Monday , May 16 2022
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Escalation and Obedience

Airports and airlines, governed by federal law, never relaxed their mask mandate, even for the fully vaccinated.  Yet if you actually fly nowadays, you’ll notice plenty of scofflaws on the ground and in the sky. Which raises a big question: What exactly is the punishment for failing to wear a mask? Until you board the plane, the punishment is simply: An authority orders you to put on your mask.  Once they’re out of sight, you can safely remove your mask until another...

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Should You Trust the Local Left?

Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s new governor-elect plans to end the state-level mask mandate, but will not impose a mandate ban on localities: After his inaugural ceremony on Jan. 15, Youngkin said he will not mandate masks and vaccines but–unlike some Republican governors–he will not attempt to block localities from implementing their own requirements. “Localities are going to have to make decisions the way the law works and that is going to be up to individual decisions...

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Preach What You Practice

While watching TV last night, I turned briefly to the Emmys and saw a lot of people in close quarters indoors joyously singing a song. Good for them. One of the biggest losses from the government’s lockdowns is the socialization that is so much a part of our being human. “Man is a social animal,” said Aristotle, and man, are we ever seeing how true that is! Here’s what I wonder. I wonder how many of those few dozen people I saw shame others who don’t wear masks or,...

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