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60 Minutes’ Inspiring Show

I’ve posted before (here, for example) about various good segments on CBS’s longest-running news show, 60 Minutes. Last night, the whole thing was excellent. It led off with economics. Scott Pelley discussed the huge number of people who were out of work and who were desperately trying to reach the New York state government’s unemployment office to get their benefits. One woman he interviewed said she had worked since age 15 and had never claimed unemployment...

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Powell Pause for the Masses: Fed Chair Talks to 60 Minutes

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell took his dovish message to the masses during a recent 60 Minutes interview.Powell continued to talk about “patience” and reiterated that the Fed “does not feel any hurry” to push rates any higher. He also said the interest rate is “roughly neutral” at this point, calling the current 2.25-2.5% rate “appropriate.” Powell continued to say the US economy is generally strong and emphasized the shift in monetary policy is primarily due to a slowing global...

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WATCH: Photographer Explains How 60 Minutes Made Steve Bannon Look Like “Bleary Eyed Drunk”

Content originally published at After Steve Bannon’s widely viewed interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes Sunday night, professional photographer Peter Duke uploaded a video to YouTube explaining how CBS may have used color adjustments to make the former Trump advisor ‘look bad’ in the interview. In the video’s description, Duke writes “It seems like 60 minutes would like you to listen less and look more at Steve Bannon. By subtly tweaking the color of the video, they make...

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