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Ah, If H.L. Mencken Were Back!

A common form of state policy, if not a natural strategy, is to handicap some people and then come back on a white horse to save them in return for their support. The practice is not new and comes in many shapes. We had an illustration yesterday when President Donald Trump took on to Twitter to reinforce the bullying of his Attorney General who wants to force Apple to help decrypt its iPhones or, better, to offer a permanent backdoor to the government (and to other...

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H. L. Mencken: The Joyous Libertarian

This article originally appeared in the New Individualist Review, vol. 2, no. 2, Summer 1962, pp. 15–27. The extortions and oppressions of government will go on so long as such bare fraudulence deceives and disarms the victims – so long as they are ready to swallow the immemorial official theory that protesting against the stealings of the archbishop’s secretary’s nephew’s mistress’ illegitimate son is a sin against the Holy Ghost. ~ H. L. Mencken It is typical of...

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