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How Do You Sell Your ETF or Vaulted Gold When the Internet Goes Down?

How Do You Sell Your Digital Gold When the Internet Goes Down? – Do you own gold in the safest way possible? – Do you own gold via an exchange traded fund, a digital gold provider or another form of pooled gold? – Have you ever thought about how you would sell or access your gold if the internet went down or if your gold provider became compromised or un-contactable? – In this episode of the Goldnomics Podcast, we discuss how Direct Access Gold and the Direct Access Gold Contingency Agreement is an evolution of GoldCore Secure Storage and goes one step further in terms of ensuring liquidity, competitive pricing and outright ownership of investors’ gold. [embedded content] – Cyber, digital, geopolitical and systemic risks are very real and increasing today. There is no

Mark O'Byrne considers the following as important:

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