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What Is the Actual Poverty Rate in the United States?

Over at the Conversable Economist yesterday (March 2), Timothy Taylor, as he does virtually every day, has an excellent post. This one is on various measures of the U.S. poverty rate over time. It’s titled “Winning the ‘War on Poverty’–and Now What?” Here’s an amazing graph that he takes from Richard V. Burkhauser, Kevin Corinth, James Ewell, and Jeff Larrimore, “Evaluating the Success of President Johnson’s War on Poverty: Revisiting the Historical Record Using a...

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Reinhardt’s Misleading Data on Drug Price Differences

Timothy Taylor, the Conversable Economist, posted today on some highlights from the late Uwe Reinhardt’s last book, Priced Out: The Economic and Ethical Costs of American Health Care. He, following the lead of the Milken Institute Review in its excerpt of the book, shows charts comparing the cost of various health care goods and services in the United States to the cost in other countries. The bottom line, which will surprise no one who has followed the issue, is...

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