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Thatcherism at 40

On May 4th 1979, Margaret Thatcher took office as the prime minister of the United Kingdom. When I was younger and more libertarian than I am now, I used to think that Thatcher would be remembered one day as a moderate statist, because soon enough we would see far more sweeping reforms than hers, wider and wider privatisations, free-market liberalism if not an-cap eventually triumphing. Was I wrong! Love her or hate her, Thatcher is still now – and will be for a...

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Another neoliberal miracle

Talk to almost any academic, and you’ll hear nothing but negative opinions about neoliberalism. Meanwhile, out in the real world this ideology continues to improve the lives of billions of people, at a faster rate than at any other time in human history. Do you recall how the Soviet Union used to continually suffer from poor harvests due to “bad weather?” During the 1970s, US farmers made lots of money exporting wheat to feed hungry Russians. Guess which country is...

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Is California Replacing Its ‘Prison-Industrial Complex’ With Something Worse?

Authored by Sarah Cronin via, California made headlines last week when Governor Jerry Brown allocated a record $11.4 billion to the state’s corrections department in his May Revision to the budget, translating to $75,560 per individual — the highest per-inmate cost in the nation. Media outlets ran amok with headlines comparing the costs of imprisonment to tuition at the country’s premier private university. “That’s enough to cover the annual cost of attending Harvard...

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So Much For That Obama Administration ‘Plan’ To “End Private Prison Use” In The US

Authored by Duane via Free Market Shooter blog, In August of last year, Free Market Shooter wrote in support of an Obama administration directive to end the use of private prisons in the United States, one of the only policy issues the administration managed to get right: Why, you ask, is a free market advocate in favor of ending private prisons?  Simple: because these facilities aren’t  “private” at all. The reason why should be obvious.  Prisoners are their only “customer”, if you want to...

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Brilliantly Timed Oil Reforms Push Mexico into Fiscal Meltdown

By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET. When Enrique Peña Nieto’s government pushed a historic energy reform bill through the Mexican congress in 2013, it was hoped that it would serve not only to privatize but also modernize Mexico’s state-owned Pemex and allow it to compete with giants like Exxon. However, the one thing the government seemingly hadn’t counted on was the collapse in global oil prices. At the time, Brent oil prices were sitting pretty at around $110 per...

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