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Timothy Maxwell "Max" Keiser (born January 23, 1960) is an American broadcaster and film maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on Russian state media channel RT. Until November 2012, Keiser anchored On the Edge, a program of news and analysis hosted by Iran's Press TV.

Videos by Max Keiser

Orange Pill [OP42] – Debunking the Bitcoin Energy FUD

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– Edward Evenson:
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Max and Stacy discuss:

– Pleb vs toff
– Misappropriation of diamond hands
– Approaching bitcoin with humility
– The value of liberty

Max and Stacy are joined by Jan Capek and Edward Evenson of to discuss:

– The ‘China controls bitcoin’ FUD
– The ‘bitcoin is boiling the oceans’ FUD
– The Great Hashrate Migration
– The beauty of the nonce

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Microdosing DIAMOND HANDS 💎🙌

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Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 19May 2021

– Bitcoin tumbles
– The first ever $10,000 candle
– Cathie Wood reiterates her $500,000 call
– Plans for Bitcoin 2021
– Signaling taproot, dealing with FUD

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Orange Pill [OP41] – You Can’t Lobby Bitcoin

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Max and Stacy discuss:

– Bitcoin is designed to kill central banks
– The dollar devs at the central bank
– Doge is like putting baggies of gasoline on your stovetop
– Big Bitcoin
– You can’t lobby bitcoin

They are joined by Crypto Mags to tear apart the bitcoin will boil the oceans FUD:

– Bitcoin is providing tremendous value
– Bitcoin is unseizable money and that is valuable
– Bitcoin is a savings vehicle for the unbanked and that is valuable
– Bitcoin uses wasted resources – and that is putting valuable energy to good use
– Our energy grid is hugely centralized, bitcoin helps decentralize

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Orange Pill [OP40] – The Dust Bowl of Money

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Max and Stacy discuss:

– The price is wrong
– The incentives are wrong
– Opies are to the hyperinflation as the Okies were to the Great Depression
– There’s been a New Deal for Wall Street for the past few decades
– The black blizzard of money
– The bad agricultural practices are the bad financial practices of today, over harvesting the same underlying collateral
– The price is

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Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 05 May 2021
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– Shitcoin Sharons
– Sideways bitcoin leading to altcoin rally
– The five shitcoins of Robinhood
– Getting rekt the old fashioned way

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Orange Pill [OP39] – Bitcoin Citadels & Banana Republics

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Max and Stacy discuss the drive toward banana republicanism as the money printing goes into overdrive.

They chat to Parker Lewis of Unchained Capital about:

– Multisig wallets and control of your own bitcoin
– Money printing and inflation
– The central banks have no idea what they are doing
– Bitcoin citadels and cities like Austin and Miami competing for their business
– Run the numbers and other memes that play a role in spreading bitcoin knowledge and culture

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Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 27 April 2021
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– Tesla’s ‘proof of liquidity’ as it sells about 10% of its bitcoin reserves to ‘test liquidity’
– Elon Musk insists he has sold none of his personal stash of bitcoin
– Dave Portnoy now claims he owns 1 bitcoin
– JPMorgan offering bitcoin for private wealth clients

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Orange Pill [OP38] – Bitcoin OG is a State of Mind

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Max and Stacy chat about the ‘Bitcoin OG state of mind’ and why it is better to arrive late than to show up ugly

They chat to Adam Back of about:

– Why the halving was not priced in
– Taproot activation and what it means for bitcoin
– What happened to the hashrate when China went offline
– ‘Blood coins’ and ‘virgin coins’
– The cypherpunk ideology spawning a Renaissance 2.0
– Separation of money and state

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Orange Pill [OP37] – Schrödinger’s Bitcoin

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Max and Stacy imagine no possessions, it’s easy if you stack … or if you live in a world in which price signals have misallocated capital so badly that nothing you need is actually available

And discuss:
– The monster of commodification and financialization
– The ultimate lie
– Frontrunning your thoughts with neuralink
– Isaiah Jackson, the Marvin Gaye of Bitcoin

The interview Nick Neuman of about:
– The inherent value of self-custody in an age of runaway money printing atop a fragile banking system
– What is multi-sig and how

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Microdosing the COINBASE LISTING

Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 14 April 2021
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– The Coinbase listing and its pop and then tumble
– French ‘tacos’
– British rock and comedy
– Jerome Powell’s statements on ‘cryptocurrency being a speculative vehicle like gold’ and his claim that the growing debt is not a concern

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Orange Pill [OP36] – The Apocalypse of Satoshi

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Max and Stacy look at the allegories and myths which turn the temporal into the eternal.

– Bitcoin is perfect money and perfect money is the perfect apocalypse
– Bitcoin is the story of Prometheus who stole fire from the gods; the cypherpunks took cryptography – from the NSA and invented bitcoin which solves for the problem of time and money
– The relativity of time and the death and rebirth every ten minutes
– Bitcoin solves for time and money and we lose our attachment to both
– Certain past and an uncertain future
– Warm up act for the Big Bang of consciousness
– The dream blizzard of negative rates
– All you need is Bob Marley to restart

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Orange Pill [OP35] – Bitcoin is a Psychedelic Revelation

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Max & Stacy discuss:

– Bitcoin is a tool we discovered to probe deeper into the collective unconscious
– Bitcoin is a psychedelic revelation
– Bitcoin is an emergent property of nature
– Ego is an inhibitor to the disruptor process
– All models of consciousness have been shattered
– Mind manifesting on bitcoin
– Everyone is impotent at the altar of bitcoin
– Michael Saylor is on the bitcoin hajj, the pilgrimage
– The pilgrimage to bitcoin Mecca is happiness
– Money is communication
– It is how we went from a unit of a few to a unit of more than a few, a society
– As Confucius said, "the longest journey begins with the first stack"

Max and Stacy

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Orange Pill [OP34] – The Sound of Bitcoin Ka-Ching

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Max & Stacy are joined by Gigi


– Bitcoin is time
– Bitcoin is living money, fiat is dead money
– Sound of ka-ching draws in life to bitcoin
– Snap, Crackle, Bitcoin
– We can all tap into a rebirth of renaissance 2.0 by feeling the vibrations
– Altruism and memory

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Orange Pill [OP33] – Bitcoin is the Cosmic Now

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Max and Stacy with the Full Dose episode of ORANGE PILL PODCAST for 21 March 2021

– Bitcoin as the Big Bang, Bitcoin as the SuperNova
– The bitcoin supernova distributes blocks of sats far and wide
– The orange singularity is upon us
– One giant step for Satoshi
– The eternal Max & Stacy
– Timestamps create the ‘now’
– Unpredictability provides stability
– It’s all very predictable when you’re dead

They talk to Ray Youssef of

– Bitcoin is peace
– A golden age has been sparked in Nigeria thanks to bitcoin
– The Nigerian government can leverage their population, their internal workforce and turn that into hard currency
– The collective of the energy of the population can be

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TO THE MOON [Ep10] – Bitcoin, Not Blockchain

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Final episode of 10. First aired in 2019.

Max and Stacy have made it TO THE MOON. The year is 2019, and they ask, “will bitcoin wreck bankers or will bankers wreck bitcoin?”

Max notes that bitcoin is a system of justice disguised as a get-rich-quick scheme and the Bank for International Settlements is queen of get-rich-quick schemes, just print more money and buy as many Modiglianis as there are available. As bitcoin becomes more and more entrenched, more and more unstoppable, the FUD rises. The latest media FUD against bitcoin is that it is boiling the oceans, to which Francis Pouliot makes the case that bitcoin actually makes energy more liquid which makes energy markets more efficient, so is, in fact, better for the environment. Bitcoin’s

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TO THE MOON [Ep09] – When Lambo?

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Episode 9 of a 10 part series first aired in late 2019

In this episode of TO THE MOON, Max and Stacy look at the year 2018 for bitcoin. While it started with bitcoin prices beginning what would become a massive fall of more than 80 percent, most in the space are still euphoric about high prices, and ‘When Lambo?’ is ruling the memes. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) continue to raise billions of dollars from hapless ‘investors.’ Meanwhile, back in the bitcoin space, Lightning Network goes live on mainnet and builders get ‘reckless.’ They explore the new frontiers opened up by second-layer technology on bitcoin. Guests and archival clips include: Amir Taaki, Sinclair

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Orange Pill [OP32] – Bitcoin: Thar She Blows!

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Max and Stacy discuss:

– a heliocentric bitcoin take in a geocentric monetary universe
even great thinkers have failed to see the obvious when the paradigm shift was massive

They chat to Phil Potter, the inventor of the stable coin on:

– Tether and the FUD now laid to rest
– Inventing the stable coin
– The future of the bitcoin space

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TO THE MOON [Ep08] with Max Keiser – UASF

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Episode 8 of 10 first broadcast in 2019 to mark the 10th birthday of bitcoin

In this episode of TO THE MOON, Max and Stacy rock into the year 2017, the year of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the altcoin market and of the User Activated Soft Fork as a triumphant resolution to the ‘blocksize war’ in bitcoin. The year opened on a crazy altcoin note when $5.6 billion in capital was raised from suckers hoping to get rich quick via an ICO. The phenomenon saw the rise of the normalization of 10x, or 20x, or even 50x returns in a matter of days, as euphoria gripped the market. From archival material, Max talks to Charlie Shrem about the FOMO driving money into these token scams. As ICO hysteria captured the headlines, behind closed

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TO THE MOON [Ep07] with Max Keiser – The Blocksize Wars

Episode 7 of 10 first broadcast in 2019 to mark the 10th birthday of bitcoin

In this episode of TO THE MOON, Max and Stacy take on the year 2016 when the blocksize wars burst onto the scene in January, when a bitcoin core developer, Mike Hearn, rage quits in spectacular fashion. Trace Mayer explains that the blocksize is a security parameter that constrains some of the throughput of the network but it has to do with the consensus rules.

Jan Capek picks up the blocksize war issue by explaining, that a group of people believed the best way to scale bitcoin was to increase the blocksize but this could cause latencies on the network due to the geographical distribution. Jimmy Song steps in with a further explanation that one side wanted a ‘hard fork’ which is a forced upgrade in order to

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TO THE MOON [Ep06] with Max Keiser – ‘Blockchain, Not Bitcoin’

Episode 6 of 10 first broadcast in 2019 to mark the 10th birthday of bitcoin

In this episode of TO THE MOON, Max and Stacy arrive in the year 2015 when the notion of ‘blockchain, not bitcoin’ took hold in the media and on the Wall Street. This was the banks’ attempt to co-opt the distributed ledger technology of the protocol (and turn it into a permissioned wall garden) without having to compete with the actual power of bitcoin as a store of value. Giacomo Zucco compares this to when Bill Gates wrote in 1995 that the internet would not be important, that what would be important is the ‘information highway,’ and that banks are at the bargaining stage of their Kübler-Ross five stages of grief. The show turns to archival footage of Tony Gallippi of Bitpay discussing the banks getting

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ORANGE PILL [OP28] – Man is the Measure of All Things

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Max and Stacy with the full dose of ORANGE PILL PODCAST. In this episode, Stacy introduces Protagoras’s observation, "Man is the measure of all things: of the things that are, that they are, of the things that are not, that they are not," as having altered the mindset of Renaissance Florence with its notion that reality is what any individual perceives it to be not what the Church or State tell you it is. As the Western elite struggle to impose a reality unto a population who refuses to see the world in the same way as they, the philosopher’s words have relevance today.

Max and Stacy are joined by Nomi Prins, a former banker turned author of such classics as IT TAKES A PILLAGE,

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