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How nationalism blinds us

I often have conservations with people about protectionism. One common complaint I hear is that America is a free trader that plays by the rules, whereas foreign countries are protectionist and don’t play by the rules. In fact, the exact opposite is more nearly true. In a recent post, I pointed out that the US has the highest tariff rates in the entire world among developed nations. But what about “the rules”, don’t we at least play by the rules? Here’s The...

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How Much do the Chinese Fail to Comply with WTO?

My biggest surprise in my economics reading last week. There are two aspects to the issue of China’s compliance with WTO obligations. First, when governments file WTO complaints against China, how does it respond in general and, more specifically, does it comply with WTO rulings against it? And second, does China comply with its WTO obligations more broadly? Along with my Cato colleagues Jim Bacchus and Huan Zhu, I tried to answer the first question in a policy paper...

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How The US Swindled Russia In The Early 1990s

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Due to a historic data-dump on December 10th, the biggest swindle that occurred in the 20th Century (or perhaps ever) is now proven as a historical fact; and this swindle was done by the US Government, against the Government and people of Russia, and it continues today and keeps getting worse under every US President. It was secretly started by US President George Herbert Walker Bush on the night of 24 February 1990; and, unless it...

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Warning From The World’s Biggest Shipping Line On Outlook for World Trade

The optimism on world trade didn’t last very long. It was only late September when the WTO issued a “strong upward revision” to their estimate for 2017 world trade. WTO economists raised their forecast to 3.6% from 2.4%, which was at the top end of the previous 1.8-3.6% range. This marked a sharp acceleration from the 1.3% growth in 2016. The IMF’s forecast for 2017 world trade, also made in September, was even higher at 4.2%. Now the Copenhagen-based Maersk, the world’s number one container...

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Unite and Rule: EU As NATO’s Auxiliary Economic Alliance

Authored by Nauman Sadiq via Oriental Review, According to a recent infographic by New York Times, 79,000 US troops have currently been deployed in Europe out of 210,000 total US troops stationed all over the world, including 47,000 in Germany, 15,000 in Italy and 17,000 in the rest of Europe. By comparison, the number of US troops stationed in Afghanistan is only 8,400 which is regarded as an occupied country. Thus, Europe is nothing more than a backyard of corporate America. Both NATO and...

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Paul Brodsky: “Stagflation On The Horizon”

Submitted by Paul Brodsky Of Macro Allocation, Inc. Stagflation on the Horizon Logic and current trends suggest that declining output growth accompanied by higher prices will begin hitting economies and facing policy makers in the coming years. Markets should begin sniffing out this stagflationary macroeconomic setup this year. Output We have published data showing global output growth is in decline and have argued this trend will continue. Indeed, a long term graph of US Real GDP growth...

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