Tuesday , August 11 2020
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Triple Play

==> My latest episode on the Bob Murphy Show goes after the Left and the Right. ==> Someone asked me if there were a good article explaining the economics of remittances (when migrant workers send money back home), and I couldn’t find one. So I was the change I wanted to see in the Internet. ==> Tom is auditioning to have me replaced. ?

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Murphy Twin Spin

We’re back from the Contra Cruise, but now I’m headed to Mises U! Here’s some stuff to tide you over: ==> The Contra Krugman episode live from the Cruise. ==> My IER piece summarizing Oren Cass’s recent House testimony on the costs of climate change.

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I have a lot going on right now–good stuff!–so my blogging will be sparse. Here are some things to placate you: ==> My conversation with Karl Smith. It may lead you to think about fiscal stimulus in a new way. ==> Ep . 194 of Contra Krugman, in which we bust Krugman’s attempt to say progressives are policy wonks who follow the evidence. ==> Can’t remember if I already posted this, but my article at IER on a new working paper from Kotlikoff,...

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Murphy Triple Play

==> In the latest Bob Murphy Show, I interview Lew Rockwell. We get into some pretty serious stuff, including the methods by which the CIA kill people. ==> In the latest Contra Krugman, Tom and I discuss Bernie’s apparent hypocrisy on now being a millionaire in the 1%. ==> In my latest IER column, I explain that–according to the UN’s periodic report on climate change science and policy–it is absolutely not the case that we “have a decade left” to...

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Podcast Potpourri

==> In the latest Bob Murphy Show, I talk with Robbie “the Fire” Bernstein about stand-up comedy, AOC, and the coming crash. ==> In episode 185 of Contra Krugman, we bring on David Stockman to help dissect Mankiw’s love letter to the Fed. (No, really.) Then in episode 186 we reluctantly retire the Krugman Collusion Avoision Meter. ==> It’s not all about me: Check out Tom’s interview with Jacob Hornberger on the CIA. It’s pretty awesome.

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