Friday , July 10 2020
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Second Richest Man Spouts Nonsense

In a New Year’s Eve blog post, multi-billionaire Bill Gates Jr. called for raising taxes even higher on rich people like himself. Here are some relevant parts of his post (in boxes) along with my comments. Although I’m not an expert on the tax code, here are some steps I think America should take to make its tax system more fair. We should shift more of the tax burden onto capital, including by raising the capital gains tax, probably to the same level as taxes on...

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Martin Feldstein RIP

I learned late last night that my boss for two years at the Council of Economic Advisers, Marty Feldstein, died yesterday. He was only 79. Marty, who was probably the world’s foremost health economist in the 1960s, took a risk by appointing me as his health economist in 1982. How I got the job is a fun story, but telling it would put the spotlight too much on me, not him. So I’ll save that for some other time. It worked out well for me and, I hope, for him. One of...

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Robert Pear RIP

Robert Pear, a reporter whose understated demeanor belied a tenacious pursuit of sources and scoops during his 40 years at The New York Times covering health care and other critical national issues, died on Tuesday in Rockville, Md. He was 69. This is from Sam Roberts, “Robert Pear, a Mainstay Times Reporter in Washington, Dies at 69,” New York Times, May 8, 2019. The only thing I like about the above paragraph is Roberts’s use of the word “died” rather than the...

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