Tuesday , July 14 2020
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Globalization is a Boon

Today it’s de rigueur (oops! pardon me for using an imported word)…. Today it’s acceptable and commonplace to assert that globalization, on many different margins, has failed, is failing, and will continue to fail and, therefore, must be replaced by economic nationalism. This assertion is indeed now issued and heard so regularly – and from individuals spread all over the political and ideological landscapes – that many (most?) people treat it as an established fact, opposition to which...

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I, Asparagus

This morning in the Whole Foods Market at Fair Lakes (in northern Virginia) I noticed that asparagus are selling for $3.99 per pound – asparagus grown in Peru! What a spectacular world! A production or nonsupervisory worker in the United States today who is paid the average wage for such workers must spend a mere 17 percent of one-hour’s wage to purchase a pound of fresh asparagus grown on another continent. Are you not amazed? If not, you should be. Not only did some number of farm...

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