Tuesday , November 30 2021
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Comparing Housing in California and Indiana

Summarizing recent research, Bryan Caplan estimates, “It is very plausible that U.S. housing would be 50% cheaper under laissez-faire.” Why do we not live in that less expensive, freer world? “Because regulation is strangling housing supply, especially in desirable locations.” “Yes!” I hear myself saying, no doubt in unison with more than a few readers. Over the past year, mostly as a matter of curiosity and interest, I have kept tabs on a few housing markets across...

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Ezra Klein on California Housing Restrictions

In much of San Francisco, you can’t walk 20 feet without seeing a multicolored sign declaring that Black lives matter, kindness is everything and no human being is illegal. Those signs sit in yards zoned for single families, in communities that organize against efforts to add the new homes that would bring those values closer to reality. Poorer families — disproportionately nonwhite and immigrant — are pushed into long commutes, overcrowded housing and homelessness....

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