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New York Times bestselling author, and host of The Tom Woods Show, most awesome libertarian podcast ever.

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The Definitive Smash of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

23 days ago

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Sensible people have watched in horror as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has risen to an unlikely prominence over the past year. Her supporters say critics are “obsessed” with her.
A more charitable interpretation is that they’re flabbergasted that a set of ideas virtually designed to impoverish society has gained so much traction.
To people who haven’t given the matter much thought, there could be a certain plausibility to AOC’s ideas. After all, what could be the harm in providing “free college” or more “affordable housing,” or fighting “climate change,” and having the rich – who have plenty of money lying around – pay for it?
That’s the major barrier here. Most people who support AOC genuinely cannot

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Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell

24 days ago

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Last night there was yet another Democratic presidential debate, and the great Lew Rockwell and I watched it so you didn’t have to. Winners, losers, and insanity all covered in detail.
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Guess What Science Just Discovered About Trigger Warnings

July 22, 2019

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From the Tom Woods Letter:
We’ve all heard of “trigger warnings.”
These are statements that warn people about content that might upset them. They are especially abundant on college campuses.
In fact, NPR found in 2016 that nearly half of all professors had used trigger warnings in class and usually of their own accord, not in response to student request.
Well, it turns out…
…they don’t actually accomplish anything.
A study released this month by three Harvard psychologists could not find any reason to use them.
“Most empirical studies on trigger warnings indicate that they are either functionally inert or cause small adverse side effects…. We found substantial evidence that trigger warnings

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