Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Another War on Drugs and on Certain Citizens

“U.S. Raises Tobacco Buying Age to 21,” ran a Wall Street Journal title yesterday. This implies that a large chunk of American citizens are children, or that voting does not count. Or perhaps worse. (Forget that “tobacco” does not legally mean tobacco anymore, but whatever the Federal Drug Administration says the word means, such as e-cigarettes.) Regarding the first alternative, it is absurd for the Public Health State to treat all individuals between 18 and 21 as...

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Banning E-Cigarette Flavors

The state (the whole apparatus of sovereign government) does not reach decisions randomly at some sort of ritual coin-throwing ceremony. Given its claim as an ultimate monopoly of violence and its decision-making technology—in the cases of interest here: majoritarian democracy with its problems of collective action and voters’ rational ignorance—the state will be led, as by an invisible hand, to reach certain decisions and to avoid others. Resisting these built-in...

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A Delight in Despotism: The Case of Vaping

Not jumping the Berlin Wall can save lives. Somebody won’t get shot. Over the longer term, however, it is likely that tyranny wastes more lives than liberty. Anyway, the real question is not how many lives are destroyed under the two regimes, but what can justify forbidding a specific individual to cross what he thinks is a wall against his own flourishing. I was reminded of this sort of questions when I followed a link in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal about a...

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How vapers can help smokers quit

The controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes continues to smolder. E-cigarettes are the battery-powered devices that deliver an aerosol that contains nicotine but no trace of cancer-causing tar. Despite ample data to the contrary, critics insist that e-cigarettes are a “gateway” to teen smoking and that they contain dangerous levels of toxins. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to issue regulations.Things may seem stagnant – the same debates, the same anxieties about...

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