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Promoting Liberty or Provoking the Left?

Liberty, Libertarianism Here are a few thoughts for college libertarians who are able to invite speakers to campus and how they might do so in the most productive ways. Let me start by saying that the sort of interruptions we’ve seen this week with Yaron Brook and Christina Hoff Sommers are utterly unacceptable. Those who disrupt planned presentations with...

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Why Nancy MacLean Deserves Our Contempt

Book/Article Reviews, Uncategorized In the essay below, Phil Magness documents just why Nancy MacLean’s behavior is so morally egregious. (Note that Magness has now uncovered evidence falsifying her story. The problem is not merely that MacLean provides no positive evidence that Buchanan favored segregation; rather, we know he opposed segregation as early as...

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Defending the Pluralist University

Current Events, Academic Philosophy John Tomasi, director of Brown University’s Political Theory Project, was the subject of a recent anonymous critique published at UnKochMyCampus. The piece describes the PTP as a “Koch venture” that is part of a massive covert plan to infiltrate American Universities and spread “extremist” and “radical right-wing” thought,...

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Toleration and Freedom From Harm

Toleration, Book/Article Reviews My new book, Toleration and Freedom From Harm: Liberalism Reconceived, is now available from Routledge and on Amazon. Regular readers of this blog will recognize some of the views I defend in it, including my defense of parental licensing.  I also offer a refinement of my previous conceptual analysis of toleration and a detailed...

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National Sovereignty and Immigration

Rights Theory, Liberalism Jay: “I advocate open borders.”Lots of people Left and Right: “What, you don’t believe in national sovereignty?”Jay: “Well, no, but even if I did, invoking national sovereignty doesn’t resolve the issue.” Many people think something like the following argument is sound:1. States have a right to national sovereignty.2. National...

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