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John Mauldin
Financial NY Times best-selling author, pioneering online commentator. Over 1 million readers turn to Mauldin for his view on Wall Street, markets, and history.

Mauldin Letter

Global Macro Update With Ed D’Agostino and John Mauldin

In this episode of Global Macro Update, Ed D’Agostino and John Mauldin, co-founder of Mauldin Economics, discuss the most challenging environment for investors in years, the near daily shifting global landscape, the likelihood of the Fed engineering a “soft landing” and much more. If you enjoyed this interview and want more incisive commentary on the most important global economic issues, take a look at the speaker lineup for the upcoming Strategic Investment Conference by...

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Global Macro Update With Ed D’Agostino and Jacob Shapiro

In this episode of Global Macro Update, Ed D'Agostino and Jacob Shapiro, Director of Geopolitical Analysis at Cognitive Investments, discuss what's next in the Russia / Ukraine conflict and the frightening effects of disruptions to the global supply chain. To learn more about Jacob Shapiro and Cognitive Investments click here - If you enjoyed this interview and want more incisive commentary on the most important global issues, take a look at...

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Global Macro Update Ed D’Agostino and Bruce Mehlman

Mauldin Economics is a leading provider of high-level market analysis and strategy. Our research-driven approach puts us in touch with decision makers on Wall Street and in Washington, DC. Our mission is to serve investors the best financial perspectives available so they can make better decisions in the markets. To learn more about how Mauldin Economics can help you make better investing decisions, sign up to receive free resources from our research team—simply click here:...

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Light in the COVID Tunnel

If you ever think you just can’t win, I know how you feel. I’m labeled both a doomsayer and a Pollyanna—sometimes in reaction to the same letter. In fact, I am neither. I used to be the “muddle-through” guy who acknowledged difficulty but expected eventual success. Recently I modified that to “stumble-through,”...

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Business on the Frontline

I write this introduction from an all-too-short vacation in Montana (more below). This week I have asked my longtime associate Patrick Watson to step in and write Thoughts from the Frontline, offering his perspective as a small business owner. As you read this, realize his story is being played out hundreds of...

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Yellow Flag Jobs Data

As I file this letter Friday morning, people are reacting to the July jobs report. My own reaction: The headline report is absurd. I will explain further at the end of this letter. But first, I have another topic. Regular readers know I worry about debt, mainly that the world has too much of it. But it’s a little...

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