Saturday , July 31 2021
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Batchelor Interviews Henderson on Capital Gains Tax Increase

I posted last week on my Defining Ideas article on why California Democrats should oppose President Biden’s proposed increase in the tax rate on capital gains for high-income people. That article led to this 10-minute interview with John Batchelor earlier this week. The interview starts at about the 0:40 point and goes to about 11:35. I find John Batchelor’s style wonderfully old-school.

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Henderson on John Batchelor Show on Family Allowance

Evan Sherman May 7 2021 at 3:50pm I noticed that the question of externalities did not come up in the interview. David, what would you say to that question? (I assume that this cannot be the first time a respondant has raised this question in response to your argument.) E.g. Families A and B each contain 2 adult workers doing the same jobs (same productivity, same...

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