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JP Morgan Chase CEO Worried About Higher Than Expected Inflation

With CPI data once again coming in hotter than expected, it’s getting harder and harder for the mainstream to swallow the “transitory inflation” narrative.And some people are starting to worry.During an earnings call, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon expressed concerns about higher than expected and persistent inflation ahead.Dimon told analysts and investors that year-over-year inflationary readings under 4% are “unlikely” over the next six months.We prepare for probabilities and...

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Arnold Kling on the Financial Crisis

In hindsight, within each sector affected by the crisis, we can find moral hazard, cognitive failures, and policy failures. Moral hazard (in insurance company terminology) arises when individuals and firms face incentives to profit from taking risks without having to bear responsibility in the event of losses. Cognitive failures arise when individuals and firms base decisions on faulty assumptions about potential scenarios. Policy failures arise when regulators...

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Here’s Why World’s Bankers Can’t Manage Economy Or Understand Bitcoin

No fewer than 20 Goldman Sachs graduates were fired to cheating on a basic math test just one month after no fewer than 10 were fired from JPMorgan under the same suspicions. Both Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan discovered elite graduates cheated on a “basic math test.” Staff say cheating is common. All analysts sacked worked in New York and London offices. Most of the staff fired at JP Morgan were trainees from Britain who had to pay their own flights home, reports the Telegraph. Employees...

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