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Life Patterns:: Creating Healthy Patterns to Improve Your Life

Have you ever noticed a repeating non-productive behavior in someone else’s life? What about your own life? Our world, relationships, and even our mental and emotional health operate using patterns. A pattern is a recurrent, systematic, strategic process used to negotiate life stress. Because patterns repeat we can see them in everyone’s behavior. Because patterns are systematic, they produce the same outcome. Because patterns are strategic, we use them every time similar situations raise our stress. Because patterns negotiate stress, we resist changing them. Of course, our basic patterns come from caregivers when we are young. We initially adapt to the patterns given to us, and later, we adjust our early patterns to improve life. The present book describes the adjustment process and offers core information to recognize present patterns and decide how to change them. Each pattern is singular to its owner. It is the way they negotiated the stress of their life and how they choose to live. Once accepted, patterns are practiced until they operate without thinking. When we want to change a pattern we must bring it into consciousness and determine what we want to change and how we want to change it within our present capabilities. This process for awareness and change is outlined in concise examples giving the reader an easy step-by-step process to understand stress, analyze patterns, and invent, discover or develop healthy changes in their life. Our overall happiness is controlled and predicted by the patterns we create. This book explains the patterns operating in your life and how to adjust them to maximize emotional health and life success.

Author: John Mauldin Ph.D.

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

EAN: 9781492243601

Condition: New

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Number of pages: 152

Product group: Book

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Publication Date: 2013-09-05

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 152

ISBN: 1492243604

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