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The Chemistry of Ethanol

As you know if you’ve followed ethanol in the last decade, the federal government requires a certain amount of ethanol in gasoline.Glen Whitman, a friend on Facebook, posted the following and gave me permission to post on EconLog. · It takes more energy to make ethanol from corn than you get from the ethanol. · Corn requires a whole lot of fertilizer, and the runoff goes into the Mississippi River and runs down to the Gulf of Mexico, where it creates a dead zone the size of New Jersey. · A...

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King of the Washington swamp this month? Big Ethanol – Publications – AEI

AEI King of the Washington swamp this month? Big Ethanol From my op-ed in U.S. News and World Report “King of the Swamp“: When news came out that the Environmental Protection Agency was simply gathering data and looking into modest changes to the amount of ethanol that’s forced into the nation’s gasoline supply, Big Ethanol threw a political temper tantrum as if their government-subsidized livelihoods depended on it. In a classic display of Washington putting special...

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Ethanol: bad for cars, bad for consumers, bad for the economy and really, really bad for the environment

An excerpt appears below from my op-ed in yesterday’s US News and World Report “Unwind the Ethanol Mandate” about one of the biggest political boondoggles in history – ethanol and the ethanol mandate. Back in 2007 when political cheerleaders like Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa (the “king of ethanol hype”) were promoting ethanol with fantastic claims like “Everything about ethanol is good, good, good,” Rolling Stone magazine responded with the best...

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