Friday , October 18 2019
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Robert Murphy
Christian, Austrian economist, and libertarian theorist. Research Prof at Texas Tech and author of *Choice*. Paul Krugman's worst nightmare.

Robert Murphy: Free Advice


==> When researchers point out all of the uncertainties in our current models guiding us on climate change policy, are they the good guys or the bad guys? It depends what year it is, as I explain in my latest IER article. ==> My latest article on Austrian vs. mainstream Law & Econ on product safety. ==> A very interesting article from Dan Sanchez on the Joker and Jordan Peterson.

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The Mindset of a Pharisee

Check out this interviewer trying to nail Jordan Peterson. When JP explains how his work has helped countless young men escape drug addiction and suicide, the guy doesn’t bat an eye (or challenge JP to see if he’s exaggerating). He just moves on to the next rhetorical trap. (And no, just because I’m saying this is how the Pharisees behaved, I’m not saying “Jordan Peterson is Jesus.”)

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God the Teacher

I was looking at the reaction on Facebook to Bernie Sanders’ hospitalization. Someone wrote, “I hope he dies and burns in hell” (or something like that). It really struck me: I do not at all think God operates in such a crude fashion. I am happy for people to post Bible verses that apparently endorse this conception of the afterlife; I’ve seen very good rebuttals to the ones I knew about. (BTW here’s a book challenging the idea that the writers of the Bible...

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