Thursday , May 19 2022
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Robert Murphy
Christian, Austrian economist, and libertarian theorist. Research Prof at Texas Tech and author of *Choice*. Paul Krugman's worst nightmare.

Robert Murphy: Free Advice

Catch-up On Bob Murphy Show

Sorry for the delay, here are the latest episodes with the videos posted (where applicable): Episode 221: Biden Paid Leave Will Hurt Women, and Morpheus Gives Bad Moral Advice Episode 222: Kris Borer’s Fun Book on AnCap Ethics Episode 223: Climate Scientist David Legates Gives a Contrarian View Episode 224: Patrick Newman on Cronyism in Early US History Episode 225: Buck...

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Killjoy Fauci: ‘No Hugging Or Kissing On New Year’s!’

Fauci is again in front of the camera, hectoring people to stay home on New Year's - and whatever they do, DON'T hug each other to greet the New Year. What's wrong with this guy? Also today - is Biden purposely withholding a proven Covid treatment? Florida's Surgeon General says so. a massive purge of Marines who have religious objections to the vaccine a way to "honor the troops"? Every single request has been denied. Fraud?

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