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The Donald’s Trade War Goes DEFCON 2

Friday’s caustic tone and sudden escalation brought into focus the possibility that this trade war has the clear potential to spiral precariously out of control. Will President Trump move forward with measures that would force U.S. companies to retreat from China? Might the Department of Treasury intervene in the currency markets? Could the U.S. further ratchet up sanctions on...

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Ludwig von Mises: Why Economic Nationalism Is A Philosophy of War

Economic nationalism is incompatible with durable peace. Yet economic nationalism is unavoidable where there is government interference with business. Protectionism is indispensable where there is no domestic free trade. Where there is government interference with business, free trade even in the short run would frustrate the aims sought by the various interventionist measures....

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Good Job, Fed! How Cheap Money Induced C-Suites To Gut Their Own Futures

Goldman Sachs just completed an analysis of corporate balance sheets and found that dividend and stock buybacks accounted for 103.8% of their free cash flow. Meaning that they were paying more out in cash than they had on hand!  Over the last year, free cash flow has dropped 15 %, while debt is up 8 %.

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Dead Meat in Jackson Hole

If there are any virtues of debt instruments with negative yields we’ve yet to realize them.  Certainly, we understand that as bond yields fall, bond prices rise, and bond investors are rewarded with capital appreciation.  But when capital’s appreciating as a consequence of negative yields, we suspect there’s something fundamentally wrong with the capital itself....

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