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Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. Sitka Pacific is an asset management firm whose goal is strong performance and low volatility, regardless of market direction.

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The Eviction Moratorium Will Soon Come to a Screeching Halt, Who’s to Blame?

August 7, 2021

Warning Ignored
In a 5-4 vote in June, the Supreme Court allowed an eviction moratorium to remain in place but only through the end of July.
Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote the majority opinion stating stating that action by Congress would be required to extend it further.
“In my view, clear and specific congressional authorization (via new legislation) would be necessary for the CDC to extend the moratorium past July 31,” wrote Kavanaugh.
This was a huge warning shot to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Biden Administration to get their act together. Neither took heed.
Biden Caves Under Pressure
President Biden repeatedly and accurately cited the Supreme Court ruling as a reason he could not extend the moratorium.
But under political pressure from progressives, Biden

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Want To Reduce Your Life Expectancy?

July 20, 2021

Immunity Comes from Lifestyle, from naturally nourishing your own system….not from pharmaceuticals.
Inoculating Pregnant Women with mRNA ?   Are The Jabbers Crazy, Naive, or Evil ?

Two Honest Doctors…Beware of the Covid Vax Shedders

Whistleblower Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits:
It is the Spike Protein Injection that May Kill Millions.

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To Promote Equality, California Proposes a Ban on Advanced Math Classes

May 6, 2021

In the name of equality, the California Department of Education seeks to dumb down the brightest kids.Dumbing Down of America Takes Another Leap Forward
A friend of mine emailed an article the likes of which always prompts me to say “really?”
Please consider the Reason article In the Name of Equity, California Will Discourage Students Who Are Gifted at Math.
Culturally Responsive Framework
I like to verify things myself and you can do so as well by reading the California Department of Education Mathematics Framework.
In its framework, the Department of Education seeks “Culturally responsive mathematics education.”
Introduction Highlights 
Active efforts in mathematics teaching are required in order to counter the cultural forces

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Bipartisan Senators Seek To Strip Biden of War Powers

March 6, 2021

At long last we see action to kill war power authorizations used by three presidents.Senators Go After Endless WarsIn a long overdue effort Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill to Strip Biden of War Powers.
Sens. Tim Kaine and Todd Young on Wednesday introduced bipartisan legislation that would repeal decades-old authorizations for the use of military force in the Middle East, amid escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran in the region.
Kaine (D-Va.) and Young (R-Ind.) unveiled the measure as lawmakers have expressed frustration with President Joe Biden’s decision to launch airstrikes in Syria last week without first seeking congressional approval. It also comes just hours after an Iraqi military base housing U.S. troops and

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It Takes 3 Weeks To Escape Illinois

July 13, 2020

Why 3 weeks? That’s how long it takes to reserve a one-way U-Haul outbound.
“Everyone is leaving. No one is coming,” a U-Haul agent told us a few weeks ago.
Illinoisans Leave State in Record Numbers, and So Are We
On January 2, 2020 I announced Illinoisans Leave State in Record Numbers, and So Are We
I am pleased to report we loaded our U-Haul rental yesterday and I am on the road driving to our new home in Utah.
Right now we are just a few hours  into the trip, but we have crossed the state line and are now in Iowa.
Goodbye Illinois
On February 12, Wirepoints noted If the wealthy flee, ordinary Illinoisans will be left holding the progressive tax bag.
Yep, and we have had enough.
We were paying about $15,000 a year in property

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The Epitome of Rioting Irony and Ignorance in One Tweet

June 2, 2020

ESPN NBA Reporter Chris Martin Palmer made a fool out of himself with a pair of Tweets, one of which exploded in his face.My how things change when it is your gated community that is being burnt down.Palmer deleted his Tweet but here is his “Burn that s**t down. Burn it all down.” Tweet Archive.Comments Pour InA lot of people have been affected and lives lost, but we need to all remember… Chris Palmer can’t get his Starbucks today.

A lot of people have been affected and lives lost, but we need to all remember… Chris Palmer can’t get his Starbucks today.
You animals.
— Kyle Honeycutt🗨 (@coinableS) May 31, 2020

More Replies to Palmer

Amazing Irony
Palmer incites looters to burn things down just as long as they stay away from his gated

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What the Hell Is in This 1,100-Page Bailout Bill?

March 25, 2020

Listen to Senator John Barrasso blast Nancy Pelosi for loading up a coronavirus bill with mountains of garbage.
This Tweet speaks for itself.

If you watch one thing on Dems blocking coronavirus relief, make it this. The American people are losing their jobs left and right and Pelosi is holding them hostage with partisan demands.
This speech from @SenJohnBarrasso is worth every minute of your time.
— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) March 23, 2020

Futures are up tonight so some piece of total garbage may pass tomorrow.
Laundry List
Tax credits for solar panels
Wind turbines
Postal service bailout
Portions of the Green New Deal
Cap and Trade for the airlines
Diversity on corporate boards
Collective bargaining
Election reform
Early voting
Same day

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Blatantly Incorrect Iowa Caucus Math Is Now Official

February 11, 2020

At long last we have a winner, or two winners, take your pick.
Bernie Sanders won the popular vote but Peter Buttigieg will get a plurality of delegates.

Nonetheless, the AP will not call a winner because but Caucus Officials Won’t Correct All Errors, not even blatant ones.
The state party’s review indicated that Pete Buttigieg was the delegate winner, but caucus tally sheets could not be changed even if they contained mistakes, according to a lawyer for the party.
The Associated Press, which historically verifies election results and makes calls on the outcome of races, has not allotted the final delegate to Mr. Buttigieg because of the errors in the caucus results-counting, nor has The A.P. declared a winner in the Iowa race. The Times, which has followed The

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Fed’s Core Mission Now Includes Climate Change

January 30, 2020

The Fed, ECB, Bank of England, and Bank of Japan have now embraced climate change as part of their mission.It’s bad enough that central bankers are clueless about inflation.They now want their hands in another thing they do not understand and cannot control even if they did.Fed’s Core Mission Change
Lael Brainard, Chair of the Fed’s Committee on Financial Stability, says Climate Change Matters for Monetary Policy and Financial Stability.
So how does climate change fit into the work of the Federal Reserve? To support a strong economy and a stable financial system, the Federal Reserve needs to analyze and adapt to important changes to the economy and financial system. This is no less true for climate change than it was for

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Top 10 Warmongering Ideas of the Day

January 10, 2020

The list of warmongering excuses is nearly endless. Here’s 10 of them.

It’s OK to kill someone today if there is reason to believe they may do something wrong in the future: Senator Lindsey Graham January 3, 2020. “This was not an act of revenge for what he had done in the past. This was a preemptive, defensive strike planned to take out the organizer of attacks yet to come.” Apparently only the US has this right.
Assassinating foreign leaders is OK and does not constitute an act of war. Trump, Graham, Ben Shapiro, and too many neocons to count.
Declared wars, who needs em? Bush, Obama, Hillary, Trump. Rand Paul Mocks the idea October 15, 2019. “Senator Graham and Hillary Clinton stood together to support Islamic extremists in

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Elizabeth Warren Has a Bad Plan for Everything

January 1, 2020

Elizabeth Warren wants to steer the US to the Left, radical Left.
If you are looking for ideas, Elizabeth Warren has a ton of them. All of them are bad. Please consider Elizabeth Warren’s Plan.
Wealth tax: Tax net worth over $50 million at 2% a year, and 6% above $1 billion. To prevent the rich from yachting off, add a 40% “exit tax” on assets over $50 million upon renouncing U.S. citizenship. Estimated revenue: $3.75 trillion over a decade from 75,000 households. Most economists, including many Democrats, call that number a fantasy. Courts might also find the tax unconstitutional.
Medicare for All tax: Mandate government coverage for everyone, including for illegal immigrants, with no copays or deductibles. Phase out the private

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Semi-Annual Debate: What About Daylight Savings Time Hell?

November 4, 2019

On Sunday, November 3, those on Daylight Savings Time need to adjust their clocks. Does this make any sense?Hell to PayIt’s nice when you gain an hour of sleep. But it seems like hell when you lose one.Only a Joke
Many don’t know this but Benjamin Franklin proposed Daylight Savings Time as a Joke.
In case every news anchor on your television screen telling you to “spring forward” hasn’t been enough of a reminder, Sunday marks the start of Daylight Saving Time, a bizarre routine in which most Americans’ iPhones automatically steal an hour of sleep from them.
The act of moving the clock an hour forward in an effort to save time in the sun during the warmer months is almost always credited to Philadelphia’s most famous son, Benjamin

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A Very Good Brexit Deal But a Constitutional Challenge Looms

October 18, 2019

A deal has been reached. Jean-Claude Juncker opposes an extension. A constitutional challenge to the deal is underway.Juncker Does Not Back an ExtensionEuropean Commission President and the EU have reached a deal. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker opposes and extension. That is not his call but it is what I expected..In the video, Juncker says he is happy for a deal but sad to see the UK go.Reasonable Deal

Boris deal sounds better than the WA. End free movement, end ECJ supremacy over UK law, backstop ditched, & can do free trade agreements. I want to read the detail before making up my mind. But well done Boris for getting this far & doing what others said was impossible
— Andrea Jenkyns MP (@andreajenkyns)

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Comrade Elizabeth Warren Blames Businesses for Everything

October 11, 2019

Businesses are bracing for for sweeping changes, none of it any good.Democrat front-runner Elizabeth Elizabeth wants to Remake Capitalism From the Ground Up. It would help if she had a clue what capitalism is all about.
A President Warren would seek to regulate big tech companies as utilities, break up big banks and split them from securities dealers, ban fracking of oil and gas, phase out carbon emission from buildings, cars and power plants in eight to 15 years, require big companies to appoint worker representatives to at least 40% of board seats, ban private health insurance and, effectively, for-profit college, and negotiate down drug prices.
Her policies would directly affect companies with sales of nearly $5 trillion and

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Brexit ‘Surrender’ Strategy: Winning Ugly

September 30, 2019

Boris Johnson and his political strategist Dominic Cummings have labeled the efforts by Parliament a “Surrender” act.
Surrender Act
Boris Johnson labels the acts of Parliament to stop No Deal a “Surrender Act”.This is correct, of course.If you take away the EU’s incentives to negotiate, they are less likely to do so.It’s not a complete white flag as Johnson has other, albeit undisclosed options, in which he proclaims two seemingly contradictory ideas.
He will abide by the Benn legislation seeking an extension
He will not ask for an extension
Incite Violence
As noted by the Guardian Live blog, Amber Rudd says Boris Johnson’s language ‘Does Incite Violence’
The claim is preposterous.
The Labour MP Jess Phillips says she has

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Trump’s Unwinnable Trade War: Gold Explains Why

September 28, 2019

Trump wants to cure trade imbalances via tariffs. It cannot possibly work.Another Look at NAFTAOne of my readers proposed that problems US balance of trade issues started with NAFTA. Wrong!
Please consider Disputing Trump’s NAFTA “Catastrophe” with Pictures: What’s the True Source of Trade Imbalances?
Explaining Balance of Trade

Trump’s Mission Impossible
It is impossible for tariffs to fix problems caused by making the dollar the world’s reserve currency then removing the last constraints on global deficit spending!
If you support Trump’s tariffs as some sort of cure to trade imbalances, please read the above sentence over and over again until it finally sinks in that Trump is on a foolish path.
Historic Balance of Trade

From 1866 to 1968 the US generally had a

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Negative Interest Rates Are Social-Political Poison

September 25, 2019

The interest rate business model is dead. Negative interest rates killed it, with no replacement in sight.Anne Kunz and Holger Zschäpitz co-authored an excellent article for Welt (in German) called the Interest Rate Business Model is Dead.Here are some excerpts via Google translate with many of my own modifications. For example, the title itself is my translation, not Google’s.Google has the title as “Business Model With the Interest is Dead“.I made an educated guess that Google’s title isn’t quite right.
I picked up the article from this Tweet.

#ECB has ruined business model of German banks, which borrow money short term & lend long term. Banks can no longer earn money w/flat yield curve: maturity transformation business is dead. Commerzbank shares dive in tandem

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Danish and Swiss Banks To Charge Customers 0.75% Interest on Large Deposits

September 23, 2019

Last week, Denmark’s central bank cut its deposit rate to -0.75%. Banks will pass this on to large customers.Please consider Denmark’s Jyske Bank Lowers its Negative Rates on Deposits.
Jyske Bank said on Friday people with more than $111,100 in their bank accounts will be charged more for their deposits as it seeks to pass on some of the costs of recent rate cuts by the European and Danish central bank.
Jyske Bank, Denmark’s second-largest bank, said it would introduce a negative interest rate of 0.75% for all corporate deposits and for private clients depositing more than 750,000 Danish crowns ($111,100) from Dec 1.
Last week, Denmark’s central bank cut its key deposit rate to minus 0.75%, a record low among developed economies.

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UPS Quietly Using Self-Driving Trucks For Months

August 23, 2019

UPS teamed up with TuSimple in May for autonomous delivery of cargo.Gizmodo reports UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in Self-Driving Trucks for Months And No One Knew.
UPS announced on Thursday that its venture capital arm has made a minority investment in TuSimple. The announcement also revealed that since May TuSimple autonomous trucks have been hauling UPS loads on a 115-mile route between Phoenix and Tucson.
UPS confirmed to Gizmodo this is the first time UPS has announced it has been using TuSimple autonomous trucks to deliver packages in the state.
Around the same time as the UPS and TuSimple program began, the United States Postal Service and TuSimple publicized a two-week pilot program to deliver mail between Phoenix and

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‘Zero Has No Meaning’ Says Greenspan

August 15, 2019

Negative yields? Who cares says Greenspan. It’s meaningless.Negative Yields “No Big Deal”Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan sees No Barriers to Prevent Negative Treasury Yields.
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says he wouldn’t be surprised if U.S. bond yields turn negative. And if they do, it’s not that big of a deal.
“There is international arbitrage going on in the bond market that is helping drive long-term Treasury yields lower,” Greenspan, who led the central bank from 1987 to 2006, said in a phone interview. “There is no barrier for U.S. Treasury yields going below zero. Zero has no meaning, beside being a certain level.”
Joachim Fels, global economic adviser at Pacific Investment Management Co., detailed

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Fed Trapped in a Rate-Cutting Box

August 12, 2019

The Fed desperately needs to keep credit expanding or the economy will collapse. However, it’s an unsustainable scheme.Key Debt Points
In 1984 it took $1 of additional debt to create an additional $1 of Real GDP.
As of the fourth quarter of 2018, it took $3.8 dollars to create $1 of real GDP.
As of 2013, it took more than a dollar of public debt to create a dollar of GDP.
If interest rates were 3.0%, interest on total credit market debt would be a whopping $2.16 trillion per year. That approximately 11.5% of real GDP year in and year out.
Total Credit Market Debt Detail

Tiny Credit Drawdown, Massive Economic Damage
Note the massive amount of economic damage caused by a tiny drawdown in credit during the Great Recession
Q. Why?
A. Leverage.
The Fed halted the Great

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Nigel Farage Offers Boris Johnson a Chance To Work Together

July 31, 2019

Nigel Farage wants to help Boris Johnson deliver Brexit. Boris should accept the offer gratefully.In a Telegraph Op-Ed Nigel Farage says Boris, the country is crying out for leadership – but with my party’s help, we can resolve Brexit.
The European elections were a sobering experience for the Tories. Their support fell to only 10 per cent of the vote and I already know of several large-scale Tory donors who switched to the Brexit Party overnight. Arguably, the Conservatives’ future is already in doubt. Suddenly, it is ‘do-or-die’ not just for Brexit, but for the Conservative Party as well.
Mr Johnson should realize that he is going to have to risk his longed-for position as PM to ensure Brexit is enacted properly. There is no

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EU About To Face 2 Realities

July 29, 2019

Hello EU. Meet Boris Johnson and his negotiating team. While doing so, think about recession.Vote Leave Reality

One of the most effective reshuffles ever?
– Quick– Thorough– Razor clear direction– Shows Boris can be serious,– & his ambition is not merely to be PM but actually to deliver Brexit
I disagree with the direction but reshuffles are usually butchered, not executed so well.
— Theo Bertram (@theobertram) July 25, 2019

Johnson Will Deliver Brexit
Eurointelligence has finally come around to my long-held four-point stance.
Boris Johnson is not bluffing.
He will deliver Brexit.
The EU would be wise to make a deal.
Germany and the Eurozone will be in a world of hurt if they don’t.
From Eurointelligence
Forget the cabinet

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Electric Car Major Headache

June 24, 2019

A trip from LA to Las Vegas and back takes 8 hours by a gas-powered car but 13 hours by an electric vehicle.The electric vehicle grand vision may flounder on something most drivers take for granted: a quick pit stop.The inconvenient truth of electric vehicles is they are terribly inconvenient to own and operate. Most cars need a charge after 200 to 250 miles traveled.Charging them requires finding a charging station, and then an open bay.
The New York Times reports L.A. to Vegas and Back by Electric Car: 8 Hours Driving; 5 More Plugged In.
The NYT author, Ivan Penn, drove a Chevrolet Bolt from LA to Las Vegas, a 540-mile round trip that many people make regularly.
Penn reports that in addition to eight hours on the road, he spent

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St Louis Fed Promotes Still More Free Money for Banks

May 22, 2019

St Louis Fed researchers concocted a scheme to pay banks still more free money, but this time hiding all of it.At the current rate of 2.35%, the Fed hands out about $33.58 billion in free money to the banks.Interest Rate on Excess Reserves
The two charts show the moving target.
Excess reserves peaked at $2.7 trillion in August of 2014 but the interest rate on excess reserves then was only 0.25%.
0.25% of $2.7 trillion is “only” $6.75 billion in free money at an annualized rate. At the current rate, banks take in over $33 billion in free money.
The peak annualized rate was probably in August of 2017 with the interest on excess reserves at 1.95% on $2.2 trillion. That’s free money to the tune of $42.9 billion at an annualized rate.
St. Louis Fed Proposal

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Theresa May Will Not Stand Down

May 9, 2019

Like waving a flag in front of a bull, May taunts the 1922 Committee. They have to change the rules to get rid of her.The Tory party has rules. The key rule at the moment is that a leadership challenge to remove a Prime Minister can happen only once in 365 days. Theresa May survived a leadership challenge in December of 2018.The “men in gray suits” comment is a reference to the 1922 committee.Although 80% of Tory MPs want May out, it’s the 1922 Committee that sets the rules. Yesterday, Sir Graham Brady, head of the rules committee issued an ultimatum: Pick Your Resignation Date or We Will.The committee cannot pick a resignation date, but it can change the rules and hold a leadership challenge vote.
May Taunts the Committee

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Hello Jerome Powell, We Have Questions

March 30, 2019

This is an open letter to Jerome Powell and the Fed. Dear Mr. Powell, In your March 8 speech on Normalization and the Road Ahead, you spoke of diversity, zero-bound interest rate problem, and the Fed’s path to normalization. You noted “Makeup strategies are probably the most prominent idea and deserve serious attention,” while simultaneously admitting …

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The Recycling Movement Fails

March 21, 2019

US Cities are abandoning recycling efforts because it’s too costly. And China no longer accepts even our sorted garbage.The Wall Street Journal reports Aluminum Makers Ditch Can Business.Used cans are piling up at scrapyards because U.S. aluminum companies are turning fewer of them into new metal, another indication of the economic challenges facing recycling.Arconic Inc. and other aluminum rollers are producing less sheet for beverage cans and more higher-margin, flat-rolled aluminum for automotive and industrial components. Prices for used aluminum cans in the U.S. have fallen about 30% since last summer. Old cans are less versatile than other scrap. The makers of airplane and car parts prefer not to use aluminum made from

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AOC’s ‘New Green Deal’ Is Stunningly Absurd

February 9, 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) released her bill for a “Green New Deal”. It’s stunningly absurd.Today AOC released her New Green Deal Proposal. It’s a wish list of socialist and green ideas, most of which are obviously absurd to all but the most economically clueless persons. It has zero chance of passage and it’s nonbinding, but here are some of the key ideas.
Upgrade all existing buildings in the US
100% clean power
Support family farms
Universal access to healthy food
Zero-emission vehicle infrastructure
Remove greenhouse gasses form the atmosphere
Eliminate unfair competition
Affordable access to electricity
Create high-quality union jobs that pay prevailing wages
Guaranteeing a job with a family sustaining wage,

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Trump will ‘Absolutely’ Shut Down the Government

December 18, 2018

Miller, on verge of frothing at mouth over immigration, says Trump will “absolutely” shut down the government over Christmas unless he gets funding for the border wall.
— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 16, 2018

What to Expect
Here’s what to expect in a Government Shutdown.
The Postal Service is an independent agency, so it won’t be affected in any government shutdown.
Air-traffic controllers still will be on the job and customs and border agents will continue working at border crossings.
Amtrak, a government-owned corporation, also will operate as usual.
Those who want to go to national parks and federally operated museums could find popular places closed or hours curtailed.
The national zoos may close but the zoo’s animal caretakers

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