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Orders for Heavy Trucks Plunged 80% in August

Here’s why — and how that’s impacting truck makers.  Orders for heavy trucks that haul part of the economy’s goods across the US plunged by 80.1% in August 2019 compared to August last year, to about 10,400 orders, according to preliminary estimates by FTR Transportation Intelligence. It was the 10th month in a row of year-over-year declines, and the second month in a row of 80%-plus declines, with orders in July having plunged 81.2% to about 9,800, not seen since 2010. So far this...

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It Starts: First Truck Maker Cuts Production

Navistar confirms next phase in Transportation Recession. After orders by trucking companies for Class-8 trucks – the heavy trucks that haul trailers across the country – collapsed by 81% in July compared to July last year to the smallest number of orders since 2010, deepening a trend that has gotten worse all year, it would only be a matter of time before truck manufacturers announce production cuts and ultimately layoffs. These heavy-truck makers – Peterbilt and Kenworth, divisions...

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Trucking Skids into Downturn after Phenomenal Boom

A hard U-Turn.   Orders for Class-8 trucks – the heavy trucks that haul consumer goods, equipment, commodities, and supplies across the US to feed the goods-based economy – plunged 52% in April compared to April last year, to 16,400 orders, according to FTR Transportation Intelligence on Friday. It was the lowest April since 2016 when the industry cycled through its last transportation recession. This comes after orders had already plunged 67% year-over-year in March, 58% in February...

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Trucking Boom Ends, Next Phase in Cycle Starts

This is a very cyclical business.  In December, orders for new Class-8 trucks — the heavy trucks that haul the products of the goods-based economy across the US — plunged by 43% from a year ago, to just 21,000 orders, the lowest since August 2017, and down by 60% from August 2018. The chart shows the percent change of Class-8 truck orders for each month compared to the same month a year earlier, which eliminates the effects of seasonality (data via transportation data provider FTR):...

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The Transportation Recession Spreads

Hope came unglued all over again. In January, orders by trucking companies for Class 8 trucks – the big rigs that haul freight on North American highways – plunged 48% from a year ago, to 18,062 units. The fiasco started in earnest in September. Since then, orders have become “unusually volatile,” as FTR, a transportation analysis and forecast provider, put it in its report. “Unusually volatile” means they are heading south in an unruly manner. In 2014, orders for Class 8 trucks had reached...

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Toxic Mix Hits Trucking, Orders for New Trucks Totally Collapse, Pummel Manufacturers

Slack demand and sudden overcapacity. When diesel-engine maker Cummins announced its third-quarter earnings debacle on October 28, chief operating officer Rich Freeland had a special word about future production and sales of heavy trucks: “It’s evident now that retail sales [of trucks] and production will be down going forward.” He wasn’t kidding. But it’s a lot worse than imagined at the time. Demand for Class 8 trucks, the largest trucks on US highways, had been strong in 2014, and orders...

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