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Best Bullion Products TOP 10 Playlist | SD Bullion

February 11, 2019

This Top 10 Best Bullion Product video playlist is based on our customer’s purchase volumes.
[embedded content]
As one of the largest high volume bullion dealers in the United States, the following Top 10 best bullion products to buy is based on our internal sales volume data.
Much will of course depend on your personal buying and selling objectives. Here we count down the list from #10 to number #1, including insightful reasons to why bullion buyers choose specific products we are about to show you.
Learn more about 21st Century Bullion Buying and Selling with our free bullion investing book.
Cheers to Stacey and Max!

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Greenbacks vs Gold: US Civil War and After

January 16, 2019

Every 50 years or so, over the last +150 years of time… free market forces have eventually given the US government a full gold accounting by her Official US Gold Reserves.
On our SD Bullion website, we have covered in detail the last 2 times gold accounted for outstanding US dollars (e.g. gold vs dollars). Often told with by mainstream financial press with misinformation as their foundation. Here we briefly examine the raging gold bull market that followed the US Civil War as well as the result of those who held mass greenback issuances over gold.
Runaway deficit spending occurred with the US Civil War through the late 1870s (with gold doing the controversial accounting work, while silver was demonetized for assistance for many decades to follow).
We along with many of

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Gold Silver Market Analysis 🔥 Christopher Aaron, iGoldAdvisor

January 5, 2019

Silver and gold had another strong showing this week.
The gold spot price threatened with $1,300 US dollars per troy oz, with some profit taking had in derivative markets occurring today, the gold spot price is likely to close around the $1,287 oz mark.
Silver is rounding out this week with the silver spot price closing near the $15.87 cents per troy ounce.
Of recent note on the show, palladium price hit another record nominal price high today, eclipsing the $1305 US dollar per oz mark.
This week’s returning guest is coming up… he will be giving us some in depth analysis with accompanied spot price charts covering short to medium term setups not only in the gold price, for the silver price, but also the greater US equity markets.
[embedded content]
Welcome to this

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JPMorgan Silver Manipulation Confirmation | Ted Butler

November 17, 2018

[embedded content]
Early last week, November 6th this year 2018. The US Department of Justice and New York FBI office confirmed much of what this week’s guest (and others like Mr. Max Keiser) have been publicly alleging year after year.
If you have spent any time trying to understand JPMorgan Chase’s involvement in the silver market, high percentage chance you too have come across his spearheading work.
This week, Ted Butler of Butler Research visits with us, to discuss the FBI’s recent receiving of a guilty plea from a 13 year ex-precious metal derivative trader from JP Morgan.
Facing a potential sentence of 30 years in prison, the individual pled guilty to commodities fraud and spoofing conspiracy. More importantly though the US Department of Justice states, “This

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Gold and the Great Unraveling

November 10, 2018

[embedded content]
Michael Oliver started working in financial markets in 1975. Same year when US citizen Gold Bullion saving ‘re-legalization’ occurred & not coincidentally COMEX gold futures contract trading started (i.e. just prior to the  US Treasury cables recently published by Wikileaks revealing 1974 gold concerns over its potential to out-compete with the US dollar savings among the US citizenry).
Full news related silver gold podcast backlinks ⬅ plus a critical 1980 Silver COMEX chart leading to an over $1.1 billion USD silver-related bailout to follow.
Cheers Stacy… Max… and to you reading this.

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LBMA Gold Transparency Chart

November 3, 2018

Gold and silver markets in US dollar terms moved sideways this week. The gold price looks to be settling around the $1,235 US dollar per troy oz level, while the silver spot price gained a few cents closing just over $14.80 per troy ounce.
[embedded content]
In this episode, we’ll blow some mathematical holes through the LBMA gold transparency push. As well, with the general western world silver price containment machinations which, judging by the long term price data, have often been effective from the 1980s up to today.
LBMA Gold Transparency Chart @15:46 precisely.
The New York COMEX silver price transparency chart is @21:51.
Interesting to note, western driven silver price containment almost broke out 2006 to early 2008, and in 2011.
And too, we’ll cover a gold

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A Possible Trade from Where We Are |

August 18, 2018

[embedded content]
I’m into silver for the very long haul.
Because spot prices go up, but up as slow as a crawl.
If your into silver to get rich quick, like the greedy.
You’ll end up in the street begging for handouts and needy.
– jetshack

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Gold Clinging To $1200 For Dear Life As The Fiat Currency Crisis Goes Global

August 13, 2018

We have been talking about the currency crisis and currency wars that have been gripping various parts of the world.
Namely the South American countries of Argentina and Venezuela have seen their share of currency turmoil.
Well now, we’re not just isolated to South America as the currency crisis spreads.
First, not necessarily “crisis”, but devaluation, is the Chinese yuan.
The overwhelming belief is that the Chinese are devaluing the yuan as a weapon in the trade war:

There has also been plenty of talk about the yuan peg to gold, as in gold in dollars is moving with the dollar price of the yuan, tick for tick.
The yuan is taking a backseat, at least for now, however.
That is because Turkey is the latest nation to see its currency in utter crisis.
The move is rather

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Showdown! Gold & Silver Face The Fed & The BLS In A Critical And Pivotal Week

July 30, 2018

There is something I have noticed as I hone in and develop my theory of Peak Trump.
There is a continual rotation among the President’s support base to keep everybody constantly engaged.
It’s like one of those video games where you play the part of the waiter or waitress, and you have to keep all the customers current and happy.
At one point, the waiter or waitress gets over-run, because it is impossible to keep up, and so will be the decline after Peak Trump.
They are really questions of how fast and how far do we fall?
If we think about Peak Trump as one of those games, the President is the waiter, and all of his supporters are the ones eating at Trump Restaurant.
So what does the President do?
He floats from table to table trying to stay up on everything all at

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The Ball Is In The Fed’s Court: Will The Empire Strike Back?

July 23, 2018

Here’s the perfect example of the difficulty in understanding President Trump when it comes to him being either pure genius or just having dumb luck.
Last week, we all know what the President said – I think I wrote up three articles on it because I felt it was that important.
For those who don’t know what he said, the President said, two days in a row, that he is not pleased with a strong dollar or the Fed raising interest rates.
In other words, he is publicly calling for a weak dollar policy, and he is telling the Fed not to raise rates.
Here’s where that difficulty in interpreting the President comes in – The Fed can’t strike back this week.
Radio silence.
You see, traditionally, the Fed will maintain what is essentially “radio silence” the week before an FOMC

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Gold And Silver Take A Back Seat To The Dollar This Week (That’s Not A Good Sign For The Metals)

July 16, 2018

Monday through Wednesday are going to be busy:

There’s market moving data in Retail Sales, Industrial Production and Housing Starts.
Additionally, twice a year the Fed Chair goes before congress in what is called the Humphrey-Hawkins Testimony, so on Tuesday Powell gets to play tee-ball with the Senate, and on Wednesday he will also be playing tee-ball with the House.
On the economic calendar, the week ends with much less action:

Geo-politically, today is the Trump-Putin Summit.

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Real Gains No Gimmicks: Now Is The Time For Gold & Silver To Shine

July 9, 2018

Time to see if gold & silver can shine.
It’s hard to get a better set-up than we have right now.
The events calendar is light this week, and it actually favors gold & silver.
Inflation data.
Or better said, stagflation data.
We get the Producer Price Index on Wednesday and the Consumer Price Index on Thursday.
The PPI measures what producers pay for the items they use to produce their goods. It will be interesting to see how the trade wars are now affecting producer costs.
For example, just how much has the cost of steel and aluminum gone up in price?
Furthermore, what will the producers do in the face of rising costs?
Let’s talk about a soda pop for a second.
If the cans are more expensive…

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No Pain No Gain: It’s Best To Prepare For Pain this Week In Gold & Silver

July 2, 2018

This is the week where both fundamentals and technical data dumps can have an effect on the cartel’s ability to smash the price of the metals.
Meaning they will be able to strong arm gold and silver with ease.
Let’s recap the fundamentals for the week.
On Wednesday the markets are closed for Fourth of July.
With markets closed on Wednesday, the cartel loves smashing around market holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are prime-time holidays for smashing too.
Something tells me that the latter half of the week will see an increase in people taking time off to spend with families or on vacations.
That said, there will likely be low trading volume this week, and recall that the cartel doesn’t need to dump as much paper to start the waterfall of selling, so we must assume

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Storm Clouds Are Gathering Over Gold & Silver But Right Now It’s The Calm Before The Storm

June 25, 2018

There is a flurry of activity on the events calendar this week.
We start the week with some housing data and Fed speeches:

Granted, those are lesser of the Fed Heads.
But come Wednesday, the data really starts getting important with the hot topic of the year – trade. Of course, there will be no trade surplus.
The question on everybody’s mind: Is the trade deficit shrinking, growing, or staying the same?
I think Wednesday’s trade data will be more important than most, especially since the trade wars have been such an intense issue in 2018.
Understand this caveat: With all the statistics, we have seen trends where the numbers are massaged to paint a rosier picture than what should be, and that’s giving them the benefit of this doubt. Many would argue the official

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Lowrider: Time To Find Out How Low Gold & Silver Can Go

June 18, 2018

On Friday I put up that dramatic spiking gold to silver ratio over a short time frame.
Today I’ll show what the GSR looks like on the standard chart we have been following for some time:

Now that is a dramatic move, but noticed how nothing really has changed.
The spike did not put in a higher-high, but rather, a lower-high (assuming the intra-day high of 79.29 holds). So the trend is still in place. As gold & silver rally, the ratio will be coming down for the right reasons (meaning that both gold & silver are moving higher in price).
Overnight and into this morning we see a bounce forming in silver:

I’m not convinced, however, that the one day drop is the low.
In fact, I’m looking for lower prices this week.
Now, I

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