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The #1 Performing Asset Around the World

The GoldSilver TeamNOV 26, 2019 Unbeknownst to most mainstream investors, gold has been the best performing asset of this century. It’s really true, as the first table shows in video #5 from Mike and Ronnie. Other than a few cryptos, gold has been the top investment since 2000. That’s’ especially true for gold priced in other currencies. Check out all the green in the first table. Gold has risen more in other currencies than in the US dollar. While gold is universally priced...

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Would China & Russia Really Use the “Nuclear Option” on the US?

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilverNOV 5, 2019 Would China and Russia really use the “nuclear option” on the US—in other words, dump Treasuries to punish the US and push their countries higher? Such a move would cause a severe spike in US interest rates, crash our stock market, and easily push the economy into recession. It’s an extreme scenario, and many analysts believe it would temporarily hurt their own economies, too. But neither is the risk zero, given the...

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