Tuesday , December 10 2019
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Murphy Quadruple Play

==> I will be writing a weekly-ish article for Mises.org now, here is my first one on Judy Shelton. ==> At IER, I point out a pretty astonishing remark from a PhD physicist who wrote a NYT article on climate change modeling. Here is her quotation: “In this situation, the best we can do is improve computer models to obtain more accurate, approximate solutions. It is knowledge we urgently need: As Earth continues to warm, we face a future of drought, rising...

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Trump’s “Very Fine People” Redux

For some reason, this is a hot topic again. (It partly has to do with Scott Adams on Twitter. I think it’s because somebody tried to edit the Wikipedia article to merely add actual quotations from Trump–and then had them taken down within minutes–and he passed along the story to Scott Adams. But, for all I know the reason the guy did that, was that Scott Adams had first talked about it again.) (UPDATE: It might be a hot topic again because of this article,...

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Yet Another Analogy on the Carbon Tax

We only have 12 years to act before I run out of analogies… Try this one kids: Should Students Support a “Point-Neutral Exam Reform?”Suppose a college math professor is very concerned about the self-esteem of her students, and so declares that for the upcoming exam, she will give each student the average of the actual scores that the class earns. That is, the professor will first grade the exam the normal way, then add up the total points earned by all of the...

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==> For some reason, I was thinking about debt forgiveness and how the IRS treats that as taxable income. (In a related point, when Oprah first started giving cars out as prizes, apparently the recipients were upset because they’d get hit with a huge tax bill. So then Oprah had to cover the tax liability too, for her gift of a car to people.) This came up I’m pretty sure in the wake of the housing bust, where even if a bank forgave somebody’s mortgage debt,...

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I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills

Do any of you notice that my blog looks different? Specifically, does it seem that a lot of the borders have disappeared? (Maybe I’ve been hacked by Bryan Caplan?) My web guy recently did an upgrade, and so I thought that was it. But when I go to the Wayback Machine to try to show him what (I thought) it looked like before, it is also Open Borders Blog. Any thoughts?

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