Monday , February 24 2020
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Why NIRP may trump QE4

The Fed unsurprisingly chickened out from the much touted September hike. International conditions and a disapproval from Mr. Market was enough to unnerve an increasingly bewildered FOMC board. Less well known is the fact that the FOMC gave a strong, and unexpected, signal to the Pavlovian world of central bank front runners. Dovish hold as the enlightend call it. It is all about managing expectations – see Goebbelnomics where we said As the Keynesian revolution was merged with...

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From Miracle to Cataclysm – why the commodity bust will last for years

The Chinese Jīngjì qíjī, wirtschaftswunder, keizai no kiseki, milagro económico or whatever you want to call is neither a miracle nor distinctly Chinese. A basket case like Argentine managed to pull off a similar feat, albeit with more volatility, over a 42 year timespan beginning in 1870. Germany did even better between 1945 and 1970. And Japan had its own miracle from 1950 to 1990. Giving the Beijing consensus, whatever that may be, credit for creating an unprecedented economic miracle...

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Corporate foie gras

One of the arguments put forth in the bull vs. bear debate is that the solidity of US non-financial corporations have never been stronger. The amount of cash held by non-financial corporations has risen 150 per cent since the depth of the crisis in 2009. With such a massive cushion to stave off whatever the market may throw at them, they will be able to cope, or so it is held. In addition, we know that financial corporations are flush with cash, or excess reserves held at the Federal...

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