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In Memory of Crony Capitalist Lee Iacocca

FEATURED POST Jul 3 2019 bailout, CAFE, crony capitalism, Lee Iacocca

David Henderson considers the following as important: , , , , ,

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bailout, CAFE, crony capitalism, Lee Iacocca

David Henderson
David Henderson is a British economist. He was the Head of the Economics and Statistics Department at the OECD in 1984–1992. Before that he worked as an academic economist in Britain, first at Oxford (Fellow of Lincoln College) and later at University College London (Professor of Economics, 1975–1983); as a British civil servant (first as an Economic Advisor in HM Treasury, and later as Chief Economist in the Ministry of Aviation); and as a staff member of the World Bank (1969–1975). In 1985 he gave the BBC Reith Lectures, which were published in the book Innocence and Design: The Influence of Economic Ideas on Policy (Blackwell, 1986).

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