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The National Greatness Fraud

On the Versailles Palace, transformed into a museum in the 1830s by the “King-Citizen” Louis Philippe, stands the inscription À toutes les gloires de la France (“To All the Glories of France”). Many rulers in history have illustrated, some more savagely than others, a truth that American conservatives seem to ignore: “national greatness” is a propaganda device for subjecting individuals to the reigning power. On Law & Liberty, our sister website, James Patterson...

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Is libertarianism fish or fowl?

Many people, even sophisticated political commentators, think that libertarianism is internally inconsistent. How else could you assess this philosophy, they plaintively ask? After all, supporters of this view favor the legalization of prostitution, certainly a left-wing position, as well as elimination of the minimum wage law, a stance not only associated with conservatives, but the far right. Libertarians favor the legalization of gay marriage, again a left-liberal...

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Governing Ourselves

From a libertarian viewpoint—that is, from the point of view of giving priority to the value of individual liberty—it is not obvious whether Brexit or Remain is the best solution. And there is something wrong in what a British Conservative politician asked rhetorically: “What is liberty if not to govern ourselves?” As Benjamin Constant explained, a liberty so described would be “ancient liberty,” the liberty of 50% plus 1 (at best) to “govern ourselves,” which means...

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