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Henderson on Good and Bad Inequality

My Policy Ed video for the Hoover Institution’s PolicyEd video series is out. Here it is on YouTube. A summary of the 4-minute video: Both good and bad income inequality exist. Good inequality comes from entrepreneurial innovation that improves the lives of consumers, even if the inventor gets wealthy. On the other hand, using political muscle to get rich leads to bad inequality, as it comes at the expense of consumers. It is vital to have...

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Why the travel ban did not work

On January 31st, the US imposed a travel ban of flights from China. At the time, I didn’t have strong views either way, but it seemed like a reasonable response given the uncertainty associated with the coronavirus epidemic. Today, we know that the travel ban failed completely. (As did the Italian travel ban on China, imposed on the same day.)  In this post, I’d like to explain why. By the time the US imposed a Chinese travel ban, China had already imposed a...

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Welcome To Donald Trump’s Very Own Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble

Authored by David Stockman via The Daily Reckoning, The overwhelming source of what ails America economically is found in the Eccles Building. During the past three decades the Federal Reserve has fostered destructive financial mutations on Wall Street and Main Street. Bubble Finance policies have fueled an egregious financial engineering by the C-suites of corporate America. This bubble has skyrocketed to the tune of $15 trillion of stock buybacks, debt-fueled mergers deals and buyouts of...

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The Bilderberg 2017 Agenda: “The Trump Administration – A Progress Report”

Every year, the world's richest and most powerful business executives, bankers, media heads and politicians sit down in some luxurious and heavily guarded venue, and discuss how to shape the world in a way that maximizes profits for all involved, while perpetuating a status quo that has been highly beneficial for a select few, even if it means the ongoing destruction of the middle class. We are talking, of course, about the annual, and always secretive, Bilderberg meeting. And just like last...

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Democracy: The God That’s Failing

Submitted by Jeff Deist via The Mises Institute, When Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe made his famous argument against democracy back in 2001, the notion that voting was a lousy way to organize society was still radical even among many libertarians. Virtually everyone raised in a western country over the past century grew up hearing “democracy” used as a synonym for wonderful, good, just, and valid. It takes a great deal of unlearning to overcome this as an adult, and to question the wisdom of...

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Trump Confirms Retired Marine General “Mad-Dog” Mattis Will Be America’s Next Secretary Of Defense

Update: Speaking during an Ohio "thank you" rally, Donald Trump just confirmed that James "Mad Dog" Mattis will be America's next Secretary of Defense. BREAKING: Trump tells Ohio "Thank You" rally that James "Mad Dog" Mattis will be America's next secretary of defense — CBS News (@CBSNews) December 2, 2016 *  *  * President-elect Donald Trump has chosen 66-year-old retired Marine General James N. "Mad-Dog" Mattis to be secretary of...

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