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Mao Is Murder

Mao Zedong’s most famous aphorism could well be, “Revolution is not a dinner party.”  But perhaps he should have said, “Revolution is a dinner party where the main course is human flesh.”  Here’s one gripping episode from Frank Dikötter’s The Tragedy of Liberation. In April 1948, the communists advanced towards Changchun itself. Led by Lin Biao, a gaunt man who had trained at the Whampoa Military Academy, they laid siege to the city. Lin was considered one of the...

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‘Terrified’ CTO of Uber, Thuan Pham, Compares Trump to Tragedies in Darfur, Does Not Accept Him as His Leader

If I had to craft a satirical letter about a butthurt mega rich silicon valley executive complaining over the Trump victory, I could not have done a better job than the real letter the CTO from Uber, Thuan Pham, sent to his fellow employees. In what could only be described as a rift at Uber, in light of their CEO, Travis Kalanick,  agreeing to join Trump's select group of business advisers, Mr. Pham has made it clear that he does not agree with his CEO, and he most certainly does not accept...

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