preferences of consumers, and the more accurate the responsiveness, the higher, faster, longer and more reliable are the future cash flows. Brands are promises of value and, when the promise is kept, the result is delighted, enthusiastic …

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Steven Phelan: Negotiation as a Core Capability for Entrepreneurial Success

August 27, 2019

Negotiation is a capability that entrepreneurs use almost all the time. It’s an area of entrepreneurial performance where an understanding and application of Austrian Economics can be very helpful. It’s all Austrian! Negotiation skills represent one of the resources entrepreneurs must assemble and maintain. The value of any resource is subjectively determined, and so the …

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Cheryl and Cliff Pia on the Economics of Creativity

August 20, 2019

There are many, many pathways of entrepreneurial opportunity in creative services, where it is eminently possible to succeed on talent, where big companies are eager to work with small creative companies and individuals, where agile low-overhead business models are thriving, and where technology is the entrepreneur’s friend. It’s an exciting time for entrepreneurs to be …

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Smita Bakshi on The Entrepreneurial Journey

July 30, 2019

Dr. Smita Bakshi, an engineer passionate about her mission, makes an impact by combining what the world needs and what the world will pay for. Key Takeaways And Actionable Insights What is the nature of the journey from growing up in India and Africa, to an education in America and the successful founding, growing and managing …

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Austrian-Style Entrepreneurship Explains Much of China’s Growth

July 22, 2019

Zhang Weiying is a Chinese Professor of Economics who “came across” the Austrian School of Economics. In an article published in Economic Observer on September 4, 2017, he made these points: · The Austrian School of Economics is the best market theory. It studies the actual market.It gives entrepreneurship central status.It understands economic growth as …

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Lisa Stevenson: Organizational Psychology and the Entrepreneurial Personality

May 8, 2019

In our ongoing project to build a solid bridge between the theory and practice of entrepreneurship, we explore the connection between organizational psychology and the entrepreneurial personality. Lisa Stevenson studied I/O Psych as an undergrad, in connection with business courses, and became fascinated with it. I/O Psych is shorthand for Industrial and Organizational Psychology — …

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Ed Pletner Applies Alertness, Discovery, and Capabilities-Based Strategy to Start, Manage, and Grow His Firm

April 24, 2019

Alertness, Discovery and Resource-Based Strategy. Ed Pletner talks with Hunter Hastings about applying these economic concepts to start, grow, and manage a thriving and highly differentiated business. Show Notes Entrepreneurial theory in Austrian Economics employs several terms to describe the entrepreneurial process and the exercise of entrepreneurial skills.  Alertness refers to the ability of some entrepreneurs to identify, and …

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Will Dinkel on Everyday Application of A.I. for Entrepreneurs

April 10, 2019

Hunter Hastings talks to Will Dinkel, CEO of Nova.ai, an intelligent platform for outbound sales and marketing — and a great example of AI as a tool for everyday tasks of everyday businesses of all kinds. Show Notes  AI has come a long way in a short time. Ten years ago, we always had to have a “human in the …

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Ricky Porco: Types of Entrepreneurs

March 27, 2019

At Economics For Entrepreneurs, we believe that everyone can be an entrepreneur, should they choose to do so. It may take you some time to find exactly your best niche, and a few experiments may be in order. The right mindset, we propose, is to pursue your entrepreneurial goal with belief and commitment, while being sufficiently adaptive …

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Trini Amador on Values as a Basis for Business Building and Brand Building

February 28, 2019

In Economics For Entrepreneurs, we will attempt to bring you some usable tools that represent a way to apply economic principles to your business to help you to greater success. Economists talk about individuals embracing values as a guidepost to the right behavior and the right choices. An example of such a value might be …

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Introducing the Economics For Entrepreneurs Podcast

February 16, 2019

The Mises Institute is launching a new podcast with the title Economics For Entrepreneurs. Why should you listen? The entrepreneur is the central hero in the dynamic order of Austrian Economics. Mises referred to entrepreneurs as “the driving force of the whole market system”.1 Jesus Huerta de Soto points to the unique role the theory of …

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8 Traits of the Entrepreneur

October 18, 2018

The role of the entrepreneur is central to Austrian economics. Entrepreneurs are the coordinators of individual human action in the context of subjective knowledge and dispersed information. There are two critical individual roles for economic dynamism. The first is consumer sovereignty: the consumer is boss, because they determine what is produced by deciding what to …

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The “Operating System” for Western Civilization

March 9, 2017

Political TheoryIn an address delivered at the recent Mises Institute conference in San Diego, Overstock.com founder Patrick Byrne posited that classical liberalism is the operating system for Western Civilization. It is an operating system based on consent: in this OS, free people make free choices to advance their individual interests, and evolve sub-systems of consensual exchange and governance that result from their individual behaviors.Dr. Byrne applies this idea of a civilizational operating system to set out the philosophical history of classical liberalism, and identifies Austrian economics as fundamental to that system. As Mises taught, economics plays a paramount role in the determination of civic affairs.1Dr. Byrne warned that there are competing operating systems, all necessarily based on submission rather than consent. In these OS, a central authority is endowed with superior knowledge and a superior vision of the best outcomes for society. It imposes choices on individuals who must submit to this authority in order to achieve freedom. In essence, people must be forced to be free, because the definition of freedom is submission to a process defined by authority.Today, the liberal OS based on consent is under heavy attack from those OS based on submission. Such attacks may be philosophical, constitutional, institutional, or civilizational.Dr.

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