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Yes, We Have No Inflation, Not Quite

"U.S. Consumer Prices Unchanged in June!" trumpeted the Wall Street Journal, with similar headlines coming from the rest of the media. Yes, we have no inflation! That's the mantra we keep hearing, and it was reinforced by the CPI release for June. Whenever I see these headlines it reminds me of the old Ragtime song, Yes, We Have No Bananas, sung by Al Jolson. We got everything else, but we have no...

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Time Bomb Ticks As US Continues to Issue New Debt Despite Debt Ceiling

The Federal Government has continued to issue new debt despite the debt ceiling. It has done so by using its big pile of cash to pay down the debt it owes to Social Security and to government and military pension fund beneficiaries. That internal debt is included in the debt subject to limit. By paying down the internal debt, the government makes room to add to its public debt. It thus maintains a...

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Here’s Why Strong Durable Goods Numbers Are Bearish Omens

U.S. Durable Goods Orders Fell 1.1% in May, screamed the Wall Street Journal headlines late last month. The Journal excused the "bad" news by attributing it to the volatile aircraft sector. "Demand for long-lasting factory goods declined in May for the second straight month, driven by a pullback in airplane orders as the U.S. manufacturing sector continues to find its footing."...

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