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Say’s Law Versus Keynesian Humbug

Say’s Law, as explicated by the great liberal political economist Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832), is the principle that supply constitutes demand, with the corollary that aggregate supply always equals aggregate demand. There’s no more important principle in political economy to get perfectly right – and assiduously avoid getting wrong – than Say’s Law.       […]

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What’s Good For The (Roger) Stone Should Be Good For The Clap(per)

What Clapper did to Congress was no different from what Stone did to Congress: Clapper knowingly, intentionally, and deliberately lied to Congress when he falsely denied that U.S. national-security state officials were conducting secret mass surveillance on the American people. What happened to Clapper? Nothing. No indictment. No criminal prosecution. No conviction. No sentencing.   […]

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The Fed Orchestrated Attack On Judy Shelton And The Tyranny Of Keynesian Central Banking

In the world of central banking and economics, the tyranny of the consensus has become unbearable. The world is currently held hostage by a group of unelected central bankers who have decided that they must save the world from deflation via hyperinflation and open market purchases of private stocks and bonds. Despite the accumulating evidence […]

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