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Who are the elites?

In my blog post on Helen Dale’s article on liberalism and technocracy, I asked who is an expert – how can we see somebody qualifies as such? The same question can, and should be, asked about “establishments” and “elites”. This is hardly irrelevant now that so many of our political champions/advocates are vehemently “anti-establishment”, but it is sometimes difficult to understand what they mean by that. Is Trump “anti-establishment”, even though he has been in office...

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Residential versus Commuter Colleges and Intersectionality

In a comment on Arnold Kling’s post on intersectionality today, John Alcorn writes: A hypothesis: Ideology of intersectionality will flourish more at (residential) colleges than at the workplace, because residential colleges are structurally totalitarian institutions. Alcorn goes on to explain why. Alcorn could have substituted “commuter colleges” for “the workplace.” A friend who has been on the faculty at San Jose State University (SJSU) for about 15 years told me...

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Kling on markets and imperfections

I’m traveling quite a bit lately, all through Italy, to launch my new book (alas, only available in Italian), titled—misquoting W.H. Auden—“O tell me the truth about neoliberalism”. The book is born, as I’m now quite used to saying and repeating, out of my frustration: today neoliberalism is the scapegoat of choice, being constantly conjured up as the ultimate cause for whatever catastrophe you can think of. In the book, I try to distinguish “properly defined”...

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Wisdom from Mark Littlewood

In the last issue of Economic Affairs, Mark Littlewood, the Director-General of the IEA in London, offers his blueprint for arguing a stronger case for free markets in the contemporary world. Mark quotes (approvingly!) Tony Benn, “every generation has to fight the same battles again and again for there is no final victory and no final defeat”. The so-called “battle of ideas”, a metaphor dear to Littlewood’s predecessor John Blundell, is never over. And our current...

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