Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Was Jesus Quarantined?

On Twitter, Jeff Tucker asked me to review his recent article using Jesus’ healing of a leper to comment on our current crisis. Let me summarize my two main reactions, and then elaborate on them: Contrary to the title of Jeff’s article, I actually don’t think the Bible account is saying Jesus was put into quarantine.I understand where Jeff is coming from about the authorities using fear to manipulate people etc., but the vibe I was getting from his commentary...

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“Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?”

When I was about 17, I was watching my 11-year-old brother talk smack in our front yard to a kid who was about 13. They were trash talking back and forth, and my brother ran up to the kid to attack him. The kid had clearly had some martial arts training, because he did a backwards kick into my oncoming brother’s chest, knocking my brother flat on his back on the grass. At this point I came out of the house and said, “OK guys, let’s break it up” and dispersed the...

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How Great Men Allocate Their Time

One of my favorite articles for Mises.org was, “Superman Needs an Agent.” I reached the surprising conclusion–even to myself–that Superman should focus on public exhibitions of his powers (rather than amazing one-off things), if his goal is to help humanity in a nuts-and-bolts manner. In a perhaps related vein, recently I was musing on how Jesus spends some of His time in the gospel accounts going around and engaging in mass healing. Like, a town would bring up...

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