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Robert Murphy

Christian, Austrian economist, and libertarian theorist. Research Prof at Texas Tech and author of *Choice*. Paul Krugman's worst nightmare.

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Adventures in Pacifism: Louis CK Edition

7 days ago

OK kids I’m launching a contest that will run through 2020. For those interested, first watch the following clip (that’s 4 minutes 20 seconds):

[embedded content]
Painful, isn’t it? Let’s take a moment to congratulate the acting from all three of the thespians in that scene.

Now here’s the challenge: Entrants can submit their idea (in the comments below) of what Louie could’ve done in that situation to maintain his dignity, but without using or even threatening violence.

On Christmas Day, I will take what I believe are the best submissions and then have my private supporters group (tied to the Bob Murphy Show) vote on the winners. (Note that I personally will submit an idea, under a fake name.)

The voting will run through New Year’s Eve. On Jan. 1,

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BMS ep 164: Arguments on Mask Mandates

16 days ago

This starts with broccoli but ends with ice cream. Specifically, I point out that one of Biden’s Transition Team covid-19 experts back in June came out with stern warnings about mask mandates.

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Bob Murphy Twin Spin

November 3, 2020

==> Here’s my article on Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem, in time for Election Day…

==> In ep. 159 of the Bob Murphy Show, I discuss left vs. right and libertarianism with Greg Gordon. Audio here, video below:

[embedded content]

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BMS ep. 156: Econtradictions

October 21, 2020

I’m starting a new series where I tackle real or apparent contradictions in economic arguments. This first one deals with free trade vs. welfare state, and price gouging defense vs. interpersonal utility comparisons.

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The Foundations of IBC

September 11, 2020

We’ve launched a new video series teaching IBC foundations to the public. Here is the first video; go to this link for the full playlist.

[embedded content]

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