Monday , December 9 2019
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Dan Moller’s Governing Least

Michael Huemer’s The Problem of Political Authority is definitely my favorite work of libertarian political philosophy.  Dan Moller’s new Governing Least, however, is definitely now my second-favorite work of libertarian political philosophy.  The two books have much in common: Both use common-sense ethics to argue for libertarian politics.  Both are calm, logical, and ever-mindful of potential criticisms.  Both strive to persuade reasonable people who don’t already...

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Fake Nous: Huemer Starts Blogging

Mike Huemer, my favorite philosopher, is now blogging.  Huemer’s first two posts of provide a checklist of rules for constructive debate that elegantly complement Rob Wiblin’s checklist of rules for coping with adversity.  It’s all common sense, but common sense remains uncommon.  Highlights from Huemer’s “Tips for Political Debate”: 1. Guiding principle: Your goal is to make progress toward understanding, if not agreement. It is not to “score points”, express...

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