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The Jeffersonian Revolution

10 days ago

In this episode of Liberty vs. Power, Patrick and Tho look at the success of the Jeffersonians following the corruption of Hamilton’s Federalist Party. With the support of Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin, the Jeffersonian Administration is able to slash the size of the federal bureaucracy. Unfortunately, the influence of Republican moderates — like James Madison …

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Hamilton’s Curse

17 days ago

With the Constitution in place and George Washington made president, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton was empowered to make the new government in his image. Unsurprisingly, a man who celebrated the corruption of the old European order was quick to install a regime inspired by mercantilists like Jean-Baptiste Colbert. In this episode, Patrick and Tho pinpoint …

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America’s Radical Revolution and the Constitutional Coup

24 days ago

How did a handful of colonies created by the European Old Order establish a unique nation conceived in liberty? In Episode 2 of the Liberty vs. Power Podcast, Patrick Newman and Tho Bishop discuss the lasting tension between the Spirit of 1776 and the Constitution of 1787. The results of America’s successful war for independence is …

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Theory and History

December 22, 2021

In the first episode of the Liberty vs. Power Podcast, Tho Bishop and Patrick Newman take a deep dive into the intellectual framework of Rothbardian historical analysis. This includes looking at the “conspiracy analyst” as a praxeologist, identifying what personal incentives may motivate individual actors that directly influence government policy. Tho and Patrick also discuss …

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