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Fun on Friday: Messing With Your Christmas Memories

‘Tis the season for Christmas specials.I’m not going to lie – even as a grown man, I love watching Christmas specials. Snoopy decorating his dog house. The Grinch folding up the Christmas tree like an umbrella and stuffing it up the chimney. And Frosty the snowman melting in the greenhouse.A lot of great memories in those shows.And today, I’m going to mess with one of your Christmas special memories!My all-time favorite Christmas special is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Ever since I was...

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Fun on Friday: Yukon Cornelious’ Misguide Quest

Now it’s time to talk Christmas!I know. A lot of people started with Christmas the day after Halloween. This absolutely drives me crazy. Why do we just skip over Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a magnificent holiday! I mean, it’s important to give thanks. And who doesn’t want to eat large amounts of delicious food and watch football? But in this day and age, Thanksgiving gets completely run over by Christmas.Well, not at the Maharrey house. You won’t hear the first note of Christmas music...

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Fun on Friday: Wait, What? He Wasn’t Looking for Silver and Gold?

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is my favorite Christmas special. And Yukon Cornelious is one of my favorite characters in the show. I mean what’s not to like, right? He’s a man’s man. He openly carries a gun. He travels with cornmeal and gunpowder and ham hocks and guitar strings. And he’s always on the lookout for silver and gold.Smart guy!You’ll recall that when Cornelious meets Rudolph and Hermey, he launched into a dramatic and emphatic introduction.The name’s Yukon Cornelious, the...

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