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Think of the (Nearby) Children

Social Justice, Current Events People of good conscience are outraged by the forced separation of immigrant parents and children at the U.S border. Comparisons to Japanese internment and even the policies of the Nazis abound. I agree: it’s terrible. But the widespread outrage is also a symptom of what Lant Pritchett calls “moral perfectionism based on...

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Separation of Families is NOT Necessary for Detention.

Social Justice, Current Events I’ve noticed that many defenders of the hateful policy of separating families at the US border claim that this is “necessary” if they are going to be detained. That’s straightforwardly false. When Japanese-Americans were (utterly immorally, and utterly hatefully) “detained” in internment camps during the Second World War there was...

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They Broke the Law

Current Events I keep seeing conservatives on Facebook justify the practice of separating refugee/illegal immigrant kids from their parents with the following argument: “They broke the law!” I guess the thought is that if you break the law, you thereby knowingly incur and accept the consequences of doing so. “They should have known this would happen. They took...

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Friday Links

Links Jessica Flanigan on Free Thoughts and Chris Freiman on the Rubin Report. Both highly recommended. Download a new and beautifully illustrated version of John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, chapter 2, courtesy of Heterodox Academy. Michael Huemer’s case against political authority in dialogue form. While we’re at it, see Huemer’s awesome dialogues on ethical...

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Effective Altruism for Open Borders?

Social Justice Effective altruists say that, if you devote your time and resources to helping others, you ought to do the most good that you can. You should rely on rigorous evidence to identify the most effective interventions and donate your time and money to them. It sounds somewhat grandiose to say it, but I’m an effective altruist. Although I’m not a...

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The Stoic Case Against Reading the News

Current Events The ancient Stoics believed that philosophy is a way of life. Like other ancient philosophers, the Stoics thought that philosophical principles could make your life better if applied appropriately. What were the main Stoic lessons? Stoics like Epictetus emphasized focusing on what’s in your control and ignoring the rest. Here’s one of the first...

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