Sunday , July 25 2021
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Fun on Friday: Getting Prepared

Hurricane season started this week. That means those of us who live in Florida are in preparedness mode – or at least we should be.For you landlocked readers, the notion of a hurricane kit is probably foreign to you. But for those of us who live in hurricane-prone coastal areas, updating the hurricane kit is a right of passage from spring into summer. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, a hurricane kit consists of basic items you might need in an emergency situation. In fact, it’s...

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Prepping Basics: It’s Your Dime Interview with Preparedness Expert Suzanne Sherman

Are you prepared for a disaster?People tend to stereotype “preppers” as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists waiting for the zombie apocalypse. Suzanne Sherman busts all the stereotypes.Suzanne is a former lawyer from California who became passionate about preparedness living with the specter of California earthquakes. Now she has fully embraced the “prepper” lifestyle. It’s not about doomsday at all. As you’ll see from this wide-ranging interview, preparedness is really...

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