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Capital & Interest in the Austrian Tradition, Part 1 of 3

If you are a professional economist, you should at least give this a listen starting at 37:10. That’s the second half of the episode where I explain how Bohm-Bawerk’s critique of the “naive productivity theory of interest” can be correct, even though mainstream models routinely conclude that r=MPK. Of course, if you call yourself an Austrian, then you are obligated to listen to the entire thing no later than August 10, 2019.

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==> A writer in The Guardian admits socialism necessary to stop climate change. See, we’re not paranoid. ==> Speaking of socialists, even some of them oppose MMT. C. Jay Engel and I discuss. ==> I may have already posted this but: In the latest Contra Krugman, Tom and I talk about Krueger and the minimum wage debate. I also correctly pronounce the name “Daniel Kuehn.”

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Catching Up on Podcasts

I have been traveling a lot and I can’t remember if I posted all of these. So anyway… The Bob Murphy Show ep. 14 is my review of The Three Lads and the Lizard King. The BMS ep. 15 is my interview with David Gornoski, which got into some heavy-duty stuff about scapegoating. The BMS ep. 16 is my interview with Joe Salerno, which covers some of his work in Austrian economics but also fun Rothbard anecdotes. And the last three episodes of Contra...

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